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Canopy Botanicals Review

Overview Of The Brand

When venturing into the world of kratom, a good vendor is essential. Canopy Kratom is an online vendor of kratom and other botanical products. They have been in function for quite some time. Within that time duration, the company has managed to attract a loyal customer pool. The company aims at providing the best botanical products to its customers at the most reasonable prices. The brand has been operational since 2016 and has gained a positive image from the time of its inception.

Their exceptionally low prices as well as wide product range is a significant factor in attracting new customers. However, you shouldn’t always fall for a brand that sells products with an economical price tag.

More often than not, these products are low in quality and are poorly effective. Canopy Kratom provides a variety of different botanical products apart from their kratom strains. They also have a range of various accessories on sale. It is rare to find an online botanical store that sells such a wide range of products at such low prices.
Multiple factors need consideration when choosing a botanical vendor.

Many novices select a vendor by merely looking at the price tag and end up with unsatisfactory products. It is more important to pay a little more for higher quality and so the question of whether or not Canopy Botanicals are legitimate rises. We provide the answer by breaking down every important feature of the company and giving you an insight into what the positives and negatives of the brand are.

Key Features

Product Range

When it comes to botanical products, it is important to have an extensive product range to choose from. Every customer has their preferences when kratom or other botanicals are concerned. Usually, a brand that offers only a few products or strains does not succeed in attracting a big customer pool. Comparatively, brands that offer a wider selection of products to choose from draws in more customers. Canopy Kratom has one of the broadest product range amongst online botanical stores.

Not only do they have some of the bestselling kratom strains in powdered form, but they also have a variety of other botanical products. These include teas, spices and a vast selection of scented handmade soaps. The brand has tried to have a product range with different aspects of botanicals put together in one place.

The prices of their kratom powders are probably some of the most economical ones in the market. The company is selling 25 grams of their white vein kratom powder at just 3.5$. The pricing is almost suspiciously low, but the brand is entirely independent. They are responsible for everything from the sourcing of their kratom to its packed form.

Apart from kratom, the other botanical products from the company are also very economical. Their spices start as low as 2$, and they have various spices to choose from including Cayenne pepper, Lime Fresh Sea Salt, turmeric powder etc. Their soaps retail at 4$ for every bar and the company also has a diverse range of tea flavours to choose from. They sell a variety of accessories associated with each of their botanical products as well. Customers of all palates can find something that they like from the wide selection at Canopy Botanicals.

Lab Testing

Another critical factor that comes into play when dealing with kratom vendors is lab testing. It is essential to have products tested for various contaminants like salmonella, heavy metals, E. coli, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides, etc. These tests ensure the purity and quality of the products that a particular brand is selling.

They allow the customers to use the products from the brand with no worry or caution. It is also important to have the lab reports present on a website, especially if the company is an online vendor.

Canopy Kratom does not have lab tests mentioned on their website. This absence of test reports raises questions about the safety and purity of the botanical products being sold by the brand.

Is The Brand Making False Medical Claims?

There are strict regulations in place when it comes to Mitragyna. The FDA does not allow brands and vendors to make health claims about their kratom products. The reason for this regulation is the absence of scientific research to back up the medical claims.

Letters of warnings have been sent to kratom vendors in the past because of such false claims. Canopy Kratom prioritizes customer health and satisfaction above everything else. The brand does not make any false medical claims about its ketum strains. They have also clearly mentioned that their products are not meant to be used for medicinal or health purposes.

This statement serves to increase the transparency and honesty of the brand with the customers. The brand’s compliance with the FDA regulations makes it easier for the customers to know what they are buying.

What Do The Customers Think?

The Mitragyna industry is a very vocal one. Customers are urged to communicate and share their experiences with different brands on various forums. This communication allows other customers to get a general idea about a particular vendor. The general customer reviews about Canopy Botanicals are somewhat mixed. Most users on online forums are incredibly positive and satisfied with the company while others are disappointed.

A few people are complaining about the potency of the strains from Canopy Botanicals. Mostly, however, customers on forums like Reddit are complimenting the brand’s excellent customer service and fantastic quality of powders. The brand has managed to maintain a good general reputation in the kratom crowds. This word of mouth also results in attracting new customers and increasing the number of buyers.

Shipping and Payment

Shipping is one of the most important factors when an online store is concerned. No customer likes to wait for a long time to get the products that they have ordered. Canopy Kratom provides USPS Priority shipping. The brand ensures the customers that their products are shipped as soon as possible after their orders are confirmed.

Customers have had great experiences with the brand when it comes to shipping. The orders are delivered within 2-3 business. In the unforeseen case of delay of postal services, the orders are delivered within 9-10 days. The company also allows buyers to track their orders correctly.

The brand is not currently accepting credit cards. The same is the case for many other kratom vendors are well. Due to legal complications with significant credit card brands, payment by card is not available. You can pay while buying with Canopy Botanicals using either cryptocurrency or e-checks. You can also register with the brand and receive various perks as a member.

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Return Policy

Many kratom brands in the market offer a return policy in case of an unsatisfactory product. Canopy Botanicals is not one of them. All of the sales that the brand makes are final and non-refundable. In the case of a damaged or wrong product, a replacement can be made within 14 days of receiving the order. The brand does not grant refunds to the customers. This feature is slightly suspicious because it gives the impression that the brand does not have confidence in its products and strains. Any opened or unsealed product cannot be replaced either.


Approachability and customer satisfaction are two prerequisites of any online business. A reliable brand does not have anything to hide and stays transparent with its customers. Canopy Kratom aims to provide the best botanicals to its customers at a great price. They value the response of the buyers.

Furthermore, the brand makes sure that it is easy for customers to contact and approach the brand. The company has provided its email address on the website. It also urges the customers to contact the brand in the case of any complaint. The company also has its address on the website. As compared to shady brands that provide bogus contact information, Canopy Botanicals has nothing to hide.

Coupons and Discounts

For any online business, coupons and discounts are significant. These offers help to gain more customers. Canopy Kratom has coupon codes that are updated regularly and uploaded on various kratom forums. Other than these codes, the company also has a membership program. When you register with the brand, you are regularly updated with all the new offers and products that they are offering. This way, you do not miss any fantastic chances to save.


When it comes to kratom, Canopy Botanicals have a selection of almost twenty different strains. They have their full spectrum extract available for just 13$ for ten grams. This price tag is one of the most economical full spectrum kratom extract currently being sold. Other than that, the company also has Green Hulu, Red Maeng Da and Golden Bali strains amongst various others.

The brand also sells a variety of other botanical products. Their teas have been called the best herbal teas by many users. They have an assortment of flavours, including the famous Ambrosia tea and Chai tea. These teas have hints of cinnamon and other flavourings in them and are sold in a user-friendly re-sealable heat resistant bag.

The company has detailed information about each of its tea and handmade soaps. Their soaps are completely organic and handmade. An assortment of various aromas and flavours of soaps are present on the website.

How Does Canopy Kratom Compare With Other Brands?

Canopy Botanicals is different from other traditional brands in many respects. There are a lot of features that separate the brand from the other run-of-the-mill brands in the market. Some of the more apparent features include:

  • Product Range
  • Pricing
  • Completely Independent

Product Range

One of the most distinctive features of Canopy Botanicals is its product range. The brand has one of the most diverse ranges of products being currently sold. This range makes the online shop more of an online emporium. Customers of every palette and preference can find something that appeals to them. Whether it be kratom powders, teas, soaps, spices, etc., you can find them all at the company’s website. The company also sells its apparel and merchandise range.


Many forums have discussed the insanely low prices of the kratom strains being sold by the company. There have been doubts about the quality of their Mitragyna because of the small price tags. No other good brand sells 25 grams of Red Maeng Da for just 3.80$. For instance, Cali Botanicals sells 1 oz. of Red Maeng Da for 8$. Other than the kratom powders; the teas, soaps, and spices being sold at the website are also economical and cheap.

Completely Independent

No one knows the real secret behind the fantastic and unbeatable price tags of the Canopy Botanicals products. However, the brand is wholly independent and handles everything on its own. From supplying the raw materials to formulating and manufacturing, no middle party is involved.

Social Media Presence

In the current century where technology has advanced to insane levels, a social media presence is essential for every online business. Being active on social platforms not only increases the customer pool but also increases approachability and transparency between the customer and the brand. Canopy Kratom has its pages on Facebook and Twitter. However, they are not active on these platforms. They have zero tweets, and their last Facebook post was in 2016.

Pros & Cons Of The Brand


There are many features that elevate the standard of Canopy Botanicals above the traditional kratom vendors. Some of their positive aspects include:

  • The amazing range and prices are both the top features of this brand. The brand not only sells one of the best range but also at one of the best prices. It is bound to garner attention from botanical enthusiasts because of this.
  • Their compliance with the rules set up by the FDA further increases the confidence of the customers on the brand. The company makes sure that none of their products is a cause of discomfort for the buyers.
  • Even though the prices of the products are already affordable and economical, you can reduce them further by using discount codes and coupons. The discounts are even available over a certain valued purchase.


There are not a lot of negatives associated with Canopy Botanicals. The brand is a higher than average vendor with good customer reviews and strains. One of the most significant drawbacks with the company is the unavailability of lab tests. Buying untested or improperly tested products can cause medical complications. Furthermore, the inactivity of the company on social media platforms is another negative associated with the brand. An active social presence and following are imperative for an online brand to succeed.

Reviewer Notes

The brand has mixed reviews online, although most users are satisfied with what they are getting from the company. Their teas and soaps have been called some of the best in the botanical market. Even their spices have been praised by buyers online. As far as kratom is concerned, Canopy Botanicals works for many customers while others complain about its potency. We would suggest that you buy a small quantity to start with and see how it works for you. Then move to larger orders if you are satisfied.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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