Understanding CBD Benefits, Dosages, And Areas of Consideration

Different substances act differently on the mind

Generally, the best way to stay healthy is to remain physically active and to ingest natural foods—or substances.

But sometimes that isn’t possible, and you must undergo some form of physical therapy.

CBD oil can greatly help in such recovery situations and is itself a natural supplement. You’ll want to understand what its effects will be, though.

As you research the effects of varying substances on the brain, one resource you can turn to for answers is Corpina; according to their site, their mission is to: “…inform the world about Nootropics and responsible Nootropic use.”

There are many different ways to enhance your life through supplementation and use of certain substances like these.

Some have found nootropic use gives them exceptional energy. There is a burgeoning trend in this supplement, and it isn’t the only one.

In conjunction with a proper diet, there are some really worthwhile supplementation solutions out there today.

When it comes to mental health, believe it or not, your diet has a big part to play.

This is because even small substances of certain foods can throw your metabolism off, which has a domino effect that subsequently throws your mind off.

But in the same way, sometimes small amounts of conductive substances can have a similarly positive effect, leading to lasting health benefits.

Here is where CBD becomes considerable. Like nootropics, CBD works with the brain in a way that changes certain aspects of bodily development, such that diseases can be treated and even cancers curtailed.

CBD derives from Cannabis, a plant that’s been used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes. Recently it has begun to become mainstream again. [1]

Understanding CBD or CBD oil

Understanding CBDThough there is controversy around this, it does seem as though the cat has gotten out of the bag on Marijuana.

Getting that cannabis feline under wraps again will prove very daunting.

This is especially true because there is more than one use for the substance.

One of the reasons such a stigma surrounds this plant is that many use it for psychoactive effects which come from tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

But it turns out that cannabidiol, or CBD, another component of marijuana, doesn’t act on the brain in the same way. Even so, it delivers positive health benefits.


Benefits of cbdIt’s been discovered that CBDs relieves pain as well as inflammation, exhibit antipsychotic effects and reduce anxiety,

Help in the fight against cancer, relieve nausea, treat seizures and neurological disorders, lower incidences of diabetes, and actually promote cardiovascular health.

Apparently, there are over sixty different compounds like CBDs contained in marijuana. They all act on people differently, and surprising uses are found for essentially all of them.

CBDs rank up there with THC but soothe without mentally confusing. It turns out the reason is that CBDs react differently on your brain.


Dosage of cbdOftentimes CBDs are condensed into an oil which has many uses that can help those who have been injured, are otherwise infirm, or are just looking for some stress reduction without experiencing any mental effects.

Dosages will vary per individual. It depends largely on what kind of pain you’re going through, or what kind of issues you’re trying to treat.

For chronic pain or things like cancer, you may want to up the dosage and consult a local physician pertaining to what they believe your proper thresholds are.

With CBD oil, it’s very likely that you will experience a notable reduction of your ailments over time. Generally, between 2.5 and 120 milligrams defines the range of dosages, and this is administered over several weeks or months.

As mentioned, these dosages can be administered as CBD oil. This is commonly done via pill, honey, spray, or other ingestion.

There are also topical ointments available which penetrate through the skin but have a different level of effect.

For many people, an ingestion of something like three milligrams a day, taken at intervals, can be conducive.

Ultimately, you’ll have to gauge the effect yourself. Consume a few milligrams and see what you notice over a six to eight-hour period.

You can up the dosage considerably without harming yourself—after all, cannabis as a plant can simply be eaten; like a salad.

CBDs are just a singular compound from an edible substance that is condensed. [2]


CBD oil use is separate from traditional recreational cannabis use. Primarily, this is done for psychoactive effects that in some individuals have over time proven to be negative.

With that in mind, CBD oil in a non-psychoactive capacity won’t cause you any trouble, but there are many mixes out there which increase levels of THC.

There are pure CBD solutions, but many do contain some percentage of THC, so be careful to check for this as you decide whether to medicate using such a surprisingly versatile natural supplement.

Side effects are mild, and benefits are expensive. You may want to consult a trusted physician before you decide, but there is much to recommend CBD today.


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