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Does CBD Oil Expire? Can It Go bad?

Like every packaged good, cannabidiol also has a shelf life that generally ranges between 1 to 2 years. So is this a moment of worry? Surely yes. Don’t stock up a larger bottle of high-quality and expensive CBD oil without checking out its label and expiration date. 

It is a simple rule of nature that everything happens for a reason; similarly, there is a reason for the expiration date on CBD oil. Though it depends on the frequency and dosage of CBD oil, a person should keep a bottle for not more than a year to have the most reliable results. 

Does CBD Oil Expire? Yes. A CBD indicates that it will lose potency, flavour, and quality when it crosses a specific printed date, and  Such a date is generally an expiration date. Therefore, it can be labelled as “best by” or “sell by.”

CBD Meaning Expiration

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, mostly from UK resources. The expiration date of CBD oil is determined by the time it is extracted. It has mainly three variants. Isolate and broad-spectrum with no THC and full-spectrum with a low amount of THC less than 0.3%.

For example, before you purchase, CBD oil has been on a shelf for more than six months. Therefore, it will expire soon as compared to a product that is newly extracted.

Does CBD Oil lose Its Effectiveness Over Time Or Go Bad?

It does, but you can extend its effectiveness by taking care of a few factors such as quality, infusions, extractions, and way of storing. Many people use CBD oil and its infused products for treating various health disorders such as depression, stress, and chronic pain.

Even the purest CBD oil from the trusted brands does expire, and you must use the FDA-approved CBD products. On average, it has an estimated life of 14 to 24 months. Certainly, to get the long-term and maximum benefits of CBD, it is important to store it properly. Don’t worry. If you have CBD oil older than two years, it will not spoil or turn rancid. But loses its potency due to oxidation and breakdown of its compounds and consequently evaporates. Therefore, it does not function accurately to cure your ailments.

What Are The Ways To Find Out If CBD Oil Has Gone Bad?

Like the most edible things and medicines, CBD does have an expiration date. But sometimes, due to any reason, labels can be ruined, and you are unable to read that. Son, your senses are the fastest and easiest source in such a situation to give you an approximate idea about CBD expiry. So let’s dig into some most prominent indicators that show CBD oil is about to reach the end of its shelf life.


Fresh CBD oil has a normally grassy, nutty, and earthy taste. Therefore, you need to trust your taste buds. Particularly when your CBD oil is unflavoured, and you discover something unpleasant or rancid. It is surely a sign of expired CBD oil. If you are using flavoured CBD, then you must know artificial ingredients have their own shelf life that can be less than a year. Luckily, an expired CBD does not harm you, so that you can have a quick sample.    


The aroma of CBD oil changes over time. Suppose you notice that it smells funky or skunky rather than earthy and pleasant. You got to know that your CBD bottle has expired.  


Another sign that tells your CBD is no longer fresh is its colour. Before exploring your CBD tincture or oil, you must know about the popular variations of Colours in CBD oil. The dark green colour indicates its raw state, which is not yet processed and contains other plant materials. Most people prefer such coloured oil because it offers an entourage effect. In addition, it has a thick and sticky texture.

The Brown shades of CBD tell it is gone through decarboxylation to enhance its impact. Whereas the most abundantly found colour is Gold, such CBD oil is best processed, filtered, and contains no impurities. It has a smooth texture and is popular in demand. Lastly, Transparent or water-like fluid is CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD, that lacks entourage effect but confident of no THC.

Now after knowing all the possible colour variants of fresh CBD, you can recognize its expiry if you found a difference in a colour other than it. 


Lastly, the texture of the oil also tells about its potency. When its expiration date reaches, you can notice visual changes in oil consistency. It will turn thick, cloudy, and murky. These are the major signs of degradation.

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Can Old CBD Make Me Sick?

After the expiration date of CBD oil, it becomes less potent and can be checked through its smell, taste, and consistency, but it cannot make you sick. At the end of their shelf life, the cannabinoids tend to degrade and lose effectiveness but are not dangerous to consume. Thus, if you still use this, you probably will not get the oil’s beneficial effects.

What Factors Influences The Shelf life Of CBD

Like other medicines in your cabinet, CBD eventually expires. The shelf life of CBD also varies with the product. For instance, CBD gummies may last longer than a topical rub because of the other infused ingredients with CBD. Several factors need your attention and could enhance your product life a little longer than usual.

CBD Oil Go Bad In Heat, Bitter Cold, And Humidity

Packaging: Manufacturers of CBD know the optimal conditions to preserve the tinctures and oils. That’s why they use the right packaging material. Good CBD products are packed in dark green glass bottles rather than transparent glass that prevents light exposure to the product and controls temperature as light and heat fasten the process of cannabinoid degradation

Humidity also reduces CBD shelf life. Having your product in a moist place can speed up the process of expiration. Similarly, bitter cold is also not suitable for CBD, so refrigerating CBD oil is not essential. Because it thickens oil consistency and the favourable temperature is 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Oxidative Stress On CBD Oil

The excess of air exposure triggers the oxygen to slowly break down the cannabinoids in CBD oil and affect its chemical balance. As a result, such oil loses its effectiveness over time. It is known as Oxidative stress. It is the main concern in preserving CBD for manufacturers to prevent it from keeping it in its original air-tight container.

Does CBD Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

If your product is far from its expiration date, there is no need to put CBD oil or tincture in a refrigerator as it becomes harder to use and causes oil thickening.  

Supplementary Ingredients

The shelf life of your product is highly impacted by the added ingredients, such as artificial flavoring, carrier oils, and other additives. It is recommended to know these by reading the product label and certificate of analysis.  If any ingredient has a shelf life of less than a year, your product eventually reaches its expiration before two years.

Efficient Extraction Process

The carbon dioxide extraction process is considered to be more advantageous than solvent and steam extraction. This method enhances the potency and shelf life of CBD. In addition, it yields a greater amount of different cannabinoids and terpenes and helps them keep stable.


The quality of CBD is very important to achieve full therapeutic effects for a longer time. It can only be possible through trusted and reliable brands. That is transparent in providing third-party lab tests and confirms the purity of CBD, THC level, and other ingredients such as carrier oils and flavouring.

Some Basic Storage Tips

Every consumer wants to prolong their CBD product potency and freshness. However, tests CBDsuchTherefore, it is sensitive to light, temperature, oxygen, and moisture. So, the proper storage practices will help you to extend the strength of CBD as long as it reaches its expiration date.

  • Using a right, airtight, green-tinted glass container.
  • Store CBD oil in a cool, dark, and dry place, such as the pantry, cupboard, and closet.  
  • Avoid excessive exposure to heat, light, and air.
  • Close the lid properly after use.
  • Look for quality carrier oils with minimal additives and give an entourage effect such as MCT oil, olive, and hemp oil.
  • Use a clean dropper and spoon to prevent bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Don’t place CBD oil near radiators, ovens, and humidifiers.

Bottom line

CBD oil can go bad, and it does expire, but you have to know the influential aspects you will need when shopping and storing CBD. Like other oral medicines and food, CBD is also a perishable product with a limited shelf life. 

Firstly purchase CBD only when you need it, not because the brand offers a discount and you buy many bottles of no use. Look for the brand that offers high-quality CBD, transparent and detailed information through labelling and lab reports.

If you take all the above-mentioned precautionary measures and protect your CBD from heat, light, and air, then you can surely maintain its freshness and potency.

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