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Can I Give CBD Flower To My Dog?

CBD, one of the hundred elements derived from the Cannabis plant, is now used by many people to treat several health conditions. There is insufficient research indicating the safety and side effects of overdosing on cannabidiol. There is almost no useful research to measure the safest dosage and side effects of treating the pet’s ailments with CBD. There are still mixed opinions about using cannabidiol products to treat pets’ health conditions, be it dogs or cats.

Dr. Richter says that CBD from hemp is the safest choice but CBD, when extracted from the flower, is more likely to be toxic for dogs. A recent study by Cornell University states that if you are sure about the accurate CBD dose for treating the pain caused by arthritis in pets, it will help relieve pain. It also argues that many pet parents started using cannabidiol oil for their dogs, which worked wonders.

Still, people like you (me too) who are concerned about their dog’s well-being get the question in mind: can dogs eat CBD flower? Is it safe? And many more related queries.

You are lucky to be here because we will answer all of your queries under one roof. So, buckle up!

What Conditions Does CBD Flower Treat in Dogs?

Luckily, now there are more uses of cannabidiol being introduced to treat health issues in pets. Initially, it was known to be effective for treating arthritis-related issues in dogs.

You should not experiment on your dog, but you should consult your vet first-hand before treating your dog with any product related to cannabidiol, including CBD flowers. Honestly, not all vets are experienced enough, nor are they allowed to prescribe cannabidiol products. This is because many states don’t allow the consumption of cannabidiol. To cater to the need, you should head straight to the holistic veterinarian near you to confirm the CBD flower’s dosage.

Luckily, CBD flowers can assist your pet with several health conditions for which the vet recommended you to try CBD products. Don’t know the uses of cannabidiol in treating health issues? Let us tell you!


Just as CBD effectively treats epileptic seizures in humans, it does so in dogs. Chelsea Rivera was quite upset about the seizures her dog Baby Rose suffered from. So, she got her hands on cannabidiol, and within a month, Baby Rose showed progress, and her fits stopped. On the other hand, Dr. Gary Richter too encountered this issue in her dog named Leo, and the same treatment worked for her.

Cardiac Health

Dogs are also prone to heart diseases, which can threaten their life and make them compromise on their quality of life. Commonly happening heart diseases in dogs include heartworm, canine valvular heart disease, mitral valve disease, myocardial disease, pericardial disease, and canine cardiac arrhythmias.

So, CBD, preferably in oil form, is genuinely helpful in controlling these issues. It works in reducing inflammation and pain and protects the heart from infractions and arrhythmias alongside offering many other benefits.


Whether caused by cancer, arthritis, heart disease, or any other, any inflammation can be reduced by cannabidiol. It does so by controlling the activity in endocannabinoid receptors.

Stimulating Appetite

It cures nausea, which makes the dogs get back to their normal eating habits, but when CBD activates the receptors found in the body and brain, the endocrine system, which has a group of tissues, releases hormones into the blood, and from blood, they go to the other parts. Consequently, hormones have a great influence on the overall body, and the appetite is finally stimulated.


It does not cure cancer, but it can be trusted to overcome the issues which arise due to cancer. It has been known for being effective for tumor-shrinking mechanisms to decrease pain, inflammation, and nausea.

Eliminates Pain

Whether your canine is going through the pain caused by cancer or tumor, CBD does wonders in treating it, as per several dog owners. Pain medications have been blamed for damaging the liver, causing deaths, and even GI issues. The results can be worse in immunocompromised dogs and old ones.

Heals Wounds

There have been many studies that state that cannabidiol promotes quick healing of wounds as well as decreases inflammation. It got proved by the study done on rats. Furthermore, it is also claimed to be better than other antibiotics in killing certain bacteria strains.

Anxiety Reliever

Do your neighbors complain that your dog howls and barks when you leave your house? One of the commonly occurring behavioral issues which dogs develop is separation anxiety.

Cannabidiol products that include this ingredient derived from hemp are known to calm down anxiety in your dog. It does so by increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain. Can’t believe it? Just like us, dogs too have receptors in their brain, organs, and nervous system.

How Do I Give CBD Flower To My Dog? Dosage Guidelines

You can take the help of CBD flowers for any purpose you were using cannabidiol products for. Actually, cannabidiol flowers are the easiest way to introduce cannabidiol into your system. Topical creams and oils get absorbed by your skin even before they finally reach your muscles. On the flip side, edible forms of cannabidiol make their way to your digestive system first before they get dissolved in your body.

CBD flowers can be cooked, vaped, and smoked, but if at all you have to treat your dog’s health issues with CBD flowers, the below-mentioned method is what is best for your furry buddy.

CBD Flower Cigarette

The best you can do is to light up a CBD flower cigarette and smoke it. Once you have inhaled the smoke, blow it into your dog’s face. Ensure you and your dog are in the room all alone, and the room is locked, so there’s no wind from the outside interrupting the procedure.

Moreover, start with the small inhalations and blowing, especially if you have your dog’s first interaction with CBD. In case of any unexpected behavior, rush to your vet.

Best Places To Buy CBD Flower For My Dog

CBD flowers are all available out there in the market, pharmacies, and online. No doubt you find it way easier to order it away online with the luxury of staying at home. But, you can’t always confirm the quality online. But still, if you have found quality products, then let us make the process of choosing the best CBD flower for your dog easy because we acknowledge your relation with your furry baby. Keep scrolling;

Industrial Hemp Farms

Whether it is about developing new seeds or cultivation, Industrial Hemp farms do it all. Moreover, they can provide you with other cannabidiol products as well. Their variety is divided into three main sections, top-shelf, mid-shelf, and bottom-shelf. As the name indicates, the best products are listed on the top shelf.

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Maintaining the quality of the CBD flowers is what they promise. They cultivate the products either on their own farms, and sometimes they come from their trustworthy friends. Furthermore, their packaging is alluring, which is why their products are a perfect gift to offer your friends.

The Brother’s Apothecary

Based in Portland, this lays special importance on offering its clients holistic full-spectrum hemp products. They have three sections to choose from; the first one is a Kush hemp flower, the second one is a CBG flower, and thirdly, CBD hemp smoking blends.

Kat’s Naturals

Kat’s Naturals basically has a presoaked flower in coconut oil, and that has to be eaten, can’t be vaped or smoked. It can be added to salads and other stuff but doesn’t seem to be a good choice for your dog as it is recommended to blow the smoke of a CBD flower cigarette at your dog’s face.

How To Pick The Best CBD Flower For My Dog?

In terms of choosing the best CBD flower for your dog, make sure that it is the purest one and from the hemp. Many sellers are selling CBD products, usually at a low price, but there is either more water in it, or the cannabidiol is synthetic, or the quality is compromised.

As discussed earlier, you can eat, vape, and even smoke CBD flowers. Several sellers are offering it and claiming it to be genuine. Let’s have a look at some more essential tips on choosing the best CBD flower;


Just as you look at the vegetables and fruits in the market and get the idea of whether they are fresh or not, in the same way, the looks of these flowers tell you the quality. They are somewhere between green, pale yellowish-green, pea green, and even dark grass green.


You got it right! You can’t catch their aroma online. However, they smell just like cannabis, but some additions to the aroma are okay. They may also smell like citrus, earthy, sweet, sour, or fruity mixed with the natural cannabis aroma.

How Can I Protect My Dog From CBD Flower’s Side Effects?

So far, there has not been any formal study conducted to know the effects of CBD, let alone CBD flowers, on dogs. The cases get worse, especially when the CBD flower which is consumed contains tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC.

THC is fatal and responsible for the high effects dogs go through and demand treatment immediately. However, according to the effects reported on humans, it can be said that the following symptoms can occur to your dog if you feed him/her CBD flower;

Low Blood Pressure

Side effects caused by cannabidiol include the dropped blood pressure, which is not that mass, but surely the dog can end up being light-headed.


Since it is known for relaxing the dogs that fall victim to anxiety, it can also introduce temporary drowsiness. However, this is more likely to happen if you have overdosed on it. You can also encounter your dog being lazy.

Dry Mouth

Dogs feel more thirst as they intake CBD in any form, but they also develop dry mouth as the ingredient halts saliva production. The dog might also lose appetite.


Consuming cannabidiol in any form can make the dog suffer nausea, including vomiting and diarrhea. Besides, the dog may also develop other digestive issues.

Still, the question is how to protect dogs from the side effects. Side effects mainly occur when the dogs have overdosed on CBD that contains THC. As a result of THC, the dog might come across urinary incontinence, ataxia, hyperesthesia, and sedation.

To prevent any mishaps from happening, the dog needs to be confined.

To overcome the toxicity of THC, treat your pet, support them with IV fluid and anti-nausea treatment. Also, don’t forget to look after them well.

It is recommended to always start with a small dosage when you are treating your dog. Moreover, it should not be overlooked that The US Food and Drug Administration has not allowed the consumption of CBD in any form, nor has it issued a proper chart for it.

When there are any reactions to cannabidiol, all you can preferably do is provide your dog with symptomatic care for gastrointestinal issues.

What Is The Substitute For CBD Flower For Dogs?

Although there has not been any medical research that confirms the usage of CBD in dogs, be it the oil, gummy, cream, flower, or treat, numerous people have confirmed it to be beneficial for their dogs.

Humans usually place cannabidiol oil under their tongue, and it is suspected that it might be helpful for dogs as well.

The fact to be told is that not all dogs are fans of cannabidiol, and so, they definitely would not like their owners blowing CBD flower’s smoke into their face. In such a case, you should consult a holistic veterinarian or your vet about CBD treats.

These treats are available in an array, and to be on the safe side, there are some well-reviewed ones to discuss with you. These treats are;


They have an array of products for not only dogs but also for cats and horses. They are totally against animal cruelty and choose vegan and organic ingredients, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO products. They have divided their products into three as per the cannabidiol concentration. This division is based on 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg CBD per treat.

King Kalm Crunch CBD Treat

Consisting of all-natural products, they have oils and treats for pets. Their products include apples, turmeric, and honey. To maintain the effectiveness of the ingredients, it bakes its products at a low temperature.

HempMy Pet Organic Dog Biscuits

Again, it is all-natural, and if you are getting your hands on it for your small breed dog, it is usually said that you can buy 2mg strength dog biscuits.

Hopefully, now you know the answer to can dogs eat CBD flower or not. A dog is inevitably a man’s best friend, and nobody wants to leave the grip on a loyal friend.

Moreover, you can’t risk your dog’s life if the other medications are not working. Still, one thing is certain that you should consult the veterinarian before introducing CBD flower to your furry friend’s diet. Discuss with the vet about the safest cannabidiol choice and the dose. Moreover, do your own research as well and always start with the minimum dosage.

Ruth Hadfield
Ruth has been a freelance medical writer for the past five years, ranging from academic papers to blog posts to magazine articles. Her speciality is writing product reviews and medical instruments. Besides writing she is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree, living in New York with her mother.

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