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Can Hemp Seed Oil Help You Lose Weight?

For most of the people out there, losing weight is not any task. People can’t just wait for the long-term results of not eating burgers and junk foods. They try using different tablets that are available at the market.

Usually, these tablets are more of a hazard to human health as they tend to reduce weight very rapidly and after finishing the pack of tablets, one gains weight at even a faster rate.

Considering, the dilemmas associated with weight gaining and fat people, we felt to address the issue properly, highlighting the use of hemp seed oil in the reduction of weight.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp is a plant that consists of oils with numerous health benefits. It is derived from marijuana. The hemp oil is produced from the hemp seed through a process which involves squeezing and pressing of the hemp seed.

Dark-Colored crude oil is extracted from the hemp seed with a savory taste. Hemp seed oil is derived from the Cannabis Sativa L variety of Cannabis which has very low or no amount of THC. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

What Are The Nutritional Contents Present In Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil contains various nutrients that can benefit one in losing weight. It contains sterols that are important for lowering the levels of cholesterol. The hemp seed oil also contains aliphatic alcohols, natural antioxidants, i.e., tocopherol, linoleic acid, etc.

These compounds present in hemp oil have high nutritional benefits that help in fulfilling the required calories without any additional weight gain. Hemp oil contains over 30% fats which are healthy and around 25% of proteins.

It has a nutty flavor, and thus it can be added to salads. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamin E, potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

How Does Hemp Seed Oil Help In Losing Weight?

The presence of linoleic acid in hemp seed oil prevents weight gain. A study published in the June 2007 issue of the Journal of Nutrition states the benefits of linoleic acid for losing weight. At the same time, hemp oil provides lower calories even if compared to olive oil.

It provides 725 calories per 100g as compared to olive oil which provides 884kcal per 100g. This means that consuming hemp oil allows you to add more omega-3 to your system without adding too many calories. Omega-3 fatty acids are responsible for preventing heart diseases as it lowers the content of triglycerides in the body.

Some researchers at Rutgers University published a study proving the efficacy of hemp oil for preventing heart diseases as it contains essential fatty acids.

Hemp oil is also known to speed up the metabolism of the body. The faster is the body metabolism, the lower is the weight. Hemp oil contains proteins that help in increasing the metabolism of the body.

Hemp oil also reduces weight by reducing the ability of the body tissues to retain water which leads to edema formation.

Hemp oil contains a high content of fiber that not only aids digestion but also makes one feel ‘full’ for a longer duration of time thus preventing one from taking too many snacks which causes weight gain.

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How Shall I Use Hemp Oil To Lose Weight?

Hemp oil can be used in numerous ways to lose weight. You can add it to a variety of food items like salads, smoothies, salad dressings, quinoa, yogurt, soup or even cereals. You can take hemp oil directly too if you don’t incorporate it into any food.

It is important to note that hemp oil must not be taken to high temperatures as it can denature the proteins present in the oil. Also, heat converts the unsaturated fats into trans fats. Avoid refrigerating hemp oil.

How Much Hemp Oil Shall I Use For Weight Loss?

Hemp oil is consumed in different ways. It can be taken in the form of capsules, sprays or other edibles. The most reliable way is to take it in the form of capsules as the dose is pre-measured. Start by taking small doses.

For a person weighing 46-85 lbs, the dosage regimen is;

  • Mild range: 9mg
  • Medium range: 12mg
  • Severe range: 15mg

For a person weighing 85-150 lbs, the dosage regimen is;

  • Mild range: 12mg
  • Medium range: 15mg
  • Severe range: 18mg

For a person weighing 151-240 lbs, the dosage regimen is;

  • Mild range: 18mg
  • Medium range: 22.5mg
  • Severe range: 27mg

For a person weighing 241+ lbs, the dosage regimen is;

  • Mild range: 22.5mg
  • Medium range: 30mg
  • Severe range: 45mg

The severe range of CBD oil must be avoided at all costs as it can cause side effects. Take small doses throughout the day.

CBD Hemp Oil Weight Loss Reviews

A user spoke of the multiple benefits of using hemp oil for weight loss. He told me that he has been taking hemp oil regularly to reduce weight and he has seen significant results. The part that amazes him that hemp oil comes with a package of more than 20 benefits.

He feels his skin is better and even the soles of his feet have started healing. Another user spoke of its cholesterol-lowering effect and was quite satisfied.

People have been taking CBD hemp oil for the numerous effects it provides. There are reviews by cancer patients who speak of the healing power of hemp oil. People have been taking CBD hemp oil for arthritis, pain and even depressive states.

Final Thoughts About Hemp Oil Weight Loss

Hemp oil has an important impact on weight loss, but alone it is not sufficient. It is important to change your lifestyle entirely before starting hemp oil. You need to reduce your intake of carb-rich foods and exercise on a daily basis to see effective results. Hemp oil can help you lose weight only if you want to help yourself.

Therefore, go for exercising, increased water intake and reduced fatty and sugary food items. Let us know your views if you use hemp oil for weight reduction.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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