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There are two types of people who could be reading this review right now. One includes the people who have become newly aware of the benefits of CBD hemp oil, and the other one is old consumers who are tired of being victims of scams by the vendors selling unreliable CBD products. For whatever purposes you require CBD, both medicinal and recreational, you should know that you have finally come to the right place as I am about to give you an honest and truthful review of an online vendor called “Dr. Hemp Me”

CBD is generated from a hemp plant, and unlike its alternate, THC, it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. Dr. Hemp Me is an Irish brand that has always aimed to provide a high quality of CBD products to its respectful customers. In the beginning, they set out on a journey to look for the best CBD manufacturers, but it soon became clear to them that the only way to have a significant influence on their customers’ health, they had to extract CBD themselves.

Using excellent methods of extraction and continually improving their work, Dr. Hemp Me has become one of the leading brands out there that are actually concerned with what they are selling and if it is making a positive impact on the society.

Isn’t it rare to have a vendor that cares about more than profits? It took me a long time to come across this brand, but once I did, I have never thought of switching.

There are all types of CBD available, depending on which product you have ordered. The strengths and varieties may vary from product to product. This is also true for the color of their CBD oil. While the CBD vape oil is golden colored, the OG Kush E-liquid is transparent and colorless.

Their products range from vape pens to capsules as well as bath bombs. I’ll be honest, at first, I laughed when I heard about their CBD bath bombs but as soon as I used them, it was like I had been transported to another world where aromatherapy is more peaceful than anything else. If you expect to be stressed out after a day’s work at the office, then you have to get yourself these bath bombs.

The products they offer can quickly be carried in the packaging they provide in case you travel a lot. The quantities offered are suitable to everyone’s needs, and you could easily order these unique CBD containing items from their website.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that you are wondering about their shipping facilities. Well, if you order anything for above €50, then they would generously waive any shipping charges.

Moreover, such orders are delivered to the customers on the same day as they ordered. In my experience, this is the first brand to do so because others are simply not interested in your budget and basic needs. However, if you only need a taste of their products and wish to make a purchase of less than €50, then you will receive your items in a time of two days.


Their products are at very affordable prices, and the packaging is unique. The containers keep your products safe and prevent any spillage when you are packing a bag to go on a trip. All their products are thoroughly tested in advanced labs by ‘EIRLAB’ which is one of the leading lab testing facilities in the industry. Anyone who is visiting their website can view the results of these lab tests.

Products: They are offering a Full Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD vape oil, CBD bath bombs, a pre-filled CBD vape pen, and CBD capsules.

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Retail Locations: Online only

Shipping: You will receive your order at the address you provide in two to three business days if you have placed an order before 3 pm. Customers are entitled to free shipping only if their order is of more than 50 euros. All their deliveries are shipping via the DPD group, which is the most reliable delivery company so your order will be in safe hands.

Payment Method: Direct Bank Transfer, Pay with your debit or credit card via QuickPay

Let’s talk about what’s on their website that proved helpful to me. Personally, I hate surfing the web for information and then figuring out the authenticity of it.

Dr Hemp Me solved this problem when they clearly mentioned every single piece of information that I needed to know about CBD products and its benefits. It also suggests the alternatives of CBD and why it is our best option to avoid stress.

They also have a platform where you can ask questions and get instant answers, although, I don’t think one would have any if they go through the whole website. They have also laid out their lab tests on the site so you can check their quality claims and ensure whether they live up to their promises.

There is no such thing as getting in line to escape a stressful day to obtain CBD. Once you have placed your orders, just sit back and relax while they deliver your order wherever you need them to. To be frank, I have never experienced such services at such reasonable prices from any other brands so I would highly recommend that you try it before getting all skeptical about the goodness of it.

Dr Hemp Me CBD Product Line

As mentioned above they have several kinds of CBD containing items to cater to different needs of all their customers.

CBD Vape Oil Original

€11.95 – €32.95

Made from Cannabis Sativa L plant, this can easily be consumed through your vaporizers. Just shake and add it to the container of the vaporizer to experience immediate effects by only taking a few puffs. It has a 300mg CBD with zero percent nicotine so you can enjoy the results without any damage to your health. It should be noted that before putting this in the market, Dr. Hemp Me conducts several tests to ensure the quality is what they have promised their customers.

Full Spectrum CBD oil

€34.95 – €136.95

This comes in a tiny bottle and contains % CBD. It is a completely natural product that is thoroughly tested by experts to ensure it is safe for consumption. Dr. Hemp Me grows their plants organically to keep them safe from pesticides. To utilize the full spectrum of cannabinoids while making this oil, use the whole plant. As a result, the consumer can enjoy the effects efficiently and in no time. This product comes in 3 different strengths, 5%, 10% & 20%.

CBD Bath Bombs


This is one of the most interesting products Dr. Hemp Me has in store for their consumers. Eucalyptus and peppermints are widely known to help body recover from a workout and make a person’s mind a peaceful place. They have added 50mg of CBD in these bath bombs to give their customers a more promising experience to help their sore muscles recover. I don’t think anyone would have ever thought of infusing CBD in bath bombs, but I am glad that I came across this brand as it helps me enjoy my bath time to its full potential. These bath bombs are 100% natural and trust me when I tell you to put this at the top of your list among other items that you are going to order from their website.

OG Kush CBD Vape Pen


Looking at the price tag, don’t you think it is the most affordable pre-filled vape pen you have ever seen? At least that is what I thought. Each cartridge contains 200mg of CBD that can easily give you about 400 puffs and all you need to do is smoke it. It has a reliable battery that can be recharged in no time. If you are looking to quit smoking and switch to electronic vaporizers, then this is your best option as it is harmless as well. All you need to know about the specifications and accessories of this item is given on their website.

CBD Capsules


This comes in a small box that contains thirty capsules of CBD extracts and can be easily swallowed with water. I believe that this is helpful for people who need to escape their stress during office hours but cannot afford to go out to smoke. Keep in mind that it has 10mg of CBDA per capsule which is just the right amount to make your life at work easier and less stressful. It is also a great alternative to CBD oil in case you are not overly fond of the taste of hemp oil.

Video Review of Dr Hemp Me

Third party lab test results are displayed on their website. THC less than 0.2%, CBD 5%.

Dr. Hemp Me Lab Test Report

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