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Ever Green Tree Review – Is That A Brand You Can Trust

Ever Green Tree is a brand located in Las Vegas, Nevada known for selling high-quality kratom products online. The brand is one of the best kratom selling vendors you can shop online. The real purpose of reviewing this brand is to tell you about their genuineness and novelty.

They offer a variety of Kratom strains which are not only economical but are genuine, of high-quality and effective. From the consistency of the product, the packaging, shipping, and payment, everything under this brand is efficiently dealt.

They import every batch of products directly from Indonesia — the place where you will find a premium range of kratom trees.

Key Factors We Choose To Review This Brand

Ethical Consumerism

Ethical consumerism applies to buy goods that abide by the norms of fair trade and are vegan. Now it has started impacting international marketing in a significant way, giving rise to an ethical marketplace, where items are sold to aim the ethical consumers.

Ever Green Tree is a brand that does abide by the codes of Ethical Consumerism in its true sense. Along with kratom online retail, the brand also offers kratom wholesale for both kratom capsules and powder.  

They import kratom straight from Indonesia, and as a principal follower of ethical consumerism, the brand only buys from trusted sources who have test certificates to prove it is legal and ethical. The brand believes that ethics is the most crucial thing in this business.

There are 24 unique strains of kratom, and the authenticity of all these can be determined just by looking at them, and Evergreen Tree deals with all of them in capsules as well as powder form.

Lab Tests of Kratom

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) like all plants carries many bio-alkaloids which are almost invisible. These are Mitragynine, Speciogynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine and many more.

While mitragynine is the most talked about and often tested alkaloid, it is not the unique bio-active alkaloid. These alkaloids are made up of three molecules that are almost exact copies of each other. This makes it very difficult for labs to differentiate between them.

It indicates the percentage of mitragynine often distorted by companies and labs. Only the best testing facilities can distinguish between these alkaloids and examine specific percentages.

Ever Green Tree performs all sorts of lab tests to assure that the products are natural, free of contamination, high in quality and has a minimum 1.7% level of the alkaloid which is essential for being the best of the quality.

For them, public health is the utmost priority. They perform all three sorts of tests on all its products, which they have mentioned on their site.

Source of Kratom

Indonesia is one of the few Southeast Asian countries where kratom trees can be spotted growing profusely and regarded as one of the biggest and most notable exporters of kratom in the world.

Its atmosphere and climatic conditions are identified as an excellent environment for several diverse types of trees to grow abundantly.  Indonesian kratom is an outstanding and reliable choice for pain control.

It is the place where the maximum number of original harvesting farms are established to provide 100% guaranteed organic and pure kratom herbs.

The kratom produced there is legal worldwide. Ever Green Tree imports high-quality Kratom strains from Indonesia only which means it’s not only just legal but are also of high-quality.

Variety of Kratom

The variety offered by this brand is umpteen. The brand offers more strains than any other website, a total of 24 strains are available on the site, and they are looking forward to providing even more. Some of the varieties are Elephant kratom Powder which is another unique variety. This kratom is one of the brand’s specialties other than Super Green and Bentuangie.

Another kratom which is apparently the most popular kratom form, with extremely high-quality strain is the Maeng da kratom. Through mature green tree horned leaf, these strains are raised in Indonesia’s Tropical forests. It has four colour veins, white, green, red, and gold.

The products of the Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder are basically grown and finely crushed, and has the highest quality, and pressed professionally. Among others, you get gold Maeng da kratom and super green Maeng da kratom on this website.

Most people consider red Maeng da as a dominant strain whereas Green Maeng da and Gold Maeng da is neither very overpowering nor too mild. Amongst all the strains the White Maeng Da kratom is the smoothest having a mild effect.    

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Awareness and education

The site also spreads kratom awareness and education. Through their personal blog, an individual can understand the use of kratom, its origin and why it is so popular and in demand.

Also, through the kratom literature that is provided at the bottom of the website, an individual can get a clear insight on the product, the powder capsule, who can use it and other things which will clarify the doubts and create product awareness.

One Key Thing That Gains My Attention

Well, one thing that has genuinely gained my attention is apart from the quality is the Rewards and Discounts offered by the website. They offer a diverse range of kratom coupon codes. For instance, there is a coupon code named ‘firsttime20’.

This coupon code is applicable if you are buying from them for the first time. You will also get a 20% discount which you can redeem on the first three purchases. Another discount is ‘email15’ where you will receive a 15% discount if you create an account or subscribe with their newsletters and get their email. Other discount options are as follows:

  • You will receive a 10% discount on spending between the ranges of $59-$139,
  • Customers who will return to buy will always get a minimum of 10% discount
  • A 15% discount can be earned on spending between the ranges of $140 to $272
  • If you spend $272 or more than that, then you will receive a discount of 20% on the product

Hence their kratom reward program is just amazing. They allow you the scope to earn points that can be later redeemed to subsidize the cost of a product to a considerable range.

Moreover, the kratom code for a discount or the kratom coupon code may also allow you to earn points through many activities like the reward program. For instance, in the case of referring the site to any friend of yours, 500 points are acquired, or on signing up with their account, you will be endowed with 300 points.   

They also allow you to make some extra bucks by being a part of their affiliate program. All you require to do is just post the URL link that you will be getting on signing up with the website. You have to post the URL on your social media tabs and share it with friends.

The discount programme is such that the prices of the products go cheap. These discount codes and reward programmes are also a great way to use the product and figure out if it works for you as the actual money paid is not much.

You can check the site regularly to know about the new rewards and discounts offered by Ever Green Tree.

Are the products priced fairly?

Every product on the website is of supreme quality and comes with a lab test, so the price is fair enough. Also as mentioned earlier there are multiple promo codes and discount options available that make the price of the product even lesser.

The prices of the Kratom powders are very reasonable and come at three different ranges for 100 gram, 500 gram and 1000 gram (1Kg). The costs for kratom capsules are also reasonably priced, in counts of 100, 400 and 800.

The Product Which I Have Tasted

Among the arid range of kratom powders available, I have tasted their super green kratom powder from the specialty range. It was a 100% freshly grown Super Green Powder which came in a pharma-grade, food, and drug pliant jar along with a guarantee of complete 30 days money back.

Super Green Kratom is recognized for its vibrant green color, fresher than any other strain. You can clearly recognize when you see the shade, which is so different from the ordinary Green Malay. It has combined effects.

From my personal experience, I can say that these Super Green Kratom products are original, genuine and of good quality. The packaging is done with pure professionalism to keep the content safe and secure as well as making it attractive from the outside.  

Final Remarks

Kratom is something that depends on how the quality is and this website sells the top-notch quality kratom. Among the key specification comes its storage.

It is desirable to store your kratom product in a cool and dry place where sunlight is unable to reach. Also, remember the kratom use and dosage depends on what is the purpose of the user is.

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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