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What Is A Harlequin Cannabis Strain?

Studies show that for multiple medical problems where medicines take time to explain its affect Cannabis plant steps into the rescue. An herb cultivating at a colossal scale all across the globe has fewer side effects has various medical assistance. Maybe that’s the motive of its sale to such a vast extent.

For a brief overview for people who are unaware of this term, a Cannabis plant also known for producing marijuana, THC, and CBD. Now, getting back to a Cannabis strain, it is a kind of Cannabis plant in equally pure and hybrid formula.

As it getting massive appreciation in the market, therefore, planters are getting deep into the experimentation to grow better and modified crop for the consumers.

A Cannabis strain is more distributing into three prominent types:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

Difference Between Indica, Sativa, And Hybrid

Honestly, we cannot see much difference between the advantages these types offer to the consumers, Still; let us have a quick look at the underlying variation among them:

  • Sativa

The tallest among all three types, a Sativa can grow up to 18 feet in height, suitable for hot climate regions such as Mexico, South Asia, and Central America. Comprising of a fruity taste, Sativa is the excellent choice for keeping you focused, active and clear minded.

  • Indica

An Indica plant is comparatively short in height and has relatively broader leaves. Unlike Sativa, an Indica is more of a cold region plant such as the Himalayas.

Rich is THC; an Indica is a depression fighter; nonetheless, users can witness issues like sleepiness, nausea, enhancing appetite and relaxation.

  • Hybrids

A hybrid breed is the outcome of the experiment of cultivators; a Hybrid can be either Sativa or Indica dominant.

What Is A Harlequin Cannabis Strain?

A Hybrid Cannabis Strain with a ratio of 75:25 of Sativa: Indica. It is the descendant of Colombian Gold, a Nepali Indica, and Thai and Swiss landrace strains.

The Harlequin Cannabis strain is rich in CBD having the proportion of CBD and THC at 5:2. The property of Harlequin makes it a remedy for the psychoactive side effect of THC among people.

Harlequin has bagged various Cannabis Cup awards for the CBD content in both buds and concentrate kind.

Aroma, Flavour, And Appearance Of Harlequin Cannabis Strain

The taste of Harlequin somehow resembles ACDC that is earthy, sweet, and herbal and a hint of spice to it, making it enjoyable for the consumers. Moreover, the aroma of the strain is similar to its taste sweet, earthy, citrus and matching to the smell of a ripe mango of the hot summers.

Rolling down to the appearance of the Harlequin, it is a thick seeming strain with solid nugs encompassing it and decked up massively with trichromatic.

Besides, leaves are medium green with pistils that may vary from shade from orange to vivid red. When accurately restored, the buds sniff musky with hints of tropical fruit beneath.

How To Grow Harlequin Cannabis Strain?

I think by now you must have got enough Insight of the Harlequin Cannabis Strain, but the next question you may ask is how to cultivate this herb? What circumstances does it demand? And what is the Duration?

Let me clear all your ambiguities. Rich in CBD this herb is a mixture by crossing a Thai Sativa, a Swiss landrace, and Colombian Gold. Convenient to grow it is suitable for the beginners and experienced cultivators. Planted explicitly for indoor plantation it takes around eight weeks in flowering.

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On the other hand, you can notice delicate size flowers in a short period of 2 weeks. Another unique characteristic is bud can from time to time get tremendously buried by trichomes to the extent that buds seem like the dusting of the frosting.

Adding on it is a warm temperature plant suitable for 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit scale. Consist of the ability to bear high humidity; the key to getting maximum yield from this plant is to maintain the airflow.

Here it is essential to assure that the Harlequin plant gets total access to all the nutrition in the soil and oxygen during the flowering stage for the maximum benefit for the cultivator.

Therapeutic Advantages Harlequin Offers

None of us can deny the list of rewards the Cannabis plant has; it’s time to take a look at some of the medical benefits the Harlequin Cannabis strain offers us:

  • Harlequin is a marvelous painkiller no matter is the body, muscular pain or head. It is a complete solution to all.
  • It also cures mental problems such as depression, anxiety, stress and sleep sickness.
  • Harlequin has the aptitude to ease devoid of drowsiness and to boot out without inebriation.
  • The uplifting attribute permit consumer to work well with 100 percent dedication.
  • It offers treatment for leukemia, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, ADHD, and liver disease.
  • Some common issues such as fatigue, migraine, headache, Menstrual Pain are remediable through Harlequin.
  • It keeps you happy, focused, and energized and fully charge even to exercise.

Disadvantages Of Harlequin Cannabis Strain

There is nothing in this world naming perfection, and every plus has some minuses as well. Apparently having the bulk of advantages Harlequin Cannabis Strain has some negatives as well. Time to go through them:

  • The most substantial complaint on the subject of it is dryness of eyes and mouth that you can overcome through hydrating yourself.
  • Some people may experience nausea and headache after the intake of this strain.
  • Slight dizziness is also possible in swear cases.
  • The possibility of you getting paranoid is at hand.

Regularly Asked Questions

Before winding up, the whole content lets’ answer a few habitually requested inquiries by the people on the topic of Harlequin Cannabis Strain.

  • Does It Make You High?

The answer is No; Harlequin Cannabis strain is an excellent herb for anxiety and stress but due to the less ration of THC, it does not makes you high; as a substitute, it keeps you active and all set to perform your best for the next whole day.

  • Is It Recommendable For All Sorts Of Pain?

Yes, it is the best herb for all kinds of pain, cramping, and muscular pain. It carries out the jobs of a painkiller for you; feel free to custom it as it is free from any substantial side-effect expressly for a headache and conventional pains.

  • What Is The THC And CBD Content Level?

This Cannabis strain is rich in CBD with a high ratio of 5:2 of CBD: THC, therefore, the chances of traditional THC a rich herb, i.e., Psychoactive is not reported in this case. It clings to you on the go, focused and even powerful enough to work out for the next day.

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