Geovana CBD Extracts Oil

Geovana CBD is the perfect blend of natural and organic hemp extracts.

CBD is terrific in restoring the balance within a woman’s body. The cannabis plant is beneficial in so many ways. CBD is one of the 113 phytocannabinoids in a cannabis plant. CBD products are therapeutic in nature and they heal the women who suffer from Menopause and PMS Syndrome Symptoms.

Geovana CBD extracts oil is effective in treating women issues. CBD is fantastic in relieving pain. It is useful, anti-emetic, and anti-inflammatory. CBD is impressive to sooth the Symptoms of insomnia, PMS, Menopause, and hormonal imbalances.

Geovana CBD extract oils are THC free and organic

All the CBD products, which Geovana offer, are THC free. THC is a compound in a Cannabis plant, which gives the “high” to people who consume it. Geovana makes sure that all its CBD products are non-intoxicating in nature. As THC is intoxicating, so Geovana does not entertain the idea of using it as an ingredient. Geovana products are safe to use, and they do not produce psychoactive effects. These CBD extract oils are organic. These oils have broad spectrum CBD rich hemp extract. These extracts come from natural hemp plants from the USA.

Method of Geovana CBD extract oils intake

Sublingual intake is the best method to consume Geovana CBD extract oils. Sublingual intake is a useful and fastest way to get these extracts into the bloodstream. Hold the drops of oil underneath your tongue. Let them stay there for a minute or longer. Fifteen minutes after taking the CBD extract oil sublingually, women can feel its taste and effect. Geovana are beneficial for medical purposes. CBD products heal women.

How Broad Spectrum CBD extract oils taste?

Geovana CBD extract oils are broad-spectrum. They do not have a trace of THC in it. The CBD extract oils that are full spectrum and isolated have a sharp taste because of the presence of THC. Because Geovana CBD extract oils are broad-spectrum, they are THC free. The feeling of these oils is not as rough, but they do taste like Cannabis.

Geovana uses the broad-spectrum extract for CBD oils

Broad-spectrum CBD products are lighter than full spectrum and isolated CBD products. Broad-spectrum CBD products are the combination of different cannabinoids and terpenes, but they do not have THC in them. THC is that famous compound of a Cannabis plant, which gives the high to people who consume Cannabis. Geovana is free from THC.

The presence of Terpenes in Geovana CBD extract oils

Geovana CBD extract oils do have terpenes in them. Terpenes enhance the effectiveness of Geovana CBD extract oils. Terpenes also give these oils their amazing scents.

What color are broad-spectrum CBD extract oils?

CBD extract oils come in different colors. What color the CBD Oils will have depends upon the ingredients of the CBD oils.

CBD has different forms.  When the CBD extract oil is isolate in nature, this means that it is raw. The raw isolate CBD extract oils have a powdery white color. Full spectrum extract is Dark green or brown. The full spectrum contains the cannabinoids; terpenes end many other natural substances. All these substances give the full Spectrum extracts a dark green and brown color. Distilled full spectrum extract is green or brown. On the other hand, concentrated full spectrum extract is golden in color.

As far as broad-spectrum CBD extract oils are concerned, they are transparent, colorless or light golden in nature. Light golden color is due to the presence of MCT oil. Broad-spectrum CBD extract oils undergo an extensive procedure for the removal of THC.  These extract Oils do not have THC in them; that is why they are transparent in color. Geovana CBD extract oils are non-intoxicating. They do not have any trace of THC in them. They are colorless and transparent.

How Geovana CBD extract oils smell?

CBD extract oils contain cannabinoids and terpenes. Out of these terpenes are responsible for giving scent to CBD extract oils. As Geovana CBD extract oils are broad-spectrum extracts, they do have terpenes in them. Because of the presence of terpenes, broad-spectrum CBD extract oils smell like herbs, meat, or in some cases. It feels like wood.

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What is the Difference between isolated and full spectrum CBD?

Isolate CBD extract oils are pure. They are genuine because they do not have the inclusion of any other compounds.

Full Spectrum CBD extract oils contain other active plant compounds. They have cannabinoids like CBL, CBN and they have less than 0.3 percent of THC.

Why broad-spectrum CBD extract are oils the best bet for women?

Geovana CBD extract oils are non-intoxicating. They do not have a trace of THC in them. Having THC in CBD extract oils means that the oil has intoxicating properties. Consuming CBD extract oils mixed with THC may or may not be suitable for a woman’s health. On the other hand, CBD extract oils without THC are the ideal extract oils for women.

Geovana Broad spectrum CBD extract oils have the presence of terpenes. The inclusion of terpenes means that these CBD extract oils have unusual smells. Terpenes are beneficial to relieve the women of PMS cramps.

Geovana CBD extract oils are great for PMS syndrome or Menopause

Menopause and PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is a big deal for women around the globe.  Women who go through these ailments know what horror they contain in themselves. Premenstrual Syndrome is a combination of physical and emotional symptoms that a woman experience before she gets her period. The symptoms include bloating, moodiness, headaches, and cramps. Sometimes these symptoms are so severe that a woman has to miss her work and college because of it.

Menopause is another horror that women face in their mid-fifties. Menopause means the end of fertility, but fertility does not end smoothly. Women who go through menopause experience irregular periods, vaginal dryness, night sweats, sleep problems, hot flashes, mood changes, slow metabolism, thinning of hairs, and the onset of saggy breasts.

Both these disorders, which are solely women disorders, give women so much pain. CBD products are amazing to relieve Menopause and PMS pains and Geovana deals in CBD products.

Geovana is good for Anxiety and Depression

CBD products are good for anxiety and depression. Today women deal with so many issues. Now women work along with men to earn the daily bread for the family. The constant juggling between work and job can stress a woman out in so many unhealthy ways. CBD products are terrific to heal anxiety and depression.

Difference between hemp and Cannabis CBD products

There are two kinds of CBD products out there in the market. One is when the CBD products are the extracts from hemp.  The other type is when CBD products are the extract of Cannabis. The CBD products, which are the extract of cannibals, are more potent in relieving the symptoms of PMS and Menopause.

On the other hand, the CBD products, which are the extracts of hemp, are not that potent in treating the female disorders. Geovana CBD extract oils are cannabis extracts. They have the addition of cannabinoids and terpenes. Because of this addition, Geovana CBD extract oils are in relieving pains related to PMS syndrome and Menopause.

CBD is fantastic for your furry friend

CBD extract oils are amazing for your furry friends. If your dog or cat is in pain, it is best to give them a little dose of CBD. As these products are therapeutic, so they are good to relieve the pain of animals. CBD is medically beneficial, and these products are suitable for pain.

All in All Geovana CBD products are fantastic to use

The founders of Geovana CBD extract oils Anna and Jennie know what it feels like to have the pain of PMS and Menopause. Geovana is that amazing brand which deals in CBD products. It is a female owned brand, and it is beneficial for all the women around the globe. Geovana CBD products are budget-friendly and useful.

Geovana products are tested

Geovana CBD rich hemp extract is genuine and it has no poisonous properties. Geovana makes sure that they get the laboratory report about the authenticity of their products.

All Geovana products come with a 30 Day Guarantee

All the Geovana CBD extract oils come with a 30-day guarantee. This means that if a customer is not satisfied with our products, he or she can claim the money back. Geovana believes in the satisfaction of customers more than anything does.

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  • Hemp Extract – Yes
  • Potency – High (1500)
  • Organic – Yes
  • Cannabinoids – Yes
  • Terpenes – Yes  Third party tested – Yes

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