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Green Malay Kratom Capsules Effects, Dosage, & Preparation

Green Malay is the common name for Malaysian green strain. It is a centuries old strain of Kratom which has the richness of Malaysian soil.

Malaysia is one of the oldest hubs for Kratom growth. That is why today, the Malaysian strains are known as authentic and genuine Kratom strains.

Malay green is one of the strongest Kratom strain in the market today. That is a clear reason that why is it in so much demand.

For this popularity, the stock of green Malay vanishes in days for most of the online vendors. The users wait for it to restock for bulk purchases. For all others, which are not aware of the benefits of green Malay, this article is worth a read.

What is green Malay Kratom capsules?

Initially famous as super green kratom, the green Malay strain has a superiority status among all another green vein Kratom.

The stellar reputation of Malay leaves is for the long lasting and pleasurable effects which are less likely to find in other strains. In the local language, Kratom is called “Keetum.”

Scientifically, it works as by binding to the opiate receptors in the brain. It is like the attachment of chemical opioids. Kratom binds to MU and Kappa receptors and controls the expression of certain sensations like pain.

In this way, Kratom becomes a useful medicinal herb. There is no as such research done on green Malay strain. All the information on effects and dosage is based on user experiences.

The green vein leaf of Kratom

Green Malay is termed green for the color of its veins. It is confusing for the new readers as all plant leaves have green veins kratom.

In the case of green Malay, there are other varieties in red and white veins too. The green vein is differentiation among these varieties.

This leaf is dark green by color. The leaves are broad and show maximum veins evenly spread throughout the leaves.

These leaves have 40 active bio-compounds called alkaloids. In Malay strain, the most abundant alkaloid is Mitragynine which is insoluble in water.

It also has potent antioxidants which are necessarily helpful to fight against pathogens and raise immunity.

Broader the leaf, it is more likely to have a high number of alkaloids in it. The large surface to volume ratio ensures accumulation of maximum alkaloids.

Products of Malay leaves

The leaves are available in the crushed form, fine powder, and capsule. All of which are equally in demand.

Among all the goods, capsules are exceptionally more commonly used. For the convenience that they provide, using Malay capsules is a clear benefit over powder.

The advantage of green Malay capsules

Green Malay is available in capsule form for the user convenience. It is just fine powder of Green Malay leaves which are inside a capsule. It is based on soft gel technology and initiates a faster absorption.

The potency of Malay capsules is variable among different vendors. However, the most common power which majority of the vendors use is 500mg or 0.5g per capsule.

It means, to use the threshold dose, there is only need of one or two capsules.

Using Green Malay in capsule form has some significant benefits. Selecting the most appropriate type of Kratom among so many product options can be tricky.

The final selection is mostly personal preference, but it is necessary to know the details of each product before making a final decision.

  • Capsules are easy to use
  • Have a good solubility
  • Easy to carry
  • Capsules are easy to use
  • Make the dosage measurement simple.
  • Capsules need to as such storage conditions as powder requires
  • Have no taste and odor
  • Capsules are carefully packed with a set amount of Kratom powder
  • Capsules are easily available
  • Capsules are easy to swallow

All these benefits are same for all strains of Kratom. For premium strains like Malay green vein, using it in the capsule has the extra benefit.

No amount of powder is lost during the weighing, and also, it has no taste and fragrance which many people don’t like.

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Expected effects

Green Malay is one beautiful strain of Kratom which show more than one effects. Some of the most common effects among users are as follows.

The dosage guideline for green Malay capsules

  • The user reviews show that green Malay capsule dose ranges between 2-6 gram for the optimum effects. The dose which majority of the people use is between 2-5 grams.
  • It also indicates the threshold dose to be 0.5-1 gram. It depends on the experience of the user that how many doses he can digest.
  • If it is the very first experience of a user with Kratom, the best is to start from minimum dose i.e. 0.5gram or one capsule.
  • If this dose doesn’t work, next time two capsules or 1.0 g dose can help. Slowly this dose can be increased to 2-4 grams as per user requirements.
  • Anything over 5 gram is high. Over 7 gram, using green Malay Kratom can be harmful to a person.

Make your capsules at home

Green Malay capsules are easy to make at home. If any user has a short budget, he can make these capsules at home.

Because capsules are expensive than powder, it may not be a sound idea for every user to buy them.

Making the capsules at home requires empty capsules, which are available at Kratom selling websites or the local stores too.

Also, Kratom powder is needed. Use a chemical balance to weigh correct amount and fill it in the capsule. For your convenience, you can make more potent capsules.

It ‘s hard to measure 0.5 gram each time and pack it inside a capsule. A better the idea is to get slightly bigger capsules and fill them with your daily dose i.e. 1 gram or more.

Leave a little margin for the powder to lose while filling capsules. Use teaspoon on balance to avoid extra loss of powder during handling.

Usually, approximately half a tea spoon means one gram. It means it is the amount that is required to fill inside one capsule if you plan to make 1 gram potency capsules.

General dosage estimation

The general dosage design is dependent upon a person’s age, weight, height and previous Kratom experience.

For people less than 150 pounds weight, the moderate amount of work is between 2-3 grams. Increase 0.5g dose by each 50 pounds added to the burden.

However, this is a general idea, and it is not a scientific method to design a treatment. For finding the best treatment, experimentation is the only solution.

5 tips for getting the correct kratom dosage

Are there any drawbacks?

Fortunately, there are no drawbacks to Kratom. Malay green strain being one of the original Kratom strain shares this value too.

Usually, side effects are linked to extremely high strains which Green Malay is not. It is a moderate strain which produces mild to moderate effects.

Users who want an extreme Kratom experience don’t buy it because its effects are stable but moderate.

It is more common among people that want long lasting and soothing effects. There are no health risks associated with green Malay strain.

It may cause a digestive disturbance if someone uses an extremely high amount. That is a rare thing and is not much likely to happen. Over all, it is the best strain to use casually.

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