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How To Get Opiates Out Of Your System Fast?

Are you about to undergo a drug test? Do you feel anxious that your result might appear positive for drugs such as morphine, heroin or codeine?

If yes, then you would be speculating about ways to flush the opiates out of your system. It all depends on the types of drugs and the drug test you are about to face.

Let’s discuss opiate. You must be wondering that what opiates are. They are a type of drug which is derived from plants mainly “Opium Poppy.”

Opiates are essential medicines for painkilling and sedative properties. However, heroin is an illegal drug that is derived from morphine.

Opiates have an extreme addiction potential whether given on a prescription or purchased illegally from black markets. The World Drug Report from 2012 by UNO reports the opiate abuse by 26.4 to 36 million individuals.

Types of opioids

Opiates have three variants natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic types. Codeine and morphine are natural opiates. Oxycodone and heroin are synthetic variants while hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic type also referred to as “Vicodin.”

Method to pass an Oxycontin drug test

  • Opioids ex. Oxycontin takes 2 to 3 days to flush out of your system. However, you can clean them quickly by purchasing real green tea from the drug store, vitamin B3 (i.e. niacin pills) and a multivitamin.
  • Have a mug or glass full of hot green tea and drink it throughout the day. Consume niacin in 1000 mg dosage after you wake up (i.e. 500 mg in the daytime while other 500 mg at the end of the day).
  • You will realize that your body is flushing out opiates and it is very distressing, and you will require frequent visits to the bathroom. However, you will pass your test if you perform this consecutively for two days.
  • Have multivitamins after you are done with opiates flushing. Drink water in large amounts. On the trial day, drink as much water as possible and have multivitamins. It will result in your peeing vitamin water.
  • However, they will check your urine tests for dilution so your urine must contain Creatinine. So you can purchase a powder mix which works well however they are expensive. If you cannot afford these, then consume fish or red meat after drinking water and absorbing vitamins.
  • PLEASE, keep in mind that niacin may result in severe skin flushing, dizziness and heart palpitations.
  • It takes around 72-80 hours for opioids to flush out of your system with vitamin B complex along with lots of water. Avoid sugary drinks.

For how long opiates remain in your urine?

For heroin, consume a large amount of water all through the day as heroin is water-soluble. It allows your system to get rid of this drug easily.

Opiates remain in urine for around three days except for methadone which can be detected for around 10-50 days and possesses a variable half-life. However, most of the opioids ex. Heroin stays in urine for up to 3-4 days.

Oxycodone takes around 3-4 days to flush out of your system. You can get through the test by drinking plenty of water.

Factors that affect opiates processing

Opioids have very short half-lives; they tend to flush out of the system quickly. However, their effects last for many hours. There are multiple factors which depend on that for how long the opiates will come positive in the drug test.

Many prescription opioids are available in pill form which needs to pass the digestive system and then provide results

Other drugs such as heroin are usually smoked, injected or snorted which results in fast effects along with sooner flushing out of the system.

  • Other factors include the metabolic rate of an individual, the ingestion forms, body mass, fat content, and weight.
  • It depends on the age of an individual, health condition of kidneys and liver.

It depends on the quantity of water present in your body, the drug quality.

For how long can opiate be detected in your drug tests?

Heroin has an extremely short life with fast-acting properties. Saliva test helps in detection of heroin for 5-6 hours after the last dose while blood tests work for around 5-6 hours.

Urine tests are used for the detection of heroin as they come active even after 3-7 days. Hair follicle test is the best as they come active after 90 days of heroin consumption.

Morphine takes a longer time to work and produce effects when compared to heroin.

Blood tests can detect morphine for around 12-14 hours after the last dosage while urine tests can detect it for 3-4 days.

However, saliva tests are very efficient and detect morphine for around 4-5 days.

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The hair follicle test is again the best drug test as it comes active for 90 days after the last consumption.

Hydrocodone has a short half-life, and it flushes out faster.

Saliva tests work for around 12-38 hours while urine tests detect hydrocodone for 3-4 days.

Hair tests are effective for detecting hydrocodone for 90 days.

Codeine is the fastest opiate to leave the system. A blood test can detect it for 24 hours, and the urine test is positive for 1-2 days.

The Saliva tests have been used to detect opiates for 2-4 days. Hair follicle test is the best as it detects the codeine for 90 days.

If you use drugs for the long term, then it will build in fatty tissues, and these limits will extend if you are a heavy drug user.

How to flush opiates and meths from your system to pass the urine drug test?

  • Drink Lukewarm water,i.e., 2-3 gallons. If your urine test provides you with instant results, then it is better to pass the test by water thing.
  • However, if the lab performs it then don’t carry out this water thing as you will be found guilty. The results will show the water load, and they will know that you attempted to dilute your urine.
  • Drop down to the GNC store and ask for a drink that helps you rinse your system. This drink usually comes in Grape flavor, and it is very disgusting to ingest. However, these beverages work amazingly with the money-back guarantee if you do not see the results.
  • Opt for a cranberry juice which helps in detoxification without that bitter taste.
  • Consume niacin pills, but it will cause stomach pain. However, if you are getting lab tests, then you will be detected with overdosage of niacin.
  • Take a few vinegar shots which help in flushing out your system.
  • Pee for around 4-5 times after using these tactics which allow you to get rid of the nasty toxins.
  • Consume diuretics which help in more urination and allows you to flush opiates out of the system. These diuretics include tea, coffee along with cranberry juice. You can also use potent diuretics such as Furosemide which is available on prescription.

Note: Pee before you apply for the drug test and drink lots and lots of water. You can also consume half a gallon of water with 2-3 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and empty your bladder before taking the test.

Your colorless sample of urine may be disqualified so for that take one to two Vitamin B complex or Vitamin C a few hours before taking the test.

How to flush opiates from your system to pass a hair drug test?

Drugs get locked in your hair permanently which means that opiates can be detected for around 90 days. It is tough to fool the hair drug tests as a minute amount of evidence will be enough to get positive results.

If you wash your hair repeatedly, you cannot pass the test; this is not the trick. It is claimed that re-dying or bleaching and washing hair with baking soda may help individuals to pass the hair drug test.

Another alternative to passing the hair drug test is to use Zydot’s Ultra Clean which comes with money-back guarantee. So you do not need to apply these home remedies if you can afford this product.

How to pass saliva, blood or hair test?

  • Delay your blood or saliva test as opiates take 3-4 days to flush out of your system.
  • You can manipulate the saliva test by swabbing your teeth rather than rubbing your lower gums or cheek. It may work if you cannot delay the saliva test.
  • You cannot manipulate the blood tests as the blood is drawn on the spot.
  • You cannot tamper your head test instead you can shave your body and head before taking the hair drug test. Make excuses like your hair was thinning or you attempted to go for a new fashion trend with your head.
  • Find ways to ask for a different test, i.e., .ask for a urine test rather than saliva, blood or hair test because you can pass the urine test as your urine is diluted. You can exercise the laws in your favor and know the drug laws. Ask for a second chance to be tested as urine tests can sometimes give you false results.


The only way to pass these tests is to discontinue drug use as they cause detrimental effects on your body. However, still, if you cannot stop using them we have mentioned a few tricks to pass the drug test and ways to flush your system from opiates.

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