Many Kratom dealers have seemed to pop up since the advent of this therapeutic plant that can change people’s lives completely.

People who do not want to shove the prescription medications down their throat are now switching to safer and natural alternatives like Kratom.

Kratom is neither a drug nor a supplement; it is a unique plant that contains unique compounds known as the alkaloids which are known for their positive effects on human health.

It relieves pain efficiently; it is very useful in helping users deal with anxiety and depression and to combat low energy levels.

Back in 2016 DEA was fully ready to classify the alkaloids present in Kratom as Schedule I Drug, but luckily the plant was fortunate enough to win its battle and secure a legal status.

Since then the use and demand of Mitragyna Speciosa have increased tremendously and so needs Kratom vendors.

With many Kratom vendors launching their brands in the Kratom industry with every passing day, it has become quite difficult for the customers to choose the best one.

To make things easier for the Kratom users, we have decided to review one of the well-known vendors of Kratom in the market – the Happy Hippo Herbals.

If you are unsure about where to get the best quality Kratom supplements, this honest and detailed review of the Happy Hippo Herbals will definitely help you!

What Is The Happy Hippo Herbals?

What is the Happy Hippo HerbalsHappy Hippo Herbals is a medium sized company located in Boise, Idaho.

It is a relatively new entrant in the online Kratom community as it started its operations in the year 2013.

Happy Hippo Herbals is still in the initial stages due to which it doesn’t have a lot of exposure.

But people who are regular customers of Happy Hippo Herbals have been seen returning to this vendor every time they want to restock their Kratom products.

There are also countless positive reviews about this Kratom vendor which certify that Happy Hippo Herbals is a reliable name, and it is quite popular among regular Kratom users.

However, the criteria on which we determine whether a certain brand or vendor is worthwhile includes the quality of products that it is selling, the prices of its products as well as the level and standard of customer services that the seller is providing.

A lot of people do get carried away by flashy websites and their interesting graphics but that’s simply not what we look for in a company when it comes to finding a reliable supplier of Kratom.

The Product Quality At Happy Hippo Herbals

The product quality at Happy Hippo HerbalsSo while talking about the product quality, it can be safely said that Happy Hippo Herbals despite being a small venture and still being in the initial stages doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products.

The Kratom products available at the Happy Hippo Herbals are of the finest quality with no complaints reported so far.

There have been hardly a couple of complaints about Happy Hippo Herbals but even those were not regarding the quality of the products.

At Happy Hippo Herbals, the Kratom is only procured from reliable suppliers in the Southeast Asia.

The company only deals with finest quality and pure Kratom. This is the reason why you get to take in a strong aroma of Kratom every time you snap open your package of Mitragyna Speciosa bought from the Happy Hippo Herbals.

This is an indication of hand-picked, highest quality Kratom leaves that have been used in the production of powder, capsules and dried Kratom leaves.

The quality of the leaves that are used in the making of Kratom products is essential as only the plant in the best condition is denser in alkaloid content, the chemical compounds responsible for delivering the said health benefits.

The Hippo Kratom Variety

The Hippo Kratom varietyAlthough Happy Hippo Herbals has an incredible variety of Kratom strains for regular Kratom users but it also offers some exciting enhanced strains as well, known as the Newbie Hippo Starter Pack.

The Kratom fans who want to experiment with different combinations of Kratom strains should give the Newbie Hippo Starter pack a try.

It contains 1 ounce of Hyper Hippo, 1 ounce of Happy Hippo, and 1 ounce of Sleepy Hippo.

This combination eventually increases the spectrum of Kratom and allows the users to experience several effects at the same time.

In case you are wondering what these different types of Kratom actually are, following descriptions will answer your question:

  • Happy Hippo I

    This is a mild strain of Kratom which produces energy boosting effects. It helps users to overcome fatigue and low energy levels. It is also useful in enhancing moods and behaviour.

  • Happy Hippo 2

    Happy Hippo 2 is another moderate strain that increases levels of concentration and sharpens focus. It helps users to stay active and alert.

  • Hyper Hippo

    This is actually the Green Maeng Da strain. It is a high-activity Kratom, much credited for its energizing properties.

Happy Hippo Herbals Only Deals In The Highest Quality Kratom

The next thing that matters the most while picking the best Kratom vendor in the market is the source from where the vendor procures its Kratom supplies.

Although Kratom is abundantly cultivated in the Southeast Asia, yet there are very few farmers who know the ancient art of growing the highest quality mitragyna speciosa.

The most professional and polished growers of Kratom are those who have learned and mastered the skills of growing Kratom with the help of essential knowledge passed down to them, generations after generations.

Happy Hippo Herbals acquires its supply of Kratom from the well-known farmers and producers of Kratom I Indonesia and Thailand.

This is to make sure that quality of their products is not compromised at any level and their valuable customers can enjoy the best possible experience by using only pure Kratom products.

This is the reason that by burning the even lesser quantity of Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom you can get the same effects you usually get from using a 5 grams dose of this drug.

Users have stated in their reviews that the Kratom products they purchased from Happy Hippo Herbals were so dense in alkaloids that by burning only 3 grams of Kratom they were able to attain the same effects they used to get from 5 grams of Kratom from other brands.

This means that with Happy Hippo Herbals users will not have to use a high amount of dose to attain desired results.

Their products, almost every strain of Kratom they are offering is highly potent at a low dose.

The Astounding Customer Services At The Happy Hippo Herbals

The astounding customer services at the Happy Hippo HerbalsIt would not be wrong if we say that Happy Hippo Herbals have top notch customer care services.

The company has a dedicated and very professional team that aims at responding to the customers instantly.

The team ensures customer satisfaction at all levels and entertains all the queries promptly.

The customer care services are available 24/7, and they can be reached via online chat, emails or telephonic call.

Moreover, the Happy Hippo Herbals never forgets to include free samples with every order they receive from their buyers.

This is a brilliant promotional tool that allows the users to try out new strains without paying any money.

Happy Hippo Herbals also takes a little extra pain when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The customers receive a personal handwritten note with every order they receive. This shows how much value Happy Hippo Herbals gives to its customers.

Another fantastic thing that people have mentioned a lot in their reviews is about the quantity of products they receive when they order Kratom from Happy Hippo Herbals.

The zip-lock bags of Kratom from Happy Hippo Herbals always contain a little extra amount of the product.

About The Happy Hippo Herbals Prices

Many people have complained about the expensive price tags on Happy Hippo Herbals’ products.

This is true because even we have noticed that the products from this brand are comparatively pricier than the alternative brands available online.

But we believe that the prices are justified as Happy Hippo Herbals products are quite potent and dense in alkaloid content.

This means that only little amount of product is sufficient to attain desired results. Secondly, the Happy Hippo Herbals never minds adding a little extra amount of Kratom in their products.

So even if you are paying a little more for Happy Hippo products, be assured that your Kratom stock would last longer as compared to the products you have purchased from other vendors.

Moreover, the prices at Happy Hippo Herbals are not always high. The company offers seasonal discounts where customers can buy products at cost-effective prices.

In fact, people making payments with bitcoins can also avail FLAT 20% on their purchases.

Final Words

Considering the quality and variety of products that Happy Hippo Herbals has to offer, as well as the unparalleled customer services it appears that this company wouldn’t take much longer to reach the top position in the Kratom industry.

Happy Hippo Herbals has all the features that necessary to make a business successful.

Perhaps that’s the reason why Happy Hippo Herbals enjoys an excellent reputation in the market and customers keep ranking it as NO.1 online Kratom vendor.

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