CBD Oil in British Columbia

Advancing of CBD oil in British Columbia, Canadian society pretty much convinces the need to have it. Not because it’s in fashion, but the immense medicinal significance. The therapeutic properties of the plant prove to be the best option for individuals looking for organic means to combat physical and mental ailments.

However, in British Columbia, finding safe and legal non-medical cannabis comes with a lot of restrictions. All the federally licensed producers and processors in British Columbia apply Excise Duty Stamp. Not only in BC, but each province and territory has a different colored stamp for selling CBD products. For more details, it is essential to know the legal status of cannabis in Canada.

So what are the Canadian Government Rules for Cannabis?

Bill C-45 that passed by Canada Senate on June 20th, 2018, basically legalizes marijuana use around the Canadian states. This groundbreaking bill is applicable on a federal level welcoming Canada in the G7 group of countries. However, this law would take some time to be implemented by federal legislation into the local law. Making it understandable to not rush to local dispensaries or shops for marijuana products.

Followed by the rules, the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) is still keeping the local cannabis users in the grey zone. According to ACMPR, the availability of cannabis products is done under the strict rule of prescription by healthcare practitioners. This rule of law signifies the confusion among individuals who rather like opting cannabis the easy way.

Is CBD Oil Legal in British Columbia?

According to Bill C-45 by the federal Government, CBD oil is legal in British Columbia. The provincial government of BC manifests a clear approach in legalizing safe and controlled access to CBD related products. The state established the legislative model to ensure a regulatory framework that works smoothly for the federal legalization of CBD use.

The British Columbia’s legislation included Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (CCLA) which aims to:

  • Protect children and youth,
  • Promote health and safety
  • To keep the B.C. roads safe
  • Kept the criminal element out of cannabis
  • Support the economic development of the State

 For a detailed review of cannabis rules, you can also visit Final Regulations: Cannabis Topical, Cannabis Extracts, and Cannabis Edibles.

Where to Buy CBD oil in British Columbia?

Since the Marijuana Legalization Bill C-45 would take some time to implement into the local law, the availability of quality ensured CBD oil would remain near impossible in British Columbia. The products are likely to be in low supply and of questionable quality. However, you can find CBD oil from local producers or dispensaries that are licensed under Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

You can always opt for the local shops operating all over British Columbia and its cities. However, If you are looking to buy professionally made CBD oil or similar CBD products, your best bet is to import from an online shop operating in the USA that offers international shipping.

Due to the long legalization in the USA, the competition and better defined legal companies have achieved a high level of product and quality.

For your convenience, we have listed some of the local dispensaries, shops, and also online companies to make you aware of the options in B.C.

Local Dispensaries in Cities of British Columbia

Several licensed dispensaries are located in the different premises of British Columbia. These dispensaries provide a wide range of cannabis products locally as well as through online purchases. However, it would be best if you become a member to place your hands on cannabis products. Top dispensaries that provide CBD oil are:

The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary

Founded and registered in September 2008, the non-profit Vancouver Dispensary Society opened The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary on October 6, 2008. Since then, this dispensary provides high-quality medicinal cannabis products to legitimate patients. However, the medicinal cannabis dispensary changed the policy for individuals over the age of 19, who can opt for cannabis products without doctors’ confirmation. 

The dispensary provides a wide variety of organic marijuana as well as CBD oil products in the form of tinctures, capsules, extracts, edibles, and even pet treats.

WestCanna Medicinal Dispensary

It’s the biggest medicinal dispensary in North America located in Vancouver, Canada. WestCanna provides high-quality cannabis to their friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable MMPR patient community. 

Local vendors in Vancouver and the lab provide all cannabis products present in the dispensary. These products are tested for quality, potency, terpene profiles, residual materials, and contaminants. 

From topical, tincture to capsules, the dispensary sells a wide variety of cannabis products, including tears, pills, concentrates, edibles, and flower Sativa in organic form. 

Farm- The Original Farmacy

FARM- The Original Farmacy has been providing premium access to cannabis in the Canadian market since 2015. The discreet, professional environment in Victoria’s best dispensary offers different cannabis products based on their access to suppliers and the readiness of CBD products. At FARM, the team interfaces with members and help them with various CBD products and their effects on health, specific ailments, and general well-being. 

The dispensary has a diverse option regarding different formulations of CBD. The plant extract is available in oils, tinctures, topicals, capsules, flowers, vapes, and concentrates.

Shops that sell CBD oil within cities of British Columbia

Several shops in the vicinity of B.C. sell CBD oil without insinuating further hassle to the consumers. The shops pay closer attention to the individuals providing them with a wide variety of CBD oil products for their benefits. Some of the shops in the state are:

Urban Earth Med

The Urban Earth Med is dedicated to selling the best of bests CBD oil products in Canada. Located in Victory as well as Vancouver in British Columbia provides consultations in-store and online. However, the store sells medical marijuana under doctors’ approval only. They aim to provide high-quality, safe, and patient beneficial marijuana strains for the treatment of various ailments.

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Lotusland Cannabis Club

The British Columbia based chain of premium medical marijuana – Lotus Land Cannabis Club. It has a wide variety of high-grade CBD products that includes concentrates, topical, edibles, flower, and much more. The store is located in Victoria and Vancouver cities, where you can select the finest quality of marijuana products without a hassle.

The Green Rhino

Situated in Greenville Street, Vancouver, the medicinal cannabis and cancer research center provides safest, high-quality medical marijuana to legitimate patients in need. The shop has a wide variety of cannabis strains that are added on their menu continuously. The shop quick sold-out phenomenon and frequent sale on CBD products attract the customers to buy their products without hesitation.

Online market for CBD in British Columbia

Before buying from online shops, don’t get tempted by a low price as there is a lot of “snake oil. You need to look for a licensed company that ensures quality products. That don’t hesitate in declaring third-party lab certificates, ingredients and follows GMP guidelines. 

Furthermore, we have listed some of the best online-based companies that are leading in providing the best CBD in Canada.


Tilray began operating in Canada in 2014 after its tremendous success rate in other continents. They are the global leader in the cultivation, processing, distribution, and up-to-date medical cannabis research. Their products are precisely formulated, advancing in cannabinoid science. 

They provide full-spectrum CBD extracts, CBD oil, THC oil, purified extracts, dried cannabis, and milled flower. They sell research-based formulated extracts that include CBD dominant, THC dominant, or CBD-THC balanced.

BC Weed Co

Located in Victoria, B.C., this company believed in providing the best cannabis in Canada with high potency, taste, and smell. The sells a variety of premium quality cannabis flowers. Also, the list includes CBD concentrates, edibles, oils, and CBD treats for pets.

Smoke shops that sell CBD Oil in BC

Several smoke shops in the whole of B.C. must be selling CBD oil because of the profit peak. The individuals who are keen to smoke are switching towards a healthy choice now. This is the reason many smoke shops in British Columbia are looking forward to selling CBD oil vape. You can find many shops in your locality that sell good quality CBD oil for vaping, and other CBD products. 

different ways to find CBD in British Columbia

To make your CBD accessibility convenient, there are more ways to find cannabis in your area than just roaming around.

Yellow pages in British Columbia could help you locate CBD near you

The yellow pages in B.C, Canada, can help you find several companies selling CBD. The advance database would help you locate for the medical dispensaries, nearest retailers, including local smoke shops in your city. 

Find CBD via Google maps

The worldwide used web mapping service by Google is a lot more hassle-free to locate the CBD oil stores near you. The step by step directions and route instructions makes it a lot more convenient, especially for people who struggle to find the CBD store in BC. 

Yelp can help you find CBD in B.C.

Yelp in Canada could be the most convenient way to find cannabis dispensaries or local shops in the whole British Columbia province. Their website is easy to use, where you just have to type your desired product, and they will link you to the nearest CBD shop.

Where can I purchase CBD in Vancouver, British Columbia?

Following are the top picks CBD available shops or medical dispensaries in Vancouver that you can easily visit:

  • The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary: 880 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1R6, Canada
  • WestCanna Medicinal Dispensary: 700 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G8, Canada
  • Bloom Medical Dispensary: 1132 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L8, Canada
  • Canna Clinic: 2223 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B6, Canada
  • Sea to Sky Medical Cannabis Dispensary: 6636 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3T5, Canada
  • The Green Rhino: 2570 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3G7, Canada
  • Green Cross Society of BC: 2145 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T4, Canada
  • Cannabis Culture Lounge: 307 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6, Canada
  • BC Smoke Shop: 2624 Quadra St, Victoria, BC V8T 4E4, Canada

Final Verdict

In this article, we have highlighted the crucial laws regarding cannabis in Canada, and also how important it is to know your safest options for opting for CBD products in British Columbia and its cities. Our accumulated information would help our readers find the convenient and hassle-free CBD oil purchase.

Also, it is necessary to do your research and get fully aware of your state and federals laws to avoid any harsh consequences. The legal issues regarding CBD oil signify the need for doing your homework and not rush into the cheap CBD oil products.

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