How To Find CBD Oil In Ontario? Legal Status & Availability

CBD oil is no doubt booming in the country for its therapeutic properties. The green plant has many benefits as any popular pharmacological drug, also no side-effect phenomenon makes CBD prevalent in the market.

However, its crucial status in Canada is keeping the locals at the grey zone, the laws regarding the legalization of marijuana have always been fogged up to whether is it okay to grow and possess the leaves for own use.

This being said, the researches done in respect of CBD benefits has always turned out to be optimal due to its miraculous properties. From managing of chronic pain, inflammation, and management of neurological diseases like epilepsy, neuropathy and not just this but CBD also proves to be effective in dealing with psychotic disturbances such as mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

The researches led to a situation when Justin Trudeau decided to announce the legality of recreational marijuana in whole Canada.

Legal Status of CBD Oil In Canada

Bill C-45 by Canadian Senate voted for the legalization of marijuana on 20th June 2018. The bill lifted off the 95-year-old ban on recreational marijuana that was set by the government out of cannabis danger. However, with passing years Canadians realized the therapeutic properties of green plant and worked their way up to legalize the plant.

About time Canada included itself in the G7 group of countries. The government took time but develop a comprehensive framework federally and provisionally to manage the marijuana activities in the region.

Furthermore, it is vital to understand the country’s rules and regulations to function under the middle ground.

This being said, the ACMPR kept medical marijuana legalized in the country since 2001. It is of no surprise that medical marijuana is strictly monitored under prescription and registered CBD dispensaries. High time for consumers to get hold of recreational marijuana without much of a hassle and inconvenience.

This is why the government has worked hard to come up with an extensive framework to closely monitor the production, possession, sale, and consumption of marijuana for people of Canada and their better future.

Does Ontario Allow Sale of CBD Oil?

The Provisional government of Ontario, Canada is waiting for 17th October 2018 to implement the substantial model of marijuana in the region to keep the children, youth, and the whole territory safe and balanced.

The model pretty much sanitizes the usage and consumption of marijuana among individuals. The government of Ontario has laws that would monitor public and stakeholder engagement regarding the production, possession, and consumption of the plant in the province.

Government is also looking forward to passing a legislation that would help the province function with a tightly regulated private retail framework for cannabis due on 1st April 2019.

Some of the Ontario laws regarding the recreational marijuana signifies the duty of individuals to consume marijuana accordingly to keep the region free of future inconveniences. Some of the basic rules are:

1) Minimum Age Will Be 19

As per Ontario ruling, the minimum age to produce, consume, grow cannabis will be 19 or so. This is the same as tobacco and alcohol minimum age in the province.

2) Boats and Vehicle

Individuals would not be allowed to smoke vape or eat cannabis in a boat or vehicle that is being driven.

3) Driving

Using cannabis and driving is illegal and dangerous. If you are caught being consumed with any drug or cannabis, you can face consequences that might include:

  • An immediate license suspension
  • Possible criminal record
  • Possible vehicle impoundment
  • Financial penalties
  • Possible jail time

4) Public Consumption

You will not be allowed to consume cannabis in public properties like sport-field, hospital, hospices, care homes, at school, child care, restaurants, sheltered outdoor areas, bars, community facilities, etc.

5) Quantity of Cannabis

You will be able to possess 30g (1 ounce) of dried leaves in public at all time.

6) Growing Cannabis

It is permissible to grow up to four plants per residence only.

7) Workplace Rules

Ontario strictly prohibits the use of cannabis in the workplace at all times. Employers will be required to report workplace hazards under the OHSA – Occupational Health and Safety Act.

8) Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis still has different rules than recreational cannabis. The regulation of production and selling of medical marijuana is strictly under the federal government.

If a certified healthcare practitioner has authorized you to consume cannabis for medical reasons, your access to the plant will not change when recreational cannabis is legal in your province. The only way to purchase medical marijuana is through:

Furthermore, Ontario law enforcement has consulted with jurisdiction, municipalities, business, and consumer groups, and public health experts to form the approach to the safe use of legalization of cannabis.

Local Shops That Sell CBD Oil In Ontario

There must be a number of local shops in Ontario province that sell CBD oil products. however, it is important for you to do your research before placing your hands on CBD things. To ease your pain of finding a reliable product, we have found a local shop in Ontario for your convenience.

  • Cure and Care CBD

    Cure and care is a shop located at Burlington, ON, Canada that sells many CBD products. This shop pretty much works well online where you can choose from a variety of CBD products that includes CBD concentrates, CBD oil tinctures, CBD therapeutic healing cream, anti-aging cream, and CBD pet tincture as well.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In The Ontario Region

Ontario has many dispensaries that may or may not take assurance from a healthcare practitioner to provide cannabis to its customers. Similar is the Cannabis Care where all you have to be is 19+ to get your desired product.

  • Cannabis Care

    You can find medical cannabis products with guaranteed potency and reliable lab results at Cannabis Care. You can buy buds, and medical cannabis concentrates that includes oil, shatter, capsules, edibles, and also THC edibles. Cannabis care promises to deliver at your doorstep anywhere in Canada.

CBD Oil In Smoke Shops

CBD oil vaping is an excellent choice of habit as compared to cigarettes. Due to the therapeutic benefits and no risks associated with CBD, it is much loved. Local smoke shops in Ontario understand the need for CBD E-liquid. Hence, it’s almost easy to find CBD oil for smoke near you.

  • The Hippy Co

    At the Award-winning CBD shop – Hippy Co, you can find 100% pure natural CBD E-liquid with no THC as well as nicotine. The products there are non-GMO, that will give you the safe and pure vaping formula. The shop doesn’t operate online, but you can always visit their shop at 155 Adelaide St N, London, ON N6B 3G9, Canada.

Online Companies That Sell CBD Products

Months have passed since the Canadian government has legalized marijuana for the recreational use. The possibility of having authentic and reliable cannabis and its products still plays an essential role in the Ontario region.

That is why, before buying from an online shop, don’t get tempted by low prices as the market is full of “snake oil” in the name of CBD. There are certain things any CBD buyer would want to know before placing hands on the product. For instance:

  • Look for the licensed company that guarantees safe and quality CBD products.
  • The company that discloses a source of the plant, third-party lab certificates, and ingredients.
  • The company that strictly follows GMP guidelines.

There are numerous online stores in Ontario that sell raw marijuana leaves as well as CBD oil products, but it’s okay to play your part and research before getting it. Or you can also choose from US-based reliable online stores that deliver Cannabis all over the world.

  • Canna Relief

    Canna Relief is the safe way to purchase the reliable stuff because all the products are made up of hemp or cannabis high with cannabidiol (CBD) and do not contain THC. The Canna Relief claims to be 19+ natural product store and medical cannabis educational center, not the medical dispensary.

    Canna Relief is located in the Streetsville area of Mississauga at 133 Queen St. South, Mississauga, Ontario, or you can always sit back at home and shop from their online store without much of a hassle.

    They have a wide variety of natural CBD and hemp products including CBD infused salves, oils, tinctures, edibles, gummy bears, capsules, pain creams and remedies, and vaporizers.

Other Means To locate CBD Near You

1) Yelp Can Help

Yelp can help you find many reliable retail shops that sell authentic CBD products. By the help of this online service provider, you can sit at home and locate CBD near you in whole Ontario without stranded in the city for your desired product.

2) Google Map Services

Google Map Services is a modern way technology that helps in so many ways to locate your desired place or shop that are not just near you but anywhere in the whole wide world. It makes easier for you to sit at home, search for the product and voila! Enjoy it being delivered at your doorstep.

3) Yellow Pages To Find CBD

Yellow pages comprehensive data book might look hassle to you, but to your surprise, the book can help you reach out to known CBD companies that sell reliable products with all the assurance of authentic product you want.

Availability of CBD Oil In Toronto, Ontario

As much as it sounds impossible, the availability of CBD in Toronto, Ontario is apparent all over the state.

Although, the use of recreational cannabis is fogged up until the law is implemented locally in the province. Yet many shops and medical dispensaries are providing CBD to help individuals living in Toronto. Some of the places are:

  • Toronto Hemp Company
    665 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9, Canada
  • Buy CBD Canada
    181 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3G7, Canada
  • BC CannaMed
    75 Nassau St, Toronto, ON M5T 1M6, Canada
  • MMJ Canada
    991 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1M1, Canada
  • Canna Dispensary
    1698 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1B3, Canada

Availability of CBD Oil In Ottawa, Ontario

There are many local shops, dispensaries as well as smoke shops in the region of the capital of Canada – Ottawa where you can easily buy CBD oil products without working through the hassle of restrictions. For your convenience, we have listed some of the places:

  • The OMD – Ottawa Marijuana Dispensary
    Online, Ottawa, ON K2E 7Z1, Canada
  • Weeds
    224 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X1, Canada
  • Canadian Cannabis Clinic
    595 Montreal Rd #501, Ottawa, ON K1K 4L2, Canada
  • Medicinal Dispensary
    274 Montreal Rd, Vanier, ON K1L 6C3, Canada
  • The Hemp Company
    198 Clarence St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5P8, Canada

Other Places In Ontario Where You Can Find CBD Oil

  • Cure and Care CBD
    Burlington, ON, Canada
  • CBD Canada
    181 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3G7, Canada
  • Toronto Hemp Company (THC)
    665 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9, Canada
  • The Hippy Co
    155 Adelaide St N, London, ON N6B 3G9, Canada
  • Canna Relief
    133 Queen St S, Mississauga, ON L5M 1K9, Canada
  • Canadian Cannabis Clinic
    885 Glasgow St #2, Kitchener, ON N2M 2N7, Canada
  • Cannabis Supply Co
    5B-164 Colborne St W, Brantford, ON N3T 1L2, Canada
  • Bodystream Medical Marijuana Services
    556 BryneDr #16, Barrie, ON L4N 9P6, Canada

A Final Verdict On The CBD Oil In Ontario, Canada

Our information regarding CBD oil in Ontario would make you choose the authentic cannabis products from reliable sources. The important status the plant holds make it essential for our readers to explore the CBD made products thoroughly before making a purchase.

In this article, you get to know the laws established federally as well as in the province. This will make your possession of CBD a lot more convenient and useful. Keeping it secure and hassle-free to obtain. Providing safe CBD product for consumption is our optimal goal.

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