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Crop King Seeds Review

About Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a marijuana seed retailer that has been in the business for a very long time now. Anyone who has had to deal with weed at some point has heard of this brand. In many ways they are considered giants in the industry.

They started off in 2001 but had to halt their business in 2005 when the legal conditions of marijuana were too shaky for business to run smoothly. Their business has been flourishing since 2013 when marijuana was completely legalized in Canada.

We had heard a lot about this brand of seeds till we decided to try it. We will be giving you a complete rundown of our experience with this brand and its product.

The Website

The website is undoubtedly very helpful. It consists of a complete list of items you can order along with their details. Since not everyone who visits the website is familiar with the strains and their uses, the website also offers complete information about the different varieties and how they can benefit each individual.

After all that is given, if a person still has queries, they can contact their customer representatives through the website as well. There is a chat service which you will find active at any time of the day. They have also provided a phone number if you wish to communicate that way.

Another amazing feature of the website was that there were reviews by real customers under every strain when you access its page. It adds to the credibility of the brand and shows how many people were satisfied or unsatisfied by the product.

You will also find a complete procedure on planting and growing the seeds into flourishing plants. The method that is provided is the most efficient one and it is not difficult to follow at all.

One issue with the website was that it was a little difficult to work with since the layout was quite outdated. Since most websites that receive heavy traffic are much smoother and easy to use, this might take a few points away from the review of the brand as a whole.

Overall we found the website to be useful and detailed even if it was a little overbearing and flashy at first.

Selection of Seeds

The selection of seeds Crop King Seeds is offering is undoubtedly commendable. They have a massive variety including rare and common seeds, strains high in THC, strains high in CBD, medicinal strains, recreational strains, feminized (coming from female plants) autoflower, and even mixed packs and blends for different needs.

There are four main categories that they have divided their marijuana strains into:

  • Regular: As they name suggests, they are common use strains.
  • Feminized: Strains that come from female plants only.
  • Autoflower: These are feminized seeds that are best for beginner users.
  • CBD: Medical strains for medical purposed only.

The strains of marijuana you can find include White Widow, Blueberry, Jack Herrer, and medical strains with more CBD content including CBD Diesel and CBD Dream.

Not only do they have a wide variety of seeds , they offer a great deal of information on every strain and every blend. They have also mentioned the best strains for users of every level and the best options for those who are taking marijuana for medical reasons.

Of course, it is always a better idea to consult your doctor first if you are taking marijuana for medical purposes.


The next thing we decided to scrutinize about this brand was their prices. They have claimed on their website that they offer excellent prices and we found it difficult to disagree with that.

Undoubtedly Crop King Seeds offers some of the best prices for marijuana anywhere on the market. Of course, these prices vary with the product that you are buying since not every strain costs the same.

However, they often offer discounts and promo codes that you can apply on your order overall to get a sizeable discount on your cart.

You might be able to find cheaper options elsewhere in Canada or any other place in the world but the reason why we found the prices to be so competent was that Crop King Seeds is a reliable brand.

Payment Options

Now, we understand that the prices are great, but when you are out buying marijuana sometimes you want to be discreet about it. Even if it is for medical use. So we wondered how many different types of payment options the website was offering and needless to say we were pleasantly surprised.

Of course, they use common methods of payment like money transfer and payment through major credit cards, but along with these methods they also take cash in the mail, bitcoin, and money order.

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This way you can take extra measures of secrecy if you do not want many people to know that you are buying marijuana and the multiple options mean that you will not be limited to a particular method of payment at any given time.

Shipping and Handling

So far, the method of ordering and the details on the website have seemed to be very smooth. Another big test, however, is figuring out how the product will be shipped.

Now, knowing that Crop King Seeds was based in Canada, we were unsure of how many places they can ship their product to. We were pleased to know that you can get your marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds almost anywhere in the world. Of course, the farther you are from the country they longer they will take to reach you.

Another positive point about their shipping method is that it is very discreet. Your product reaches you without anyone finding out or fussing over it.

The product did not take long to reach us at all though. In fact, we received the seeds in a couple of weeks after ordering whereas we expected nothing short of a couple of months.

We ordered 4 different strains and they all arrived in pristine quality, with no part of the packaging or the product showing signs of wear or damage.

At this point, we were quite positive about our review as a whole.

Product Quality

Another huge concern we have is that of product quality. No matter how good the website claims the product is you never really know unless you try it out for yourself.

So we decided to follow the instructions for germination that Crop King Seeds has on the websites down to the finest detail so that we can correctly measure the quality of the product by ourselves.

They have mentioned on the site that they do not hold a return policy if the seeds do not germinate and you have used a method that is not the one they have recommended. So why take a chance?

Keep in mind though that Crop King Seeds has claimed that there is an 80% chance that the seeds you have bought will germinate.

Those are very high chances but they do have a reliable return policy for if you want to return the seeds because they failed to germinate after following the instructions.

Following their method of germination, we noticed the seeds started to grow in no time. The entire plant did not take too long to blossom.

We were expecting one of the seeds to be a dud so we could test out their return policy properly but all four of the plants blossomed very well.

We then sampled the product by smoking it and making edible brownies out of it and we were overall very happy with how all four of the strains turned out.

Needless to say that the product quality of Crop King Seeds is above par and for the most part, you can trust them to deliver on their word.

Customer Service

Now, lastly we will discuss the customer service. We were satisfied with the options that they have mentioned on their website. The chat representative is certainly a real person and they will answer all of your queries to the best of their knowledge. You might find someo f them to be more cooperative than others, though.

We also tried talking to the representatives on call and they seemed quite helpful over there as well.

We asked about their return policy and they said that they will take back and resend the product as many times as it is necessary until a correct, blossoming seed finds its way to the owner.

Of course, it is very important to follow the instructions and not damage the seeds in any way before starting the germination process.

The representatives will not only help with the shipping and all, but they will also guide you through the different products and talk you through any other queries that you may have.

Do We Recommend?

We do have to say that Crop King Seeds is a very reliable brand of marijuana seeds and has a large variety of strains to boot.

Not everyone will have a positive experience in their first attempt but if you have any queries you can talk them out with their customer representatives.

We believe that these are all the makings of a good seed website especially nowadays when finding a reliable website is not a piece of cake. Crop King Seeds has our complete approval and we recommend it to anyone who is looking to grow their own weed.

Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree "Kratom" and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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