A lot of people get confused regarding the usage of Noopept drugs as their effects are so instantaneous.

Moreover, online information on Noopept can also be very confusing because there is varied information on how long does Noopept stay in your system.

According to various online sources, this drug stays in the system for a relatively short period of time.

All of this creates confusion among people regarding how they should be using it, or if they should be using the drug at all.

In order to address this confusion, our discussion revolves around Noopept, how they work, the potency of the drug and its effects, how long the drug stays in the system and how long its effects last.

However, this is meant to provide general information to you for your guidance. You should take consultation with a qualified physician before you start taking any of Noopept.

What is Noopept?

What is NoopeptNoopept (Chemical Name: N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester) is a very strong type of nootropic which is used widely in Russia and the United States of America.

It falls under the Racetams class of supplements of nootropics, however, what makes it different from other nootropics is its chemical structure and potency.

The formula is very potent as compared to other nootropics and even a small dosage can be very effective in inducing the desired effects.

How do Noopept work?

This form of nootropic is widely used to provide a boost and kick to cognition and its usage is particularly famous among people with highly competitive and logical jobs.

It is also consumed due to its psychostimulatory effects, as it boosts the AMPA and NDMA receptors of the nervous system.

What is meant by Noopept half-life?

One feature which makes Noopept stand out from the crowd among other nootropics is its very short half-life.

This means that compared to other nootropics, Noopept stays in the system for a relatively shorter amount of time.

To make things clear, the half-life of a nootropic means the amount of time for which the half amount of the nootropic consumed will be detected in the system.

Elementary researches of Noopept showed that in rodents its half-life was around 16 minutes, which is again extremely short.

For humans, the half-life shows how fast the drug will be broken down into its constituents in the human body and this effect the potency of the drug.

Compared to the half-life of Piracetam (5 hours) and Pramiracetam (6 hours), the half-life of Noopept is between 30-60 minutes.

The half-life in humans is varying due to their bodily factors but it doesn’t exceed 1 hour. This short half-life affects the potency of the drug.

How long does Noopept last in your body?

Even though the half-life of Noopept is relatively small, it doesn’t mean that its effects wear off in this time duration.

Instead, the Noopept stays in the system for about 3-4 hours. This has been demonstrated in the study published in the NCBI.

However, one thing to remember when using Noopept is that the amount of time for which the Noopept stays in the system is also relatively short as compared to other nootropics as study with the title,

Pharmacokinetics of new nootropic acylprolyldipeptide and its penetration across the blood-brain barrier after oral administration” published in NCBI demonstrated that it rapidly metabolizes following oral ingestion. Due to this, you can use Noopept in two ways:

  • Usage of Noopept When on a Time Crunch: If you are on a time crunch and have to perform to the best of your abilities for a few hours, then it’s advised that you take note of the time and then take the Noopept keeping in mind that it will stay in your system for around 3-4 hours.
  • Usage of Noopept on a Long, Demanding Day: If you have a very challenging day coming up, where you need to be on top of your game for a long duration of time, then it would be best if you break down the dosage of Noopept.
    On such a day, you should take it in 3-4 doses throughout the day so that it stays in your system for a relatively larger amount of time.

Effects of Noopept

What makes Noopept extremely famous and stand out from the crowd from other nootropics is their potency.

The Noopept drugs are extremely effective and their effects are triggered almost immediately on ingestion.

In comparison to this, other nootropics take hours, days or sometimes months to trigger results.

However, not many people have the stomach or patience to wait for that long. So people who are on the lookout for immediate results, consume Noopept because of their faster effects.

The effects of Noopept include improvements in the learning process, sharpened memory, faster memory retrieval and memory storage.

Noopepts streamline the thoughts and memories in the brain and enables faster stimulation and retrieval.

Thus, it helps in logical decision making and remembering data. Moreover, people who suffer from brain degenerative diseases can also benefit from the usage of nootropics as it helps in regeneration of their brain cells to some extent.

Noopepts also help in the creation of new nervous system cells. Noopepts help people in focusing, using and retrieving the information in their brain faster and having much more clarity and composure.

Some people also report that they have a sharper vision when they have Noopept in their system.

However, not many people might be comfortable with the potent effects of the Noopept.

Therefore, it is recommended that Noopept should be consumed with caution and their dosage should be broken down during the day.

Why should you use Noopepts?

You can benefit from the usage of Noopept if:

  • You are looking for a drug which boosts your mental capabilities for a shorter amount of time.
  • You have large amounts of information to process in a short amount of time and have to put your best face forward.
  • You have difficulty remembering information and are on the lookout for a drug or supplement which helps you process and remember information.
  • If you are facing a brain degenerative disease, keep losing chunks of information and want help remembering information.

However, keep in mind that Noopept is extremely potent and their effects kick in almost immediately upon ingestion.

Therefore, consume them only after you have discussed your case in detail with your medical practitioner. Also, do NOT use Noopept without any proper guidance and medical prescription.

Recommended dosage of Noopept

Recommended dosage of NoopeptThe recommended dosage of Noopept in a 24-hour window is around 40mg and the dosage, even if taken in chunks, should not exceed the 40mg mark.

A research study, “Proline-containing dipeptide GVS-111 retains nootropic activity after oral administration” published in PubMed.org demonstrated that effective dose of the drug is 0.5-10mg/kg.

It is advised that you should be ingesting 10-15mg 3-4 times a day instead of consuming the whole 40 mg in one go.

This will enable the effects of the Noopept to last longer and also will ensure that you do not build up a tolerance towards the drug.

Moreover, it is also recommended that you take Noopept early in the day, as taking it in late afternoon or night can make it harder for you to sleep at night and it can hamper your sleeping cycle.

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