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The Ideal Conditions For Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Marijuana is listed as one of the world’s most widely cultivated and used drugs, and as the struggle for its legalization at home and abroad continues, the plant is garnering considerable attention from manufacturers, investors, and the medical community alike.

Do you know the U.S.A.’s legal marijuana industry in 2019 was estimated to swell to a massive $13.6 billion, with 340,000 individuals employed for the handling of plants? (New Frontier Data)

There are a plethora of ways one can get their hands on the best-quality weed- dispensaries, cannabis stores, and online vendors.

Another alternative that is quickly gaining momentum today is home-growing your pot. And trust us when we say, there is nothing more thrilling and rewarding than possessing your little flower bed of Marijuana.

Needless to say, this comes with plenty of dedication, commitment, and patience along the way.

In the end, the endeavor will leave you surprised how easy it is to grow Marijuana outdoors without spending a ton and also render thorough fun and relaxation in rolling up your sleeves and getting your clothes dirty once a while.

First Things First: The Legal Status of Marijuana Cultivation In the United States

As per the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, “Growing Marijuana at home” for commercial or personal purposes is strictly forbidden under the federal law. The good part is, states are not mandated to follow federal legislation.

Consequently, all states regulate and enforce their own set of rules, and so Marijuana growers face criminal risks accordingly.

As of 2020, state cultivation laws vary dramatically and can be divided into three principal categories:

  1. States where Marijuana cultivation is illegal for recreational as well as medicinal use.
  2. States where only the medicinal growing of Marijuana is legal.
  3. State where, both, the medicinal and recreational use of Marijuana is legal.

It is also worth mentioning that states allowing the recreational cultivation have typically imposed restrictions on the number of plants one can grow.

In March 2020, 19 states have legalized Marijuana for medical use, and another 14 have allowed, both the medicinal as well as recreational use including Alaska, Colorado, California, Oregon, Nevada, Vermont, Washington DC, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Maine.

Advantages Of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Following we have jotted down some cool benefits of home growing your own pot:

1) Low Costs

Any grower would want to opt for the most budget-friendly cultivation techniques. Or else, the entire motivation ‎of home growing instead of purchasing from an outside vendor will be point-less!

Fortunately, growing Marijuana outdoors is an extremely pocket-friendly way to get your hands on its best quality.

With unlimited solar power, abundant fresh air, free of cost carbon dioxide, and a profuse supply of natural rainwater, the plants need minimal maintenance once they sprout.

All you need to buy are the best seed genetics, soil, fertilizers, and pesticides. And that is it! No exorbitant electricity bills or hefty investments in machinery or equipment. What more can you ask for?

2) Bigger & Taller Yields

Do you know that just one outdoor plant of Marijuana can yield up to a pound of weed (500 grams of dried bud)?

These plants grow as tall as 6 feet, and the produce from only six plants will suffice all your premium cannabis needs for the whole year.

No wonder, expert cannabis growers refer to the outdoor growing process as the one where “sky is the limit” with the plantations growing as big, wide, and tall as you want- something impossible to achieve with an indoor grow where space is a lot more restricted.

3) Eco-Friendly

As it goes without saying, outdoor growing is more environmentally sustainable than indoor cultivation, where a ton of electricity is required for lighting and ventilation.

In California, an average of 200 pounds of coal is used in manufacturing just a pound of Marijuana indoors.

4) Higher Quality Buds

One can feel a noticeable difference in the outdoor marijuana yield in terms of flavor, aroma, color, potency, bud density, shape, and trichome production.

So, if you happen to reside in a state where home cultivation of Marijuana is legal, then this article intents to give you a detailed step-by-step guide on the ideal conditions for growing Marijuana outdoors.

Choosing The Best Location

Before all else, let’s recall one basic rule of crop cultivation: All types of plants love basking in the sun.

Therefore, meticulously selecting the ideal area or plot of land is one of the most crucial and founding decisions any grower will want to make.

Following are some of the options home-growers can consider:

1) Balcony or Terrace: If your house or apartment features a balcony or terrace, you are good to go.

However, it is highly advisable to conceal your plantation with a frosted plastic film and prevent the spread of its fragrance, given the controversies, stigmatization, and legal implications of growing the plant.

Tip: If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere (such as U.S. or U.K.) and want your crop to benefit from maximum sunlight, then the balcony must face the south (and vice versa for countries in the Southern Hemisphere such as Australia, South Africa, etc.).

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2) Personal Garden: This is another prime location as it allows the grower convenient access and close check and balance on their cultivation.

Again, one must be extra cautious about taking the relevant security measures.

3) Roof Top: This is the best spot to position your plants in terms of privacy and sunlight. However, strong winds, odors, or excessive rainfall can pose a threat.

The long and short of it is: An ideal location is imperative as it renders an excellent environment for the crop to nourish and thrive.

On the contrary, a poor growing environment adversely impacts the yield as well as the bud quality.

Now, you must be wondering what this perfect growing environment is and what factors influence it?

So, let’s get down on the Seven all-important factors without further ado:

1) Sunlight

This is one of the most vital determinants of the quality of your yield. Right from the moment the seeds are sown until they are ready to harvest, light transforms the entire lifecycle.

For instance, the sun will determine the height of the plant, its density, and its appearance.

Therefore, your produce must get as much of the direct sunlight as possible for at least six to eight hours of the day.

Failure to do so will hinder the growth, regardless of what soil you grow in, what fertilizer you spray in, or how much you water the plants.

Tip: Choose an area that receives direct sunshine early in the morning and filtered rays later in the afternoon.

2) Air Circulation

Let’s not underestimate the integral contribution of fresh air to boost your plant’s health. Constant, mild breezes are beneficial to accelerate growth, particularly in scorching weather.

This also keeps the powdery white mildew, bud rot, and pests at bay. However, strong winds can prove dangerous.

Therefore, one can consider placing a windbreak or windshield, such as a wall, hedge, or fencing, to hamper the destruction caused by the wind burns.

Tip: Place a small, oscillating fan near the cultivation if there are stagnant winds.

3) Temperature

A stable temperature between the range of 65°F to 85°F (19 to 30°C) will work wonders for the cannabis crops, and if the temperature falls out of this range, the plantation will start encountering problems.

For instance, temperatures climbing above 85°F will obstruct the growth, whereas low temperatures will stunt and even kill the yield.

4) Weather

Spring is the best weather to kick-start your marijuana cultivation. That’s significant because the cannabis plant follows the typical lifecycle of growing tall and bulky in spring and the first half of summer.

Once the summer solstice subsides, the flowers (the smokeable buds) will bloom.

Consequently, folks in the Northern Hemisphere must commence in late March or early April, while peeps in the Southern Hemisphere must begin in October (when there are sufficient hours of daylight too).

5) Humidity

The optimal humidity level for successful produce hovers between 40% to 60%. This will speed up the cultivation as well as germination of the buds no matter what the strain.

6) Soil Composition

There are primarily three types of soil: Sandy, Silty, and Clayey.

Amongst them, silty soil is the ideal growing medium owing to its exceptional fertility, nutrient richness, moisture-retaining, quick warming, and efficient drainage characteristics.

Tip: To avert headaches, later on, its best to test the type of soil, its makeup, and pH beforehand. Testing will also help detect the presence of any contaminants and help you take corrective measures accordingly.

7) Shelter & Security

Finally, the significance of a safe and sound area sheltered against intense weather conditions, extreme temperatures, windstorms, duststorms, or excessive rainfall can not be denied.

Furthermore, considering the reaction of judgemental neighbors or passer-byes and potential thieves, the grow must also be well-shielded and concealed with tall fencing, heavy-gauge wiring, caging, trees, or shrubs. A lot of times, this is mandated even by the state laws.

The Key Take-Away

Even though growing cannabis is a time-consuming process, and one will have to wait for an excruciatingly long period to enjoy the results, the pursuit is totally worth it.

In the end, it will not only leave you mesmerized of your little creation but also give you the top quality yield without breaking the bank- something you will be proud of for years to come. Additionally, you can buy cannabis from thrivenevada.com.

The above guide includes all that takes to help you produce the healthiest growth of Marijuana. As you can discern, there is no rocket-science or any peculiar methods involved.

Like all other plants, marijuana crops too survive and nourish provided that simple, well-honed cultivation principles are adhered to.

Issues will arise only if you dare to veer from the track.

So, all the best for your outdoor growing venture and happy smoking!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know how it went!

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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