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Do Detox Drinks Work For Opiates Drug Test?

In this article, we have discussed the detox drinks which help to pass opiates drug test. Many people panic when they hear about the drug test they must undergo as a part of the pre-employment screening test.

Losing a job due to a positive drug test for opiates is the biggest fear of many. Detox drinks are helpful in beating opiates drug test by masking the toxins which are released in the urine.

Here we have discussed the best natural and synthetic detox drinks and their method of masking toxins in the urine.

This discussion is followed by the detail discussion of what are opiates, their use, abuse, and dependence.

A negative opiates drug test is required for athletes, students, and corporate employees.

Read the details and select detox drink that suits you as well as the time frame of the test.

What are Opiates?

Opiates are the derivative of opium or poppy plant. Opiates are either derived from naturally occurring opium or manufactured synthetically. They are commonly known as narcotics.

Opiates are used for the medicinal, addictive and recreational purpose. Opiates are potent painkillers and are used to relieve cancer pain, traumatic pain, and heart pain, etc. It is also used in cough syrups because of their cough suppressant activity.

The legal opiates used for the medicinal purpose include codeine, morphine, fentanyl, and methadone, etc. while heroin is an illegal Opiate used for recreational purpose.

What is Opiate abuse?

It is the habitual intake of opiates. Opiate is one of the most commonly used drugs in the USA for addiction and abuse.

Both prescription and nonprescription opiates are used for addiction. Opiates are prescribed as painkillers and as a cough suppressant.

The chronic use of prescription opiates leads to drug dependence and tolerance. Patients continue to use opiates even after completion of treatment.

Opiates containing cough syrups are easily available and commonly misused by the masses.

Many people who undergo major surgeries or trauma become addictive of tramadol and nalbuphine because of the prolonged use of nalbuphine and tramadol to relieve pain.

People who are addicted to prescription opiates are more likely to develop heroin addiction eventually.

What is Opiate drugs test?

An opiate drug test is a screening test for opiates users. Opiates drug screening is done by taking samples of body fluids, i.e., saliva, urine, blood.

Hair and breath are also tested to detect the presence of opiates because heroin is rarely detectable in the body fluids.

Opiates are not detectable in the blood after 24 hours while in urine after 2 to 3 days. While in hair it is detectable up to 3 months. Most commonly urine sample is screened for the opiate drug test.

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The sample from the individual is taken and sent to a laboratory for tracing the metabolites of Opiates drug in the urine. The below-mentioned table describes the primary metabolites of opiates which are excreted in the urine.

What are the signs and symptoms of opiates addiction?

Opiates act on central nervous system and endorphin are released from the brain. These endorphins make people feel high and pleasant.

Initially, people start taking opiates to feel good and excited, but with the passage of time, they develop dependence.

Dependence means the same dose will be no more sufficient to gain euphoric feelings. They become depressed and sick and ultimately start taking high doses of Opiate to avoid bad feelings.

Following are the few symptoms of Opiate addiction: Euphoria, Mood swings, Drowsiness, Constricted pupils, Constipation, Social isolation, Loss of concentration.

If the opiate addict doesn’t take a dose, then withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, headache, nausea, and vomiting occur with includes strong urge to take the drug.

The chronic use of opiates badly effects the performance of the individuals. Opiates have both physiological and psychological effects.

The health of the addict is ruined eventually. The overdose of opiates causes death due to respiratory depression.

How do detox drinks work to pass the Opiate drug test?

Yes, detox drinks are a better choice for beating any drug test especially opiates. For opiates drug screening, usually, urine is tested for the presence of the drug.

Drug and its metabolites are excreted in the urine. Drug levels from 300ng/ml to 2000ng/ml are usually traceable in the urine.

Once opiate is taken, it binds to body fats and is released into the bloodstream as the body metabolizes its fat cell.

Detox drinks prevent the metabolism of fats so that the toxins are not released into the blood.

Toxins are absorbed by these detoxifying agents increasing the excretion of the metabolites by diluting urine or substituting the metabolites in the urine.

They remove all toxins immediately from the body and make the urine clean and free of drug and its metabolites.

Homemade detox drinks are not much effective for detoxification. Many brands of detox drinks are available in the market which is used for a negative opiates drug test.

Before reading the top list of Detox Drinks. Please read what they are and how are they used for passing the Opiate drug test.

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