When it comes to CBD gummies and CBD capsules, we always think that since both are so easy to carry and eat at any time anywhere, which one shall we buy? The gummies or the capsules? Which one delivers effects quickly? Which of the two substances are cheap? Which one is readily available? How do the gummies taste?

So, we get these multiple questions at the back of our mind while we scroll through a CBD website category. Sometimes we buy at random, at other times we go for more traditional choices, i.e., capsules. Here’s a guide which one to choose, CBD gummies vs CBD capsules?

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD or Cannabidiol is available in many different forms, and we have come across the CBD gummies recently on many online stores. These are the edible forms of CBD that contain various concentrations of CBD.

Just like any other CBD product, they act in the same way by causing analgesia. They also have an anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and antidepressant effect. The gummies are usually flavored and can be taken by those who do not like the bitter tinge of capsules or other forms of CBD.

In a similar fashion to other CBD products, the Cannabidiol gummies act on the endocannabinoid system of the body without producing euphoria or making you high because these gummies contain decidedly less or no content of THC. CBD gummies are made from CBD isolate, so they contain very negligible amounts of THC.

What are CBD Capsules?

These are the portable and easy to carry forms of CBD. The capsules contain a high content of CBD, and unlike CBD oil, you do not have to measure the dose. You take it any time you like.

There is this common side effect associated with capsules that they provide delayed action, but this isn’t true most of the times if you take it before meals on an empty stomach. They are relatively expensive, but considering the easiness with which one can take it, many of us would prefer it.

CBD hemp capsules come in different types. The most typical type contains CBD oil mixed with MCT (coconut oil usually). The MCT oil helps in the absorption of the CBD and achieving useful results.

The other type is CBD oil isolate based capsules. These are very expensive and provide powerful effects. Another type is water soluble CBD oil capsules. They have a high bioavailability.

When taking capsules, you do not need to worry about measurements, and the chances of overdosing are decidedly less likely. You can quickly incorporate them in your routine, and you can carry them with you while traveling without worrying about spillage.

Do I Buy CBD Gummies or CBD Capsules?

If I answer that question, I will always go for CBD gummies, or maybe most of the times, because who doesn’t enjoy gummies? We love all the gummy vitamins and supplements, now with CBD hemp gummies on the shelf, how can we ignore it!

The texture, aroma and sweet taste of CBD gummies makes it evident that it is our favorite and it is something that can be easily ingested by those who dislike capsules or swallowing pills.

The CBD hemp gummies do not have the traditional flavor of CBD oil and tinctures which makes some people nauseous. So, you are getting good taste and effects in one package! You indeed cannot decline that.

Some people will argue about adding all the gummy sugar into the diet if they start consuming CBD gummies. For them, it is adding calories without any reason when CBD capsules can deliver all the benefits.

One may listen to their argument and agree to them, but let’s be honest how many times have we taken our bitter vitamins as compared to our gummy vitamins? It’s obvious the gummies are more appealing to the human taste buds.

According to users they have been more consistently taking CBD gummies instead of CBD capsules because of the taste, so one can rightly say that this benefit outweighs the caloric costs.

But again, it’s all about experimenting and to expose yourself to all the possible options out there.

What Makes the CBD Gummies Less Reliable?

As we are well aware that the CBD hemp capsules have been in business for a longer duration, thus they are more regulated. The different companies are improving their CBD capsule standards day by day to have a place in this competitive market.

On the other hand, gummies have been recently introduced and honestly speaking they are mostly unregulated. I got hemp gummies from various sites, and unfortunately, most of them lacked quality, and some even lacked CBD.

Some of the websites didn’t offer any lab results about the authenticity of the content of CBD gummies. This is why I thought I’ll share the companies and vendors that have legit CBD gummies. I have mentioned them in the following paragraphs.

Also, let me add that Cannabidiol (CBD) gummies are quite costly. They require more processing and flavors, so they are expensive as compared to CBD capsules.

Which CBD Gummy Vendors are Reliable?

The following vendors sell good quality of CBD gummies regarding pricing, the strength of CBD, flavor and customer service and shipping.

1) Intrinsic Hemp

Intrinsic Hemp CBD GummiesThe CBD gummies provided by this company taste fantastic. They provide a range of tasty flavors and unique gummies. They do not have their lab results posted on their website, so before you buy from them, email them to provide you the lab results.

The price of Intrinsic Hemp CBD gummies is $37.49 with Free Shipping. Each CBD gummy contains 20mg of CBD and there are 30 in a bottle, so a total of 600mg CBD.

They provide unique flavors and also have sample packs available on their website. The CBD isolate gummy bears are blended with coconut oil that support the quick body’s absorption of Cannabidiol from hemp.

Intrinsic Hemp has been a supplier of high-quality CBD hemp products for over 2 years. Customer service is their ultimate priority. You can order quickly from their secure website and orders are always shipped within 1 business day.

2) CBD Living

CBD Living

They have their lab results posted online and provide a fantastic gummy experience. They ship slow, and their customer services are not that up to mark, but their CBD gummies are reliable. Oh yeah, and they are expensive. They have no aftertaste. A bottle of gummies cost $20 with a standard shipping rate of $10.

Each CBD gummy contains 10mg CBD, and there are a total of ten gummies in a bag. They have discounts and a variety of CBD gummy flavors.

3) Pure American Hemp Oil

Pure American Hemp Oil

They have excellent packaging and customer services, but when you eat their CBD gummies, you have that characteristic medicinal aftertaste. They don’t have their lab reports posted online so you would need to request for it.

The price of CBD gummies is $38.95 with a standard $5 shipping rate. Each CBD gummy contains 10mg CBD, and there is a total of 30 gummy bears in the bottle. They have the fastest standard shipping which makes it our favorite brand.

4) Go Green Hemp

Go Green Hemp

These CBD gummies provide the same effects as that of other CBD products, but they taste too medicinal. Their lab results are available online.

They sell the CBD gummies for $21.99 with a priority shipping rate of $6.99. Each CBD gummy contains 10mg of CBD, and there are 20 gummy bears in the bottle. This makes the brand quite cheap, but the reason many don’t like this brand is that of the strong medicinal aftertaste.

What are the Best CBD Capsule Brands?

A lot is written on this, and many blogs are dedicated to this topic so we will touch it briefly. I had terrific experiences with the following brands when I bought CBD capsules from them. These brands include Pure Kana, CBD Essence, Elixinol, CW Hemp and Green Roads.

They offer many discounts and sale on their products along with authentic third-party testing.


Before you accept the conclusion that I am making in this article through my experiences, I would recommend that you thoroughly search the internet for both CBD gummies vs CBD capsules.

You can also try the samples that different brands offer on their website. In my opinion, both CBD gummies vs CBD capsules are equally valid but if you are looking for taste, then go for the tasty CBD edibles or gummies.

For dosage, you need to understand the medical condition you are having. The doses vary for anxiety, chronic pain, depression, inflammation, so I would suggest you further read on dosing as well as consult your doctor.

Remember, the key to healthy dosing of CBD is to take it in small quantities initially and later onwards increase your dosage if required.

Faisal Jamal leads the team at Restorm Scientific and believes in ethical medical marketing. He has helped many leading healthcare companies to develop a successful marketing strategy in a rapidly changing marketplace. He has a great passion for medical research and believes in providing evidence-based information on Cannabis, CBD, & Kratom.