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CBDistillery Oil Review: Product Benefits & Coupons

We all have come across at some point in our lives with unauthentic vendors who have a fake identity and sell low-quality products. Human nature forces one to go for more and cheap stuff, which is why we fall in such traps.

This review aims to enlighten you all about one of the best CBD vendors with which I have shared many personal experiences. If you have an interest in medical marijuana, or you are looking for medical marijuana, the right place to go to is CBDistillery. Let’s see why I am recommending this brand to you today.

What is CBDistillery?

This company is based in Colorado and mainly deals with a variety of CBD products. They have a range of products and have their slogan ‘CBD Movement,’ which I found very impressive the first time I checked out their website. This slogan means to increase the awareness of the public related to CBD.

They do not fulfill their job only as vendors but also promote public awareness about the uses and benefits of CBD in various ailments. This feature makes them distinct from the other brands that spam customers with products and sales.

They sell pure cannabidiol and CBD products to 50 different states, and you don’t even require a prescription to buy from them.

Their products are lab tested, and they guarantee that all their products are pure and natural. All their products are lab tested by a third party. The reports of each test are accessible on their website.

The best thing about the company is that they intend to aware the public about the uses of CBD and other products genuinely using testimonials and lab reports, even though they don’t need to do this as any CBD company can grow very fast in this business.

Why is CBDistillery My Favorite CBD Brand?

Many people would consider other aspects of a company to announce it as their favorite. In my case, I was impressed by a variety of things.

CBDistillery is a member of the National Hemp Association. Not many companies will get registered with such standardized associations to regulate their cannabis business. This certification has not only regulated their industry but also helped customers like me to trust them.

The National Hemp Association or NHA advocates for the standards of hemp and CBD products. These standards are applicable in the extraction, processing, and packaging of CBD. Since we do not have much idea about the extraction and processing of the products, we can rely on this fact that they are members of NHA, so their products must be authentic.

I noticed that CBDistillery share lab reports of every single product on their website. I found it very interesting. Usually, the sites that I have come across do share the labs conducted by any third party but not for every product. I must appreciate CBDistillery for making the extra effort here.

Unlike many brands, CBDistillery offers both CBD full spectrum tinctures and CBD isolates. The good part about CBD isolates is that one can use it in vaporizers like a dab which is a very potent CBD therapy.

CBDistillery has some unique products that are not available on other websites. It is one of the most innovative CBD brands. It is the only CBD company that offers CBD suppositories. Per rectal placement of suppositories is an effective method of taking CBD into the system.The rectum has a vast network of capillaries, so absorption is fast in this region. Per rectal CBD suppositories also pass the first pass metabolism effect associated with oral CBD products.

CBDistillery offers CBD vape specific products which prove that their oral CBD oils are not for vaping. This distinction of products helps the customer to buy the stuff they are looking for.

What are the Products Available at CBDistillery?

1) CBDistillery Tinctures

I tried their CBD tinctures when I first came across their brand. I had issues with confidence and was very anxious at that time of my life. I dosed the tincture and took it two times a day.

The tincture was so helping with my anxiety, it reduced my issues and helped me with my confidence problem. I took it for two weeks, and I found it very helpful.

The tinctures CBDistillery sells on their website are full-spectrum CBD tinctures containing 1000mg cannabinoids. It extracts from hemp oil and contains only traces of THC.

Mixing it with MCT oil boosts the absorption of CBD tinctures. They sell CBD tinctures in five full spectrum options.

To use the tincture, you need to take few drops (for me ten drops worked) and place them under your tongue for 1-2 minutes. Each drop contains around 1.66mg cannabinoids.

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2) CBDistillery Capsules

CBDistillery capsules are a convenient way to carry CBD along anywhere especially during traveling. The CBD capsules are veggie and contain 20mg cannabinoids per capsule. They are non-GMO, pesticide-free containing CBD oil derived from the hemp plant.

They include high-quality MCT coconut oil and are very easy to consume. The capsules are known to relieve anxiety, relieve pain, and improve mood.

3) CBDistillery Topicals

CBDefine and CBDol are the two topicals available on the CBDistillery website. This product delivers the essential benefits of Cannabinoids to your skin directly. They make your skin look radiant and youthful.

These topical CBD products contain olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, aloe, glycerin, tea tree, apricot oil, and rosemary. They are non-sticky and non-greasy and easy to apply.

4) Pure CBD Isolate Powder

CBDistillery offers 99% pure cannabidiol isolate that too in the powder form. It is available in five sizes. It is quite a punch and boasts the benefits of the hemp oil. This is something that I found surprising. The powdery form of the isolate acts faster in the body.

Thus, you can have quick effects. I found it very convenient to mix it with a variety of food items and consume it with food. You can also take it by combining it in some drink or tea and coffee.

In my experience, this stuff kicked in faster than the tincture I took earlier. The powder CBD isolate is very beneficial for relieving severe acute pain, depression, anxiety, inflammatory conditions and also boosts mood.

5) CBD Disposable Vape Pens

Apart from all the oil and tinctures, CBDistillery also focuses on vaping CBD and the relevant products. They have this 200mg CBD disposable vape pen available on their store for all those who love vaping CBD.

The vape pen contains pure, natural CBD in combination with triple-distilled coconut oil as well as botanical terpenes. It contains no harmful ingredients like PG or THC. Using the vape pen is very easy.

Vaping CBD quickly relieves pain and acts as a potent anxiolytic that helps in elevating mood. The vaping of CBD allows one to have CBD into the system via the inhalational route, which is faster than the oral way. Vaping is considered a safe method of taking CBD.

This online shop also offers products like Jack Here Terpsolate and Bubba Kush Terspolate. These are a combination of terpenes and isolates that are used by dabbing. They have a unique aroma and quickly deliver effects.

CBDistillery offers CBD pet tincture for sick animals or animals who have undergone some surgery and needed pain management. The reviews of this product are fantastic.

Where Can I Buy CBDistillery Products?

You can buy the products of CBDistillery on www.thecbdistillery.com.

The page shows various products, and you need to scroll down the page to find the desired product. If you spend more than $75 on your order, you will get free shipping.

The shipping cost is $8 if you spend less than $75. They ship only within the U.S.A. There is a 10% discount available for soldiers and veterans.

How to Find and Claim CBDistillery Coupons?

You can find the CBDistillery coupons on various sites. To get access to coupons to click on the button ‘VISIT SITE.’

Using a 10% coupon will save you around 8% on your entire order. There is a 5% coupon too and many other coupons.

Usually, CBDistillery offers six promo codes per month. Using these promo codes is very easy. When you find a CBDistillery coupon on any of the sites mentioned above, you copy it to your clipboard and proceed with shopping on CBDistillery website.

When you complete shopping, and about to move to payment on the site, you will see a box labeled as ‘enter promo code.’ In this box, you will add the promo code that you copied earlier to your clipboard. Moreover, on the application of the code, you will see some amount discounted. Continue checking out.

Sometimes the promo code may not work. This may be because it has expired or it doesn’t apply to the category of products you are buying.

Final Thoughts About CBDistillery Review

Here’s your chance to get discounted products at CBDistillery to help you with your anxiety, depression or pain. However, don’t miss this opportunity of buying the best quality products in the most affordable rates. The Redstorm Scientific shortlisted CBDistillery in the top 3 best selling CBD brands; we are sure we did it for a reason.

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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