CBD oil in New Brunswick

New Brunswick people are the mongers when it comes to experimenting with mind-boggling therapeutic drugs. New in town is the health restorative pharmacological medicine — CBD which has apparently stormed the NB market with its unique no side effects properties.

The crucial era of whether to legalize CBD in the Canadian region has long surpassed and developed its new image for individuals in NB trying to access the green leaves or its different formulations easily. But is CBD oil really legal in New Brunswick, Canada?

On 20th June 2018 Canadian Senate voted to pass the bill that would lift the 95-year-old ban on recreational marijuana and set the government in developing a whole new framework for marijuana availability in the region. This ground-breaking bill legalizes marijuana on a federal level, including Canada in the group of G7 countries.

The medical marijuana with the strict prescription policy under ACMR  is already legalized in the country since 2001. Since the legalization bill of the recreational use of marijuana is newly passed, the government worked on a framework that will closely monitor the production, possession, and sale of marijuana starting from September this year.

According to the Cannabis Act any activities related to phytocannabinoids are strictly regulated and controlled. The given rules by the government tend to stop the individuals who rush to local shops for cheap CBD oil.

Is CBD Oil Legal in New Brunswick, Canada?

According to Bill C-45, the selling of recreational cannabis is placed under the authority of the provinces and territories. The Government of New Brunswick can customize the framework for the region. The model established in each jurisdiction will be subjected to minimum federal conditions to oversee the safe distribution and sale of cannabis in their own jurisdictions. The provinces and territories will be responsible for:

  • Selecting a framework
  • A regulatory retail model for compliance and enforcement activities
  • Minimum age requirements
  • Restrictions on places where cannabis may be consumed
  • Traffic safety laws

Rules for Buying CBD Oil in New Brunswick

1Legal age to consume Cannabis

According to the bill, the legal age to possess or consume cannabis is 18 in Canada. However, in New Brunswick minimum age for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco is 19, so the province is harmonizing in continuing the same age for CBD Oil. 

2. Public safety

Possession of cannabis is limited to 30g outside the home, and the maximum growing of 4 plants or cultivating 100cm per plant per household is allowed in New Brunswick. It is also required to keep the plant secured and inaccessible by children or the public. 

3. Penalties for youth

Under Bill C-45, the possession of up to 5g of cannabis by minors (17 and younger) decriminalizes the act. However, the graduated penalty system for youth possession, such as community services in addition to fines.

4Consuming in public

In 2016, the New Brunswick government added cannabis to the Smoke-free Places Act, meaning that the restrictions applied to where tobacco can be smoked or vaped in public now apply to cannabis.

5. Impaired driving

The working group recommends amending the Motor Vehicle Act to reflect Bill C-46 and to impose administrative penalties for cannabis-impaired driving identical to those for alcohol. The working group suggested that medical marijuana users must give a driving test and/ or carry a user card.

Can You Easily Buy CBD Oil in New Brunswick?

You can find CBD products in local shops in New Brunswick province that sell CBD oil. However, it would be best if you did your research before placing your hands on CBD products. To ease your pain, we have found what you need. 

1. Government-Run NB Cannabis Store

The Cannabis store by Government of New Brunswick located at Lansdowne Ave. in Saint John becomes the first jurisdiction in Canada that is ready to serve recreational cannabis. The store is a state of art modern built that outlined three product groups – Discover, Connect, Refresh. The strict policy of age wouldn’t let any individual under 19 years allowed in the building while keeping the identity of consumers completely secret.

Over 250 different products are available in the NB cannabis store that only includes dried buds and oil, leaving the edibles and concentrates out of the list as the federal government does not finalize the sale. Shortly, 50+ Cannabis stores are anticipated to open across New Brunswick.

2. Medical Marijuana Dispensary working in New Brunswick

Medical marijuana dispensaries in the region of NB are profoundly present to help the patients who feel safe in using marijuana over pharmacological drugs for their ailments. A newcomer would want to have a certified physician’s prescription or consultation done by the clinic. 

Apollo Cannabis Clinic in New Brunswick

At Apollo Clinic, a team of physicians and scientists work to provide an evidence-based cannabis treatment plan for patients suffering from many ailments. At the clinic, the on-going education, support, and monitoring of all the patients to minimize any possible discomfort. The clinic’s purpose is to manage chronic pain and other related symptoms effectively with medical cannabis.

3. Smoke shops make it a lot more accessible to CBD

CBD oil vaping is an excellent choice habit as compared to tobacco products or cigarettes, due to the benefits and no risks associated with it. Local smoke shops in New Brunswick understand the need for CBD E-liquid. Hence, it’s almost easy to find CBD near you. 

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Vape and Beyond

Vape and Beyond is a one shop stop that sells a variety of CBD in different formulations that include not only CBD E-liquids, but a wide range of CBD capsules, gummy bears, hemp oil, and also CBD shot beverage in exciting flavors. 

4. Buy CBD Oil Online in New Brunswick

It has been a few months since the Canadian government legalized marijuana for recreational use. The possibility of having authentic and reliable cannabis and CBD products is crucial. Before buying from an online shop, don’t get tempted by a small price as there is a lot of “snake oil” in the name of CBD in the market. There are certain things any CBD consumer would want to know before making a purchase. For instance: 

  1. Look for the licensed company that ensures quality CBD products 
  2. A company that openly disclose its third-party lab certificates, ingredients, and source of the plant
  3. A company that strictly follows GMP guidelines

There are numerous online stores in New Brunswick that sell marijuana as well as CBD oil products, but it’s okay to play your part in getting the best for yourself. You can also choose from US-based reliable online stores that deliver Cannabis all over the world. 

King Canna Medicinal

At King Canna Medicinal, the availability of medical marijuana is quite a work of art. They offer vaporizers or smoking apparatus for smokers who prefer inhalation medicines. They also have a wide variety of smoke-free formulations such as:

  • CBD edible oils
  • CBD Cextracts
  • Suppositories
  • Ingestible tablets 
  • Topical products for their customers

Find CBD Products Near You in New Brunswick

Finding authentic CBD products is not as easy as it sounds since the market is full of sham green products. CBD users need to do their research and locate a reliable source of CBD. 

1. Yelp can help you find CBD 

Finding CBD stores for self-exploration or getting your hands on CBD products without much hassle, could not have been easier using Yelp. The advance database online service can help you locate CBD local stores, dispensaries, and smoke shops in not just New Brunswick but the whole Canadian region. 

2. Yellow pages made it easier 

Like many other countries, yellow pages in Canada can help you find CBD related retailers as well as dispensaries in your area. Just a call away, you can reach the best CBD selling company or shop with the help of this comprehensive book. 

3. Google maps make it easy to access CBD oil in your region

The world-class web mapping system can help you locate CBD availability near you, also providing you with the contact, address, and a website for your ease. Google maps make it easier for individuals living in New Brunswick to search for their desired CBD local shop or dispensary without working their way up to the hassle.

Availability of CBD in Moncton City

Many Moncton based companies are functioning to provide the best CBD oil and its related products all over Canada. One of them is an online company that only sells Medical Marijuana through online means.


Although the Organigram is based in Moncton, New Brunswick. They commit to improving the quality of life for patients all across the country. For them, working with healthcare providers and industry organizations, supporting research and education, and providing a safe, effective product is the only purpose. At Organigram, you can find a wide variety of strains, including Indica, Sativa, and CBD rich. 

There are other shops in the city that might be near you:

Metro Vape Shop: 203 St. George St, Moncton, NB E1C 1V6, Canada. Vape and Beyond: 286 Restigouche Rd E2, Oromocto, NB E2V 2H5, Canada. OrganiGram Inc: 35 English Dr, Moncton, NB E1E 3X3, Canada.

Availability of CBD in Saint John City

As much as it sounds impossible, the availability of CBD in New Brunswick province is evident since it is legalized in the whole of Canada on a federal level. Although the recreational use of cannabis is still critical until the law implemented completely, yet many shops and medical dispensaries are providing CBD to help individuals. Some of them are:

New Brunswick Cannabis store: 87 Lansdowne Ave. in Saint John. Vape City: 390 Coverdale Rd, Riverview, NB E1B 3J7, Canada. King Canna Medicinal: 1010 Hanwell Rd, Fredericton, NB E3B 6A4, Canada.

Final Verdict on Buying of CBD oil in New Brunswick

Our article has contemplated the laws and regulations regarding CBD in New Brunswick that would help our readers find the reliable source of obtaining CBD without any struggle. Since the CBD status in the country is still crucial, we advise our readers to research about the product and get fully aware of federal and as well as your state’s laws to avoid possible hassle or harsh consequences before making a purchase.

Our emerged info would help readers get the reliable and authentic CBD products all over New Brunswick to make a hassle-free and convenient purchase.

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