Finding The Proper Dosage Range For Kratom Powder

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is the miracle tree from Asia. The particular region of Southeast Asia has rich cultivation fields of it. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia are the biggest Kratom supplier for now. It is now available for trade worldwide.

The bright green leaves of Kratom are rich in bio-active compounds known as alkaloids. Due to the activity of alkaloids, Kratom was a famous traditional medicine for centuries. The whole family of Kratom, Rubiaceae has stimulatory properties. Coffee, for example, is a stimulant too.

Kratom, on the other hand, has a lot more than just stimulation. Name any effect and Kratom will show it to a user.

The selective strains of Kratom are highly potent to produce stimulation, sedation, psychological support, pain control, opiate withdrawal and energy booster. Here is how can a beginner try Kratom for these effects.

Constituents of Kratom tree

Kratom TreeThe chemical constituents of Kratom are alkaloids which are tryptamine by nature. The most significant alkaloids of Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

All the benefits of Kratom are due to these two. They have a structure similar to yohimbine but otherwise, these two are not similar.

Method to use Kratom

Traditionally, the natives used to chew raw leaves for the fresh alkaloids to take action. In this way, only the central vein which is also called “midrib” is peeled off. In a similar way, dry leaves are also useful. It is preferable to grind the dried leaves for ease in usage.

A comparatively popular way to ingest Kratom is by making a fine powder of it. A user can measure and eat this powder and swallow with water or any liquid. If the bitter taste of Kratom is a problem, it is better to use it with flavored milk or any sweet drink such as fruit juice.

One can also smoke Kratom but it is not advisable. Dry Kratom, leaves or powder are helpful in tea form which is a method without any hassle.

The most advanced form of Kratom is capsule form, which is by far the most practical. It is just like a regular supplement with fine powder in it.

Usage of Kratom

How to measure the right dosage?

The best way to measure Kratom powder is through a scale. Each dose of Kratom is measured in grams so ideally, the balance should be spacious to facilitate this amount. Using an electronic or digital scale is more beneficial. It’s a one-time purchase product which lasts for long.

If the budget is short, one can even use the kitchen balance. However, the accuracy is higher with a digital scale. Even a spoon can work to put the powder on the scale. One teaspoon fills almost 2 grams powder in it.

There are approximately 3 level teaspoons in a tablespoon. So each spoon will be roughly 6-7 grams of Kratom powder.  This is a moderate dose which needs more accuracy for determination of effects. Weighing dry leaves is a little tricky because they are hard and scatter everywhere.

measure the right dosage

Why are Kratom effects linked to dosage?

The richness of alkaloids makes it a powerful agent to show diverse effects. There are numerous strains of Kratom by area. All of these strains share same alkaloids but in different amounts. This difference of alkaloids is due to the soil and climate difference of each area.

Typically, all the strains are thought to show same effects. However, this is not true. The effects are similar but not the same. Also, the intensity of effects depends upon two things.

Low dosage brings short term and minor effects like mood enhancement, social confidence boost, focus, concentration etc. Mild or high dosage induces powerful effects like analgesia, opiate withdrawal, sedation, euphoria etc. This is the real reason that why dosage should follow precision.

What is an accurate dosage?

First, everyone must pre-research which Kratom strain to use. The strains of Kratom are as per their type. So the desirable effect by the user must meet the choice of Kratom strain. The dosage is dependent on the potency of the Kratom which is why everyone needs an accurate dosage.

For the moderate strains of Kratom, following is a general dosage recommendation.

  • Beginner Level: 1-2 g
  • Low Dose: 2-4 g
  • Moderate Dose: 3-5 g
  • High Dose: 4-8 g

If the selected strain is a premium strain, the right dosage is as follows.

  • Beginner Level: 2-4 g
  • Low Dose: 3-5 g
  • Moderate Dose: 4-10 g
  • High Dose: 8-15 g

The enhances strains are artificially powerful regular strains for more efficiency. The dosage range to use such a strain with extract added is as following.

  • Beginner Level: 1 g
  • Low Dose: 1-2 g
  • Moderate Dose: 2-3 g
  • High Dose: 3-6 g

If anyone wants to use dried Kratom leaves, the dosage is not the same as that of powder and capsule. For the premium grade, it is as follows.

  • Beginner Level: 2-4 g
  • Low Dose: 3-5 g
  • Moderate Dose: 4-10 g
  • High Dose: 8-15 g

For the moderate strains, which are more common, the dosage is somewhat between the following.

  • Beginner Level: 3-7 g
  • Low Dose: 5-10  g
  • Moderate Dose: 10-20 g
  • High Dose: 20-50 g

These guidelines are not a result of a scientific research to prove their clinical significance. There is very less research work on Kratom itself. All the effects and dosage information is mostly based on user reviews. These dosage recommendations are not 100% accurate. They may follow an up or down for different users.

How long do the effects last?

The effects of Kratom lasts for 4-5 hours as per different strain. For some enhanced strains, the effects can even last for up to 5-8 hours. It takes 15-20 minutes as preparatory time to initiate effects. The results are rapid in powder or leave intake.

Supplement form of Kratom takes a little more time i.e. 30-45 minutes to show the results. Once the capsule dissolves in the stomach, only then Kratom is available for the body.

Risks for Kratom usage

Risks for Kratom usageKratom is a stress release. The biggest risk with Kratom use is that it may make a person sedative while in middle of something important.

The sleepiness, relaxation, and sedation are certainly not ideal in the middle of an important meeting or exam.

The dosage of Kratom should be always on a right time when you can enjoy it for real.

A prolonged use of Kratom may feel to use high dosage every time. Using that high amount of Kratom is damaging for the liver, kidney, lungs, and stomach. It can even initiate Kratom addiction. To avoid this situation, use smaller doses and alternate strains.

The pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not take it without medical advice. Although there is not as such any direct link between these still, it is not an ideal situation.

Is Kratom legal?

Kratom is legal in most part of the world but illegal in many others. Australia, Denmark, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), and Thailand all share a ban on Kratom for its addictive properties.

In the USA, it is legal to use and trade Kratom everywhere except Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. It is available for online purchase and shipment. One can get it in any part of the world now.

Kratom Legal

Final thoughts on Kratom dosage

The dosage of Kratom plays an important role to get the most appropriate effects. For example, if one needs the pain killing effects, it will only work in a higher dose.

If a user just needs motivation and stamina, a low dose is preferable. So it’s the Kratom strain and then the dosage which determines the fate of Kratom on a user.

Experimenting between strains and keeping the dosage moderate reduces the risks of Kratom by 50-80%. This safe user practice will let the user enjoy the benefits of Kratom at maximum, without the fear of being a health risk.

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