This is surely not the first time that you have been reading about Kava, as its popularity has touched the sky. Among the different Kava types, the Gourmet Hawaiian Kava has become quite an interesting one.

A lot of people want to know about how to use Gourmet Hawaiian Kava and what dosage is appropriate to attain maximum benefits.

In this post, we will focus on reviewing the Gourmet Hawaiian Kava along with its benefits and side effects.

These days Kava has become increasingly popular, as it is considered as a healthier alternative to many medicines and alcohol.

Different types of Kava have different effects and benefits; however, most of them are known as a proper remedy for stress and anxiety.

Origin of Hawaiian Kava

In Hawaii, Kava is called Awa, pronounced as “Ah-wah,” which means bitter.

Hawaiian Awa has many different types and names, depending on the region in the Pacific Islands that are relevant to the cultural background.

Hawaiian Kava came to Hawaii thousands of years ago, and its use is linked with specific Gods.

Hawaiian Kava traveled to Hawaii as Pacific Islanders moved and settled in various parts of South Pacific, carrying their essential plants along.

Originally, Hawaiian Kava plant was known as canoe plants. The famous Awa is extracted from the root of Piper methysticum plant, also called pepper plant.

What is Gourmet Hawaiian Kava?

Among all the other types of Kava, the Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is considered as the more uplifting variant.

It is thought as a good daytime Kava that keeps you charged up and motivated throughout the day. Also, its taste is a bit different from the other variants; that is less bitter and woodier.

The origins of Hawaiian Kava belong to Polynesia, where it was used as a traditional drink for welcoming guests and friends.

Though the popularity of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is insane, and many brands have been marketed as a fresh, potent Hawaiian Kava. However, if you are in the quest of enjoying the great cup of Kava, you need to understand the facts of real Hawaiian Kava, aka ‘awa.’

Always make sure that the Hawaiian Kava you choose is noble. Noble Kavas are actually strains that have been cultivated carefully to have higher overall ratios of the kavalactone kavain in the roots.

The Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is certified noble, which means that the Islanders have safely used it for thousands of years.

A noble Gourmet Hawaiian Kava will give you the effects and benefits that you are actually looking for.

With the refreshing cup of Hawaiian Kava, you will wake up feeling refreshed instead of sleepy and tired.

Also, noble Kavas wouldn’t bring you any side effects, as they are free from dangerous chemicals.

In short, it can be said that noble kavas are considered as the cream of the Kava crop.

Benefits of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava

Hawaiian Kava is classified as hallucinogenic herb and is always advised to use in moderation to achieve maximum benefits.

The effects of Hawaiian Kava largely depend on kava’s age, cultivar, form, and the methods of using Gourmet Hawaiian Kava.

It can also be said that sleepiness often follows the mental relaxation offered by Gourmet Hawaiian Kava.

The most noticeable benefits of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava are following:

  • It helps in relieving anxiety and stress.
  • You can get rid of restlessness with a strong cup of Hawaiian Kava.
  • It helps in improving your sleep quality by inducing a sense of relaxation and tranquility.
  • It helps in relieving body pains, muscle pain, insomnia, and headaches.
  • The soothing effects of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava help in mental relaxation and calming down nervous system.
  • It can be a great anti-spasmodic.
  • It can also help in healing urinary tract infections (UTI).
  • It helps in relieving menstrual discomfort and increasing sexual desire.
  • Gourmet Hawaiian Kava can also offer you temporary relief from respiratory issues, such as bronchitis or asthma.

Side Effects of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava

Though, the intake of Kava is not at all considered as dangerous for health. However, it should be noted that overdosage of anything can cause damage.

When used in excess, it can cause subtle sedative effects. Also, in some cases, Hawaiian Kava can cause numbness if not taken in moderation.

The over usage of Hawaiian Kava can lead to impairments in coordination due to its sedative effects.

Also, if used in massive quantity over an extended period, the most common side effects linked with Hawaiian Kava are redness in the eyes, shortness of breath and a benign skin condition, known as kava dermopathy.

Heavy kava user’s skin usually becomes scaly with yellowish patches, most commonly on the arms and chest, which is known as kava dermopathy.

Method of Using Gourmet Hawaiian Kava

Even a small pinch of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is enough to spark the feeling of relieving quickly.

Some of the Hawaiian Kava can be used brew or chew and are equally effective in both the ways.

The herbal infusion of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava has a fantastic stimulating effect on the nervous and circulatory system that brings various health benefits.

Also, a cup of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava can act as an effective diuretic.

Gourmet Hawaiian Kava Dosage and Preparation

You can quickly prepare the strong cup of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava by adding 3.5 tablespoons of Kava powder in 15 oz fresh or cold water.

You can also add soy milk to it. Blend the mixture well for about 3 to 4 minutes.

To enjoy a grit-free cup of Hawaiian Kava, you need to strain it well.

It is recommended to strain the mixture for about 4 to 5 times to get all the debris out from the Kava.

Besides regular strainers, you can quickly get Kava strainers to get the maximum extraction of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava without any grit.

Once strained well, you can serve your Kava drink and enjoy. It is advisable that the recommended Gourmet Hawaiian Kava dosage is used for the preparation, as exceeding in quantity can cause numbness in some cases.

Gourmet Hawaiian Kava Taste and Effects

The taste of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is really strong with earthy flavors. However, it is amazingly less bitter than other Kava forms.

Although, it’s considered as a less bitter and closer to fresh root flavor; still the taste of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava cannot be honored as pleasant.

Gourmet Hawaiian Kava, also known as black ‘awa, has strong effects on health and mind. The overall effects are quick and amazing. However, keeping in view the relaxation effects of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava, most of the people prefer to enjoy it only for nights to get a deep sleep.


Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is an enjoyable yet useful drink to make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Though it is less bitter from other traditional Kava types, it doesn’t compromise on the health benefits.

A fresh and robust cup of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava will grab a special place in your heart, because of its woody taste and unusual effects.

Hawaiian Kava comes in various forms that can be chewed or brewed. However, don’t forget the fact, that whether you choose Gourmet Hawaiian Kava medium ground or fine ground; straining is the key to get the maximum extraction.

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