Introduction about CBD and CTFO

CTFO is one of the most popular companies offering CBD products made from the high-grade industrial hemp seeds that are pure, organically grown, pesticide-free, and have exclusively bravo results.

CBD either derived from cannabis or hemp is completely non-psychoactive and helps in fighting against anxiety, depression and severe conditions like migraines, autism, epilepsy and YES chronic pain.

Why I choose CTFO?

I selected this brand because of the positive reviews on many social networks and a variety of CBD products (especially Full Spectrum that I like most) they are selling.

CTFO products are 100% organically prepared and are fully GMP compliant ensuring that it meets the federal regulations and most important safe for the consumers.

My Personal Experience of Tested Products

Personally, I have tested CBD oil full spectrum for multiple issues that I had faced. I used to have severe joint pain and backache for many years. I tried several pain killers and supplements, but their temporary relieving effects were not effective. After using CTFO CBD oil for a few days, I started feeling better movements of my joints. The chronic pain and dryness all faded away and it helped me in gaining my activeness back. For me, these products are highly recommended and reliable.

The full-spectrum CBD oil by CTFO is hydrophilic, which means that it can be easily absorbed into the body. It provides accelerated absorption, acts as an anti-bacterial and prebiotic.

It dominates the products which are obtained from the hemp plant. The use of this full spectrum did not bring any anxiety or stress in me. It boosted up my mood swings and helped in relieving pain.

10x pure CBD oil is highly hydrophilic in nature and its use has proved that. It is easily mixed with water in our bodies. It forms a covalent bond after the removal of oily covering and in this way increases its bioavailability. Moreover, the use of it gave anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects on the body.

The full spectrum is available in a glass bottle having a seal on it. In this packing, a dropper is added for convenience. Each bottle contains 50 servings of CBD hemp oil and can be used twice in a day. You can use it by applying drops under your tongue.

The retail price of the CBD oil full spectrum is $130.97. Yan can avail the discount by registering on their website and getting into their preferred client list. The price for the preferred customer is $99.97.

Key Features:

  • Lab Tested (results are shown below)
  • For great taste, these oils are flavored with peppermint
  • Extracted by CO2 Extraction method
  • Comes in 4 different sizes (300, 500,750 and 1500mg)  

Lab Result of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The lab test of 10x full spectrum oil is conducted on 14 Jan 2019. Found 17.231 mg/g CBD, 0.537mg/g of CBDA, 0.381mg/g of CBD and 0% THC. Find the complete results here.

  • https://www.myctfo.me/chewim/PDF/01%20New%20500mg%2010xPure%20Lab%20Results.pdf

Fragrance, Flavour, and Color of CTFO Products

CTFO CBD oil color is gold and I would say closer to light, but I will include a picture that shows the color extremely well. Naturally flavored with peppermint so they taste great!

Our CBD Oil is derived from totally natural ingredients, so every batch of our CBD Oil drops is uniquely different and the color, taste, smell, and potency can all have slight variances from batch to batch.

All the oils of CTFO which I have used gave an excellent odor. Their soft smell helps in soothing the brain. The resulting effects prove that it is a completely authentic brand with a wide variety of products. Each of them has a rapid onset of action and faster results.

What Else They Are Selling


Pure CBD isolates products entirely obtained from hemp plants. It is a powdered or crystalline form of CBD. CTFO pure CBD isolate is available in different packing according to the desired quantity/weight. The price of 1 gram is $33. If you buy 10 grams then it will cost $30 per gram.


CBD vape is available in liquid form, but it is highly concentrated. The route of administration is inhalation. It can be taken in the form of vapors by using a vaporizer or it can be inhaled through an E-Cigarette. The Price for CBD vape is $35.75 for 25ml. Price may vary according to flavors as well as the quantity of product. You can buy CFTO CBD vape directly from the company website or resellers selling online.

  • The easy and preferable way of administration in the form of vapors by inhalation
  • More absorbable by this route as compared to oral administration
  • Available in different flavors which make it easier to use


CBD edible spray is great for relieving physical discomfort while you are travelling. Puffing is preferable as taking it by the oral route. The sublingual route shows greater absorbing capacity because of the rich in blood supply. The price for CBD edible spray containing 8ml of the pure product along with certain carriers is $24.97. You can buy it from an online store in different packages. It is delivered within a week after placing your order.

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CBD pet products are available in different forms like tablets, creams, and isolates. These forms are easy to administer in pets. CBD pet products are not psychoactive. These pet products contain the same ingredients as taken from the hemp plants.

CBD Pet product by CTFO is available in different forms. These products are charged according to the amount of CBD extract available in that particular forum. It may either be a tablet form or pure isolate form.

The retail price of a jar containing 500mg of hemp extract is $118.45 only and containing 1000mg of hemp extract is $170 only.


CBD skin cream products contain a smaller amount of extract of the hemp plant. In cream form, its smaller amount produces better results by maintaining the texture of your skin for a longer period. It doesn’t allow your skin to be flaccid. It nourishes the dermis and epidermis and maintains the contact points between the cells and different cell layers. The retail price varied according to the different products (as per requirement). CBD skincare cream price is between $148.97 to $265.45.

It is best for sensitive, dry and irritated skin.

The CTFO CBD skin-care cream is manufactured by mixing the following ingredients

  • Camellia seed oil (antioxidant)
  • Olive oil, shea butter, and grapes seed oil (anti-inflammatory)
  • Aloe, coconut, and lavender (soothing effect)
  • Lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint (pain reliever


  • Maintain the firm texture of your skin
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Removes old cell and replace them with the newer ones
  • Increase the production of new cells


These products are available in different forms like shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and many other forms. All products are medically recommended.

How good?

  1. Maintain and improve the blood circulation in the scalp
  2. Increase the production of new hair
  3. Provide strength from the base (hair follicles)
  4. Maintain blood supply, hair growth
  5. Provide strength to the hair
  6. Nourishes follicles
  7. Regrows hair at alopecia sites


CBD pain cream products are best recommended to relieve pain. These products are available in different forms like a balm, cream, ointment, lotion, and other forms. These products are applied topically and have good absorbing capacities.


  1. Relief from chronic neuropathy
  2. Joint pain
  3. Soothing properties
  4. Relief from inflammation


CBD veggie capsules are almost 100% natural. Each capsule contains 10mg of natural extracts. It will cost you $49.97 for a single bottle.

 How good?

Capsules are the vehicle for easy ingestion of hemp plant extract. Each capsule contains 10mg of natural extract and it is recommended by the world health organization.

Specialty and Effectiveness

Most of the ingredients are used for easy digestion and they perform the function as a carrier. Provide greater anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects. Improve body immune system against cancer. Relive from anxiety and insomnia.

CTFO Coupon Codes

The brand doesn’t offer coupon codes. Everyone who signs up as a preferred customer or who becomes an associate gets a wholesale price. Special discounts may be provided if you mention “Redstorm Scientific” in the order form as a note.

Where They Need To Improve

The company is known for selling a large variety of CBD hemp made products, but that might confuse the customer which one to choose as a beginner or when limited on budget. The company should segregate a product line that fits for beginners and experienced users.


To keep the pre going discussion, in a nutshell, I would like to say that the use of CTFO CBD can make your life a better one. The completely pure and free from side effects products have been offered CTF brand. It is effective for all medical and cosmetic purposes. A wide variety of products in each field helps in gaining the trust of customers. My experience with CTFO CBD supplements was very good. It is one of the best brands in all aspects.

They offer a 5% discount on the products whenever the customers buy them. Moreover, you may alter the shipping order and dates in accordance to your ease. The regular use of these products does not bring any side effects in the body. CTFO is an excellent choice for customers who are willing to switch the CBD brand and want to taste the effects of amazing hemp-based products.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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