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Hemp and Marihuana Museum

The Inception and Introduction

In 2012, Amsterdam opened doors of a mesmerizing and amusing museum that told the tale of Hemp and Marijuana cultivation and uses in the western world. European and worldwide tourists visited the place and understood how this organic substance grew to addiction and became a part of people’s lives.

Today, we see a similar museum in Barcelona, Spain. The Barcelona marijuana and hemp museum is a one-of-a-kind place that gives you insight into the history of cannabis through more than 800 cannabis-related items on display. The exact location of this museum is an old palace at Carrer Ample in Barcelona.

The original museum in Amsterdam is in a canal house, which is small and cannot display all the material needed to take tourists through the history of hemp.

Founder Ben Dronkers has always planned a sister museum in Barcelona, and the old palace offers space, beauty, and historical touch for visitors. The former palace adds value and visual sensuality to the hemp and marijuana items on display.

The Barcelona Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum is strategically opened in the second hash capital of Europe, and thousands of visitors come each year since 2012 to gain knowledge about the organic substance interactively.

The Collection

While the Amsterdam museum holds only 800 cannabis items, the Barcelona museum boasts more than 9000 items comprising of artifacts, modern cannabis accessories, and artwork! The history of cannabis is mesmerizing as you see how much the industry has evolved. From the historical touch of the venue to the paintings by Rembrandt, everything is a refreshing experience.

The depiction of everyday hemp use in the 17th century is amusing for most visitors who did not know how hemp had penetrated the society and was seen as an escape from the mundane lifestyle of the early centuries.

The collection includes gadgets, equipment, and tools used to process marijuana and cannabis.

Simultaneously, the museum holds modern clothing, hemp-infused fabric, and hemp plastic from around the globe. Visitors find the anti-cannabis movement intriguing as they represent the propaganda that went on against cannabis and marijuana. The hemp plant has been in use for centuries, but the collections show the opposition and outrage against a botanical!

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The Museum Website

In the age of the pandemic, the museum offers virtual tours that will interest people who cannot visit the place as much as they would want!

Audio tours and the photographs are mesmerizing and want you to transcend into the realm that speaks about hemp and its revolutionary effects. The tours are available in different languages so everyone can enjoy a professionally-guided journey through the collections.

The Legalization and Present-Day Museum Sections

There is a whole section of the Barcelona Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum dedicated to the history and prohibition of hemp in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The entire world has seen a revolution that ended in the legalization of hemp, and now we see CBD products in the market!

The legalization section in the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum tells visitors about the steps that led to the legalization of this botanical in the world.

For many centuries cannabis and hemp were used but the benefits were recognized recently, and now hemp is legal. This historical event is represented by the emotional yet informative section that often leaves visitors refreshed just like CBD products!

The Owner Ben Dronkers

Ben Dronkers is the mastermind behind the concept of the museum. He single-handedly collected and loaned the various items on display and wanted the world to know what extraordinary journey hemp and cannabis have had.

Ben Dronkers cultivates cannabis seeds and specializes in the plant as he has been working with it since he was 17.

The decades of plant cultivation and improving qualities of hemp so that users can feel the goodness has made Ben an enthusiast who knows a lot about the seeds, plant, and the history of cannabis.

The museum is an attempt to let people see what an amazing effect substance can do to you.

Ben Dronkers owns Sensi Seeds, the movement to revolutionize hemp and cannabis cultivation while enhancing the bounties of nature. Seeds were never banned, and this led Ben to work more on the cannabis seeds so that he does not violate the law of hemp cultivation ban in Europe.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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