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The Dos and Don’ts of Traveling With CBD Oil

Since the world has unleashed the secrets of botanical treasure, it has connected more to nature. Now, the world has embraced the benefits of CBD oil and its effect on human cells. The status of CBD is legal, although the host plant cannabis is illegal in many countries. Many countries have their laws for cannabis products, which are quite fluctuating sometimes.

Despite the enormous health benefits and the WHO’s approval of using CBD for treatments, the status of CBD is in question globally. The laws of traveling with CBD oil is different from country to country. Even differ from one state to another within the USA.

According to the TSA guidelines of USA, “products that contain hemp-derived CBD oil or are FDA approved are generally legal and can fly.” This flexibility in TSA rules is due to the FDA approval for CBD oil and products that contains no more than 0.3 percent THC content.

Apart from CBD being legal in the USA, there are countries where traveling with CBD is strictly banned. If you are traveling without knowing the legal status of CBD oil in such a country, you will be caught during customs or security checks.

Also, there are varying laws and standards for carrying CBD oil and products in various countries. For instance, the USA approves CBD products with 0.3 percent THC content, whereas Europe allows CBD with no more than 0.2 percent THC content.

So, carrying CBD with you is highly risky, and it demands complete research before traveling out of the country.

What Are The International Travel Restrictions With CBD?

Regardless of the endorsement by WHO in 2017, CBD is still an illicit substance in various countries. It is because CBD is a part of the same cannabis plant of marijuana, which is illegal.

A woman was arrested from Dallas Airport after finding CBD oil in her carry-on. She had to spend two nights in custody. This incident represents the legal status of CBD in the USA, where it is legal in some states and illegal in others. CBD is a non-intoxicating substance, but its possession is still strictly prohibited around the world.

Moreover, oblivious about the consequences of carrying CBD, travelers often carry CBD products for jet lag, travel anxiety, epileptic, or eczema flare-ups. The federal law of the USA is flexible in the case of CBD. For instance, the type of CBD derived from hemp is considered legal to carry during domestic flights. This division of CBD is on the amount of THC component in the product.

Besides the USA and other CBD-friendly countries, nonetheless, several other states have strict legislation and restrictions against the use and possession of CBD. It is essential to understand the rules and regulations regarding travel restrictions related to CBD and products to any foreign country. Therefore, traveling without knowing would lead to some severe consequences.

What Is The Legal Status Of CBD In Asian Countries?

CBD is legal for medicinal purposes in Hongkong, Malaysia, China, Philippines, South Korea, and Taiwan. The rest of the Asian countries have strict legal laws against possession, selling, or using CBD oil products. Besides being the world-leading hemp producer, many Asian countries like UAE deal with harsh penalties, hefty fines, and prison.

You need to do your complete research on states that strictly prohibit cannabis since violating the law can drag you to serious legal charges.

Are There Any Benefits Of Carrying CBD During Travel?

Among the surprising facts about CBD benefits, the most important factors are it helps alleviate anxiety and pain caused by stress or fear of height.

According to the recent survey, about 97% of CBD users felt better during traveling. Among the most valuable experiences with CBD, here is a list of benefits people share while traveling:

  • CBD reduces anxiety — some people who suffer from a fear of height and travel anxiety found it useful in relieving their symptoms and having sound travel.
  • CBD helps fall asleep — CBD helps alleviate jet leg issues during extended travel and make you fall asleep easily.
  • CBD alleviates aches and pains — CBD oil with its anti-inflammatory property promotes healing, and make you feel comfortable while traveling.

Top 15 health benefits of CBD oil

What Are The Things To Do For Traveling With CBD?

The international laws on CBD products are mostly unclear. However, if a passenger is planning to travel with CBD oil, he needs to take all precautionary measures to avoid the risk of arrest and prosecution. So here you go, the list of the things you need to do to carry CBD oil for traveling:

  • Check the Legal Status of CBD: For international travel, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. To avoid the consequences of carrying illegal drugs, you need to double-check the CBD oil possession laws of the country. You can find the most authentic description through the embassy or a consulate general of that specific country.
  • Carry the Medical Prescription: If you are taking CBD oil products as your prescribed medicine, do not forget to travel with your prescription.
  • Take the Minimum Amount: To make things easier, and avoid the risk of carrying CBD oil, take the least amount of dosage with you depending upon the time you spend in that particular place. Take the travel-sized products, which are available for on-the-go purposes.
  • Carry a COA: COA, a certificate of approval or certification of analysis, is a registered document issued by an authorized laboratory that includes the complete composition of the product. It is essential to carry COA during travel just in case you need to verify the CBD content with airport security.
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What Are The Don’ts Of Traveling With CBD?

The policy for carrying prescription medications in traveling is now changed worldwide. It is required to follow the below-mentioned guidelines to avoid serious consequences.

  • Do Not Forget to Carry Doctor’s Prescription: There is no danger at all if you have the doctor’s prescription with you or COA (certificate of analysis). But as far as CBD oil or CBD products are concerned, one has to be very vigilant about the country or the state laws he or she is traveling. It is essential to inquire about the legal status of CBD to the country of destination.
  • Dangers of Violating Laws: The risks of traveling with CBD may cause severe punishment where one can get arrested or jailed for violating the laws of possessing illicit substances.
  • Do Not Carry More Than Permitted Level of THC: It is better to avoid than take a risk. If you are traveling with higher than the permitted level of THC or with a mislabeled product, you can end up getting arrested or put into trial under jurisdiction. Do not travel with more than the THC level required for that particular country or a state.
  • Not More Than Required Ounces: If you are traveling with CBD drops or liquid, do not take more than 3.4 ounces of the fluid according to the travel restriction guidelines.
  • Not More Than 100ml Container: According to TSA liquid rule for traveling, only 100ml containers are allowed under Ziploc bag. To avoid serious consequences, do not carry more than 100ml container for a liquid product of CBD.

What Are The Safe Cbd Products For Traveling?

There are several CBD products you can carry for travel.

  • CBD drops — The bottles kept in small size, which is handy and is safe.
  • CBD gummies or capsules — CBD capsules or gummies are also easy to take during travel.
  • CBD topical — CBD is effective for several skin conditions, including eczema, dry skin, and sores from traveling.
  • CBD pain cream — The pain cream helps with stiffed neck and shoulders as a result of a long hour flight.

Caution: If you are thinking of trying CBD products for the first time during travel, you are making a big mistake. It is wise to try it at least two or three days before traveling to get a handle on CBD effects.

The Bottom Line

Besides the legal status of CBD in some countries, it is still under strict observations by airport and security. Any negligence or violation of the law can lead to some serious legal issues. So the bottom line is one should avoid traveling with CBD oil or product to countries where it is illegal.

Keeping in view the above legal issues and laws involved in traveling with CBD oil or products, it is wise to leave the work at home. But if there is some emergent medical condition like epilepsy, it is highly advisable to carry the drug prescription or COA (certificate of analysis) with your travel. The critical point is to comply with all the dos and don’ts before traveling with CBD oil.

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Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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