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User Reviews Of The Harle-Tsu Cannabis

What Is Harle-Tsu?

In the world of cannabis strains, the Harle-Tsu tends to be a worthy contender, being a very dominant High-CBD hybrid that was developed by crossing the not so infamous Harlequin and Sour Tsunami strains. It is a very popular yet scarce bud, and it is loved for its remarkably skyrocketing high CBD level. Its level in the just said regard falls between 18% to 22%, and that’s on average. Harle-Tsu also has a THC level of less than 1%.

Also known for its equally high natural mellow, it serves in many ways as a painkiller. Even in the offing, this strain can start you off with a happy head, one that is somewhat overly uplifted and euphoric with a buzz felt just behind the eyes and in the forehead. The said buzz is in the habit of slowly slithering through the body’s left parts, registering and leaving you utterly relaxed and miraculously pain-free.

With this bud, there is every bit of focus and motivation promised, along with a wiped mind, rid of confusing, painful or racing thoughts. With the strain, you are at liberty to engage and attack any task you have at hand, rest assured of productivity at its peak.

With these seemingly unparalleled effects and its impressive level of CBD, the Harle-Tsu is therefore perfect for the treatment of conditions such as headaches, migraines, unrelenting stress, chronic pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

Regarding aroma, this strain bud has a sweet, earthy pine aroma, accompanied with spicy citrus effects released as the nugs are being broken apart. Looking to taste something awesome, then you are promised of a just as sweet, with slightly earthy citrus tasting herbal pine upon exhale. This bud’s nugs are fluffy, lumpy, grapy and elongated in shape, with orange looking sparse hairs and a coating that’s super sticky as well as of sweet syrup resin.  

Harle-Tsu Effects and Attributes

The power of the Harle-Tsu is beneficial in rejuvenating yourself after the ordeal of a long day. There is every need to recharge and get back to feeling not just healthy but rejuvenated. But being in the wonder that there could be an alternative way of loosening up is but a too-short trip to realizing that there is a bud ready to offer unique benefits.

Using the Harle-Tsu will bring into feeling a steady pace of relaxation throughout your entire body. It will let you float and wriggle free of the factors contributing to your bothering. After this feeling, there is every chance you will go through a phase of elation, which could as well leave you bouncing with ounces of joys. Pending assignments and chunky tasks will turn into cakewalks.

On the other side, the bud can bring you some Sandman to your eyes, leaving you all drowsy. Well, this can be great especially if your mind remains preoccupied with the things on your to-do list, but still needs a few rejuvenations.

Harle-Tsu Fragrance and Flavor

A lot of people may be unaware of the Harle-Tsu smell of relaxations. Well, it is something somewhat difficult to describe, as some related it to objects that help them feel a bit better. But turning to Harle-Tsu helps you feel great, with an aroma that takes your mind back to the natural smell of good-old spices such as pine, pepper and the scent of earth. It is exactly like what you would smell at the break of daylight.

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With this bud, you may have in mind that you would taste the spices just as a mélange of the tastes all budded up in your mouth and extending to your throat. But, to bust your bubble, that is precisely not how the Harle-Tsu tastes like.

Actually, it is more of a farrago of sweet taste which will bring you much of elation that would, in turn, make you feel relaxed.

The Harle-Tsu will as well spice up your life with use. With its peppery and citrusy taste, it will bring you an excellent euphoric feeling, and your sense of touch will be awakened. When using this cannabis, the woody and pine flavour will do well to remind you of what it feels like to be alive.

Medical Benefits of Harle-Tsu

Many often ask whether Harle-Tsu can be therapeutic. Well, due to its elevated level of CBD, many medical consumers approve its use, for the fact that the bud comes with pain-alleviating properties. This is usually effective when treating torn or strained muscles from little mishaps of the gym. Undoubtedly, stress can be a real pain in the lives of as many people that can experience it. And, that would prompt people to buy and use any solution for such a problem. This bud will go in long ways to help you in such terms. In pain comes from inflammation, and what’s truly annoying is the chance of stumbling upon a leg that is broken or a swollen ankle. To soothe such discomforts, Harle-Tsu will help you relieve the inflammation which may be a causal result of muscle spasms or overworking.

Battling depression, mood swings and bipolar disorder can be a repetitive challenge for most people, being that it could look like it takes eons before they feel better. But with this strain and its numerous benefits, you can be helped immensely in coping with depression. And also for the fact that stress is casual to headaches, the Harle-Tsu can aid you in coping up with headaches and induce a better feeling in you.

Adverse Reactions of Harle-Tsu

In the light of all cannabis being unequal (as with all other things in life) and the glaring truth that there is a consequence to every good thing life has to offer, enjoying the Harle-Tsu cannabis comes with some adverse side effects. An excessively dry mouth, it would feel as though you licked some dust. You wouldn’t want to have to drink some liquid every time you take a puff, but to prevent this, you need to be mindful of keeping hydrated.

That would be by making it habitual to have a water bottle nearby and or by alternatively maintaining the fluids in your body. If you let these skip your mind, a dry mouth may be the least of your worries, as dry eyes could follow. People who take this cannabis strain may also get in the dizziness experience, and perhaps be accompanied by headaches. The best way to play safe is to consume only at your limit.

Harle-Tsu Cultivation Info

While there isn’t much information about the exact adaptability of this strain to different environments, but what is unarguable is that it produces decent yields. As for it flowering time, the strain is prepped for harvest after 8 weeks of indoor growing. And that yield could give you between 8 to 12 ounces per square meter. The cannabis, Harle-Tsu, when planted outdoors, each plant may yield about 16 ounces or less.

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Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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