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20 Frequently Asked Questions About Kratom

The popularity of Kratom is rising high with each day.

From the areas of native growth to the faraway places, Kratom is now making its way all across the globe through international suppliers.

It is helping people for their therapeutic reasons and recreational benefits.

The last ten years were the milestone for the expansion of the Kratom business. The plant of Southeast Asia is now a common name in a region, which is practically thousands of miles away. There are places, which are new for Kratom delivery.

The locals are not used to experience Kratom, and they are hesitant to try. The primary reason for this is the random Internet material, which gives the impression that Kratom is an opiate that makes you high.

Or some people are concerned about Kratom being illegal. Rest is not sure if they can get it or not.

There are so many such frequently asked questions about Kratom, which hit the mind of every person who hears about Kratom.

Unfortunately, there is not one single article that satisfies all the questions and spending time on searching each question confuses the reader even more.

The good news is that in this article, we will try to answer the fundamental Kratom related questions, which frequently come to your mind. Read it till the end to find all the answers.

What Do Readers Want To Know About Kratom?

What Is Kratom?

For a new reader, it will be like Kratom is a thing, which is sometimes a powder, leaves, oil, tincture, capsules, and derived products. But what is Kratom? Well, easy as that, Kratom is a plant. It is like all the trees, which you see around you. It grows in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, etc.
The mature leaves of Kratom trees are picked, and all the products that you see online are made from these leaves. Dry leaves, powder, capsules are the primary products that are natural; the Kratom vendors only package them and ship to you.
Rest is the enhanced products, which are artificially enhanced for more effect. They follow a complicated process of manufacturing and packaging before they end up at your doorstep.

Is Kratom Legal?

This question has two answers, which answer you will get depends on which region do you belong to. Kratom has a controversial past, but since the last two decades, it is now acknowledged by the medical researchers for its amazing benefits.
There are some American states and other major regions that have a ban on Kratom and its trade. For the rest of the world, it is legal and available without any challenge. However, it is available for medicinal and research purposes in all significant parts of the world without a legal complication.

Can I Use Kratom?

Of course, you can. Anyone can use Kratom without a second thought. There are no health concerns r side effects to hit you if you are following the right way and right amount of it.
You should be present in the region, which allows its resident to use Kratom and its products. There are so many strains to select from. If you are a new user without any previous experience with Kratom, try using the mild, overall beneficial strains at the start. Gradually try the dominant strains at later stages.

What’s Better; Kratom Tea, Oowder, Capsules, Extracts, Tinctures?

This is a common question, which many people cannot decide for themselves. You must know that Kratom has primary and secondary or derived forms. The leaves, capsules, and powder are the essential products of Kratom, which are the direct product of Kratom leaves.
The enhanced strains or enhanced products are the same Kratom leaves, but they are artificially enhanced for the maximum effects. These are compelling products, which need particular usage guidelines and instructions. For this reason, new users are not encouraged to try enhanced products. Using the basic products, i.e., powder or supplement is better for the first-timers and even till a few weeks.

How To Take Kratom?

Kratom capsules make sense that you have to take them like all other supplements and swallow them with water but what’s with the other products? The powder is a multi-purpose product, which you can either try orally or add into a recipe. Usually, people prefer to use Kratom powder in a beverage, which is orange juice, or any citrus juice.
Hot Kratom beverage is also a favorite i.e. Kratom tea. You only need to set a standard dosage and measure the Kratom product accordingly. Remember that enhanced products are highly potent and require a low dose to work as compared to all other Kratom products.

What Are The Benefits Of Kratom?

Kratom is a miraculous plant, which has an option of customized effects. It means it will act the way, in which you want it to work. The general results of Kratom are divided into two categories.
Therapeutic Benefits: Painkiller, energy-producing, nootropics, stress relief, anxiolytic, opiate withdrawal effect.
Recreational Benefits: Stimulation, light feeling, sedation, and euphoria. There are so many strains, some of which are good for general use.
It means they will provide all these effects at a moderate intensity. Some strains are potent for particular benefits, i.e., red vein Kratom strains are excellent painkillers.

What Makes Kratom So Useful?

The chemical composition of Kratom is responsible for all the benefits that it provides to us. The unique chemical makes up has vital bioactive compounds, which are called alkaloids.
Kratom was two prominent alkaloids, which are responsible for 80% of the Kratom effects. They are called Mitragynine and 7 OH Mitragynine. There are only 25 alkaloids, which are yet discovered from Kratom. There are a lot more that are under research studies.

Will Kratom Make You High?

The nature of Kratom widely depends on how you use it. Kratom is not an opiate, but it is an opioid. That means it acts like opiates by attaching to the same receptor sites, but it is not harmful like opiates. Neither it makes you high if you re following the safe dosage practice.
The high feeling of Kratom is only in extreme cases. A sedative euphoria result is a condition which is similar to opiate high, but that requires an excessive dose, which is not recommended for any user. This dose is so intense that it can even cause Kratom abuse. The standard and moderate amount of Kratom has no such effect to bring to the user.

What Are The Side Effects Of Kratom?

Again, safety with Kratom products depends upon your use. Its like saying will gun kill people. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Similarly, Kratom doesn’t harm you, but you may harm yourself by selecting a highly destructive method and dosage to use. When used in prescribed quantity and by following standard practice, Kratom has absolutely no side effects. Using for everyone is safe.
Only on initial usage, the user users may feel a little stomach disturbance or nausea. But it goes away on its own after some time. It is only due to the potent alkaloids that start taking action, which is otherwise never a part of the body before.
After using Kratom a couple of times, it never shows up again. The intense Kratom user for the extremely high dose is highly destructive for all internal systems of the body. The long-term effects may be Kratom tolerance, anxiety, difficulty to sleep, insomnia, metabolic disorders, weaker memory, and low immunity.

What Are The Top Kratom Strains?

Fortunately, there are so many options when you consider Kratom. There are a number of strains from which you can select anyone for your use. Some of these strains are more powerful than the rest. Such strains are called “higher strains”.These strains are top sellers among all. You may readily find them at Kratom stores. These include the following:
Maeng Da Kratom
Red Bali Kratom
Super Green Malay
Indo Kratom
Thai Kratom

This is not the end, there is a lot more to consider. These are only the names, which you will commonly see. You should individually research the best Kratom strain for your desired effect i.e. for pain relief; red vein strains are the best.

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Can You Potentiate Kratom?

Potentiating Kratom is a popular method to increase the effects spectrum of Kratom. Potentiating literally means to enhance the effects by adding an ingredient, which defines the effect even more.
In case of Kratom, there are two options, one is to add it into an equally powerful substance i.e. opiates. It is harmful and can make a dangerous combination. The second option is easier and more enjoyable.
It is to add Kratom into herbal products, you can use turmeric, grapefruit juice, cayenne pepper, valerian root, cats claw, watercress or simply with caffeine. It is generally safer and has no side effects. The individual benefits of each of these options combine with the effects of Kratom and outline them for more distinct effects.

Is Kratom Good For Opiate Withdrawal?

Kratom is a natural alternative to opiates. It works as an opiate but it is not an opiate by itself. It is rather an opioid, which means it works by attaching the same receptors, as the opiates attach.
In this way, they control the body’s responses to stimulants such as pain, stress, anxiety, etc. When you stop using any opiate after some time, the body undergoes a process, which exhibits withdrawal effects. These withdrawal effects are highly uncomfortable and undesirable.
They include stress, agitation, anxiety, mood swings, loss of appetite, etc. Using Kratom in this condition eases these symptoms of withdrawal. It makes the process go smoothly which is otherwise upsetting.

How Much It Takes To Feel The Kratom Effects?

You might be wondering about the body’s responses to Kratom. All the effects that we relate to Kratom are general. It means they show up on standard Kratom dosage. Kratom is highly dosage sensitive. It means whatever dosage you take, it will bring a different set of effects in different intensities.
For a start, the threshold level dose can be between 0.5 grams to 2.0 grams, depending upon the user profile. For most of the people, 1.0 gram and 1.5 gram is the general `dose, which brings an overall good feeling.
However, it may not work after your body gets used to it. The standard Kratom dose is 2.0-5.0 grams. A higher dose is anything over 5.0 grams. As you increase the dose, the effects will be super enhanced and may start giving an overdosing feeling.
A dose exceeding 10grams can be harmful. As per users, the best range of Kratom effects are achievable by a moderate range, which is the standard quantity. There are a variety of effects with long-lasting benefits.

Is Kratom Tolerance Possible?

Yes, Kratom tolerance is a real thing but it requires certain criteria to meet. Tolerance doesn’t show up randomly when you start using Kratom. It never affects you if you are following the standard dose with all recommended measures. It is very unlikely to occur at a moderate dose.
Only the high dosage and use of artificially enhanced strains can cause Kratom tolerance. It is a mechanism where the body doesn’t find the regular dose sufficient to work and hence requires more and more Kratom. Indirectly, the user’s body develops tolerance against the regular use which the user was taking before. There are certain tips to avoid Kratom tolerance. For example;
Use a threshold quantity.
Follow the dosage interval.
Rotate the strains from time to time.

Can You Overdose On Kratom?

Overdosing is basically just an extreme dose of anything. Relating it to Kratom, the overdose of Kratom is anything, which is above the standard recommendation to use. If we say that 2.0-5.0 is the standard dose, anything, which is twice, thrice, or more than this quantity is overdosing.
Overdosing Kratom is very destructive and it can produce long-term effects. It is better to try other ways to enhance the effects instead of doubling the quantity. You can use potentiating agents, strain switch, combining strains but do not overdose Kratom. A safe usage practice of Kratom has minimal chances to ever cause a health problem in the user.

What Is The Price Of Kratom Strains?

Price is a big concern when it comes to numerous health benefits. For a product like Kratom, it is a common expectation to think that it would be pricey. But Kratom is a wonderful budget-friendly natural product. There are so many strains and this is beneficial in a way that all of these have a different price range. Only the higher strains are a little expensive.
Other strains, which are not powerful, don’t mean that they don’t give any effect. It is just that they are not that much helpful for higher effects i.e. anxiety relief, chronic pain diseases, euphoria, etc. If you need an overall health lift, physical and mental activeness, and energy boost, any Kratom strain will work.
The average price range for Kratom powder is between $9.99 to $30.00. There are only a few strains, which are expensive than this. For capsules and enhanced extracts, the price is moderately high.
That is the extra cost of processing and manufacturing, which is justified for the effects. The Kratom selling vendors offer time to time discounts, from which you can get the same strain on low price. For bulk orders, the price gets a further reduction too.

What Is Kratom Shelf Life?

The bulk purchase may be a problem if you are planning to store Kratom. Shelf life is one question that rarely gets an answer. For Kratom, there are no certain expiry dates but there are certain measures which if you take, the stored Kratom will maintain all its ingredients intact in it.
Certain factors such as sealed packaging; keeping away from light, maintaining low temperature, and keeping it away from water or condensation are a few things to consider. Following these basic steps can make the same Kratom products fresh for up to one year.

Can I Buy Kratom Online?

The answer is yes; in fact, it is better if you buy Kratom online. There are so many reliable Kratom vendors, which ensure premium quality Kratom products to make their way to their destinations.
Many of these Kratom vendors are national, and some are international. Make sure that the Kratom selling website, to which you are placing your order, delivers to your region. International destinations have an added cost, which varies from area to area.

Can You Buy Kratom In Bulk?

Yes and no, buying Kratom is an option, which you can find at several online sellers. In fact, many of them give you a substantial discount on buying bulk Kratom. Not all Kratom sellers are bulk suppliers. Make sure that the supplier on which you are relying facilitates the customers with bulk purchase offer.
The second thing is storing the Kratom. You can buy a sufficient quantity of Kratom for your self but don’t exceed an abnormal limit. Don’t stock Kratom for years as it may affect the quality of it. Prefer to buy Kratom every few months to enjoy the full benefits of it. However, if you plan to distribute, share, or resell it, you can try bulk purchase with the best price offers.

Can You Buy Kratom Locally?

Kratom has different options to purchase. You can buy Kratom locally at gas stations, smoke shops, and shops that sell CBD products. You can take help from Google search and yellow pages to locate these Kratom selling stations.
Unfortunately, you won’t find Kratom at pharmacies, health stores, and superstores for now. However, there is an option to order it online.

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