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The Top 7 CBD Oils in Chicago, Illinois

In recent years due to the legalization of CBD and hemp items, the market has been flooded with several different takes on CBD infusion. It can be very confusing to find CBD products tailored to your requirements.

When it comes to CBD oil alone, there are several things you need to be informed about so that you can make a rational choice. From their purity to their effectiveness, you need to be vigilant when buying CBD infused items for the best experience.

Since the legalization of CBD infused compounds, one place that has turned out to be a hotbed of CBD creations is Chicago. CBD is everywhere in Chicago, from CBD oil to CBD edibles like gummy bears. You can even find CBD infused shakes and coffees at coffee shops or in the case of Mary Schmich at a Protein Bar & Kitchen.

Although recreational weed is still illegal in the state of Illinois, the legalization of CBD infused medical items has resulted in a completely new market being opened for investors. More and more CBD retailers are springing up in Chicago, and you can even get CBD products including vape pen starter kits over the counter from a pharmacy now.

In light of this popularization of CBD Chicago officials have also decided to start tracking businesses that sell CBD for regulatory purposes. It is legal to sell and have medicinal CBD products that have a THC count of under 0.3% in Chicago. To maintain this THC percentage, this system of regulation is being established in Chicago.

Here is the list of the 7 best CBD oils in Chicago, IL with retailer name, location, key products, and prices.

1) Good Lyfe CBD in Chicago

What To Expect?

The driving force of Good Lyfe CBD is to provide users with an alternative to traditional medication. CBD is the alternative that delivers better treatment for chronic pains and other conditions with a much lower risk factor.

Good Lyfe’s CBD products do not contain any harmful toxic chemicals which might result in side effects. This control is one of the reasons why Good Lyfe is one of the most popular retailers in Chicago.

CBD oil is not the only product that Good Lyfe is adept in producing. Apart from CBD tinctures they also have a wide array of vitamin supplements, face creams and edibles infused with CBD. Their variety of products attracts various customers who think Good Lyfe is the best CBD retailer.

Where Can You Find This Retailer?

One of the best CBD retailers in the area, you can find Good Lyfe on 6158 west grand
Chicago, Illinois.

What Is Unique About This Place?

One aspect of Good Lyfe that it prides itself over is the prowess of its employees. The customer service at Good Lyfe is top-notch. No matter what your requirement is, you will have a knowledgable employee that will guide you to the best product you can get. This approachability is also the dominant feature of the store that attracts praise in reviews.

Price Range

When it comes to pricing, Good Lyfe has reasonable rates. You can find all CBD items at affordable rates if you have a tight budget and even at high prices if you are feeling extravagant.

2) Chicago Health Foods in Chicago

What To Expect?

Being one of the most experienced retailers for health foods around, you can expect the best from Chicago Health Foods. Having been in the business since 1969, they know their way around healthy foods, which is why quality is assured when it comes to their items.

At the same time, their items are safe to consume and entirely authentic as proven by their NSF, GMP, and NPA certifications.

CBD products are not the only ones you can expect at Chicago Health Foods. Although CBD products like tinctures, creams, and capsules are present, you can also find non-CBD supplements as well.

A fascinating aspect of their versatility is their food delivery service whereby they deliver CBD infused caviar and other edibles. They go one step further and also sell CBD infused food items, juices, shakes, and more.

Where Is It Located?

This fantastic health food retailer is at 22 W Maple St, Chicago, IL 60610.

What Specials Do They Offer?

Like any other retailer, Chicago Health Food has the unique features that it offers. One of the most prominent special discounts is the Sign Up discount. Only by signing up to Chicago Health Foods, you acquire a whopping 30% discount on your first purchase.

Price Range

The prices at Chicago Health Foods are incredibly reasonable. You can find CBD products or others for various purposes at prices as low as $14.

3) Botanic Alternatives CBD in Chicago

What Can You Expect From This Retailer?

Botanic Alternatives is one of the most hospitable retailers you can go to to cater to your CBD needs. They aspire to deliver a VIP service to all of their customers by making them feel at home in a clean and serene environment.

Alongside a fantastic ambiance, Botanic Alternatives also provides high-quality items. Their extraction methods involve the most advanced techniques, which is why your experience with their products will not waver.

With over 40 different brands of CBD products being offered, it is improbable that you won’t find the product you are looking for at the time. From CBD tinctures to CBD tea shots, you can find many different forms of CBD. Whether it be capsules, creams, or edibles, you can find all of these products at Botanic Alternatives.

Where Can You Find It?

You can find this top-notch retailer at 2497 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60647.

What Is Unique About This Retailer?

There are no publicized discounts for Botanic Alternatives. However, one of their specialties is the fact that they take it upon themselves to inform the customers of CBD and its merits.

The brand tells you this through their website. Furthermore, their employees are also experts who will make sure that you know what you are buying before you buy it.

Pricing Range

Like any other good CBD retailer, the prices at Botanic Alternatives aren’t that extravagant. Although you can find expensive products as well, they have a range of affordable selections for the consumers.

4) The Herbal Care Center in Chicago

What To Expect?

You can expect the epitome of professionalism at The Herbal Care Center. Being operated and owned by veterans, the staff at The Herbal Care Center is experienced in what they do.

Not only do they know everything you need to know about CBD, but they also know how to relay that information to the customers in the most hospitable manner. A delightful experience is guaranteed at The Herbal Care Center.

Boasting the most extensive inventory of medical marijuana cannabis products in Illinois, you are bound to find what you are searching for. They have a wide selection of CBD related products here. These include a range of CBD flowers concentrates like vape cartridges and RSO’s, edibles like gummies and chocolates and topicals like balms, lotions, and oils.

Where Is It Located?

You can find this excellent dispensary at 1301 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608.

What Is Unique About This Dispensary?

Their pre-order services make them unique as not many retailers provide that service to the consumers. By pre-ordering products, consumers can make sure that they get what they want before it runs out.

Pricing Range

Providing items at a reasonable price, you can find products like tinctures at prices as low as $30.

5) LeafyQuick CBD in Chicago

What Should I Expect?

One thing that LeafyQuick prides itself over is its delivery services. It is the only same-day CBD delivery service in Chicago. This service gives it an edge as you can acquire the products you want in an incredibly short period.

Consumers can explore and find the products they are looking for and then schedule a delivery on the same day or the later, whatever is convenient. To boost the quality of its services, LeafQuick has affiliated itself with only the best distributors, retailers, and manufacturers to provide an advanced and functional distribution channel.

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LeafyQuick offers a wide selection of CBD items. Edibles like gummies, bath and body care products, tinctures and =vapes are a given. An extra line of items that is unique to LeafyQuick is its CBD products for pets.

They offer CBD infused gummies, crafts, froggies and more for pets. This product range allows LeafyQuick to tap into a market that very rarely a CBD retailer would target.

Where Can I Find This Retailer?

You can find this highly efficient CBD store at 4033 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618.

What Are The Specialities To Look Out For?

One of the most significant plus points of LeafyQuick is the various discounts they offer. They offer discounts to military officials, first responders, teachers, and students. However, that is not all; they have their system of points whereby you can get vouchers.

By creating an account, you get 200 Leafy Points, and for every dollar you spend, you get 5 points. When you accumulate 500 points, you can redeem them for a $5 voucher. These kinds of offers are what make LeafyQuick very accessible and appealing.

Price Range

Like any other good CBD store, LeafyQuick also offers affordable prices. You can find CBD items like CBD oils at prices as low as $29.99, which is pretty much as low as any store gets.

6) Bliss CBD Shop

What Can You Expect?

Bliss CBD Shop has tried to do something that perhaps no other smoke shop has tried to do. That is, to create a female-friendly environment. To make their shop conducive to the female presence, they have switched from the ambiance of traditional smoke shops to something that is more female-friendly.

This feature improves the overall aesthetical standards of the place. Furthermore, it has also allowed the shop to tap into the female customer pool.

Bliss CBD Shop carries a variety of items, from tinctures, topicals, and vapes to even CBD products for dogs. At the same time, they make sure all the brands they put on their shelf are lab tested, and if that is not the case, they don’t go on their shelf.

Where Is It Located?

You can find this exquisite flower of a place at 4809 N. Pulaski Chicago, IL 60630.

What Is Unique About The Bliss CBD Shop?

There are some unique items that you can only find at the Bliss CBD Shop. These products include the Venus and Flora Hemp oils, which consist of terpenes and organic hemp. This range is the specialty Bliss CBD Shop boasts about as you can’t find this product anywhere else.

Price Range

Prices at Bliss CBD Shop are another plus point for the shop as they are reasonable. You don’t have to spend a lot to acquire the CBD product you need.

7) Huxhemp CBD Apothecary

What To Expect?

You can expect a customer service at Huxhemp that makes you feel appreciated and valued as a customer. From the owner to the staff, everyone at Huxhemp has spent much time to thoroughly understand how CBD items work and what makes a high-quality CBD product. They will be there to answer all of your queries.

Huxhemp carries a wide variety of items. From its trademark Hemp oil to other products like face creams, edibles, and capsules you can find everything you want here. At the same time, Huxhemp has personal relations with a lot of its growers, which allows them to maximize the quality of their items.

Where Can You Find Huxhemp?

You can find this perfectionist apothecary at 3714 N. Southport Chicago, IL 60613.

What Specialities Can I Expect?

A standing discount that all consumers get at Huxhemp is the signup discount. You get 10% off when you signup while other special product discounts are included in regular events.

Price Range

You can find affordable CBD products at Huxhemp with prices that go over $50 as well as below $50.

What Should I Consider When Buying CBD?

Like any medical product when buying CBD, you need to do some homework so that you don’t end up with a product that does more harm than good. Below are some of the most important considerations you should make before buying CBD products.

What Type Of Branded CBD Oil Does Your Retailer Have In Their Store?

Usually, a well-reputed retailer would only sell CBD items from well-known high-quality brands. Even within the brands, there are three types of CBD oils you should know about. There is the Isolate CBD that is for people who want pure CBD and nothing else.

Isolate CBD is 99+% pure CBD as all other cannabinoids like THC, and another plant matter is removed. On the other hand, if you want the full experience of all the cannabinoids and terpenes, Full Spectrum CBD is for you as it contains all plant matter.

Broad Spectrum takes a more balanced approach as it includes an array of cannabinoids and terpenes but no THC.

What Percentage Of CBD Is Present In Tinctures?

The percentage of CBD in bottles is dependent on the size of the container. For 1oz or 30ml bottle, the average concentration of CBD is 1%, which makes up about 300mg of CBD.

On the other hand, if the same amount of CBD is in a 4oz or 120ml bottle, then that CBD oil is diluted to a large extent. Bigger containers don’t always mean more CBD; sometimes, it is the opposite. To find out how much mg CBD is there per serving check the bottle of the CBD oil.

How Is CBD Priced According To A Percentage?

CBD oils are usually priced proportional to the amount of CBD in milligrams. For instance, Green Mountain charges $0.05 per mg CBD while Endoca charges pretty much double at $0.10 per mg.

This would make the price of 300mg CBD $15 for Green Mountain and $31 for Endoca. It would help if you had a grasp on these price mechanisms so that you don’t get ripped off.

Is The CBD Acquired From Local U.S farms?

Another consideration you should probably make is with regards to where the CBD was acquired from. It is better if the CBD is locally grown as not only does that ensure freshness, it also provides accountability.

Furthermore, if brands receive CBD from local farms, they often develop personal connections with them, which boosts the quality of the product.


1) How Is CBD Different From Marijuana?

Unlike Marijuana, CBD does not contain or contains a negligible amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Hence CBD is not psychoactive while Marijuana is.

2) Does CBD Have Side Effects?

Although side effects are a possible occurrence, they aren’t prevalent. They include diarrhea, fatigue, and appetite changes. To prevent them always consult a doctor before CBD use to make sure you are not allergic or reactive to CBD.

3) How Does CBD Help Pets?

Research and usage of CBD have suggested that they are useful for pets as well. They can help anxious cats and dogs relax while other analyses also indicate that they can help with arthritis pain.

4) Is CBD Different From Hemp Oil?

This question is something that often confuses buyers. Hemp extract or CBD contains cannabinoids found in the hemp plant while hemp oil or hemp seed oil is just oil extracted from hemp seeds.

5) Does CBD Interrupt Other Medications?

CBD may be incompatible with some of the medication you might be using. Complications might occur with medicines that an enzyme present in CBD metabolizes. This complication is why you should be sure to do your homework if you are using medication or consult a doctor.

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