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6 Best Cannabis Strains For Depression

Well, while observing marijuana administrators, one finds that a majority aims to ward off depressive thoughts and anxiety.

Cannabis – a popular drug of present days has opened up an era of intensive investigation. Researchers are digging deeper and deeper into the regimes of Cannabis in an attempt to extract more usefulness.

Each day we get to know a relatively amusing discovery about this strange pot plant. And, now, a newer debate topic has risen ‘Cannabis for Depression’.

Well, while observing marijuana administrators, one finds that a majority aims to ward off depressive thoughts and anxiety. People believe that puffing marijuana or the intake of Cannabis in any form enables them to calm down.

Considering this popular belief, Carrie Cutler even researched along with the rest of the team. The research revolved around an examination of cannabis effects on depression. Well, while the results appeared positive, they did not specify the strain.

We do know that Cannabis, even if temporarily, helps out in reducing depression and anxiety. But, which cannabis strain is more efficient? How to choose different types of cannabis strains? What do the majority prefer?

Well, hold your questions a bit longer because together, we are about to take a ride more in-depth into the topic, and have a look at the best Cannabis strains for depression. Hop in!

Short Overview Of Types

To start from the basics; There are three separate types of Cannabis. These include:

Amongst all, Cannabis Ruderalis gets rarely used because it does not contain enough THC or CBD to produce potent effects. For that reason, cultivators and breeders tend to avoid it.

The short and stocky Indicas and thin and skinny Sativa are the most popular ones due to their high cannabinoids and terpenes content. Another popular type of Cannabis is the Hybrid type.

Several new and unique varieties of Hybrids are introduced by cannabis growers now and then. Just as the name suggests, the Hybrids are a product of different combinations of parent plants, i.e., Indica & Sativa.

Indica Vs. Sativa Vs. Hybrid

In the former times, when limited research over the matter was available, people picked Cannabis for themselves by only looking at their type-tags, i.e., Indica and Sativa. The prevalent and common belief about the two types, was as follows;

  • Indica: Capable of relieving the mind from stress, anxiety, and bringing about more profound relaxation. Thus, the best type to address medical conditions.
  • Sativa: Capable of boosting energy and creativity. Therefore, the best type for recreational use.

If you’re searching for the best pot plant for depression amongst the two, then know that both can help with your grief.

But we can not just suggest one because recent research has proved that the type or category of Cannabis has little to do with the effects you experience.

Be it Indica or Sativa; the effects of the plant are dependent on the chemical composition and growing techniques.

Thus, to make your decision, you need to acquire knowledge about the strains of Cannabis. Now, what are strains? Strains are what get classified under the Hybrid heading.

These are the new and unique species of Cannabis that one can obtain or produce by cross-breeding different cannabis males and females.

Note that the parent plants belong to the Sativa and Indica category only. The Hybrids have varying CBD-THC content. Thus, each strain possesses the capability of effectively addressing several issues.

To help you select the right marijuana for depression, below are some of the best cannabis strains for depression, along with a comprehensive buying guide.

Our Recommendations

For an experienced cannabis consumer, find the right marijuana strain is not as tricky as a beginner. Hence, for your feasibility, we have compiled some of the best cannabis strains for depression.

1) Harlequin

Dominant Cannabinoid: CBD dominant

About: Belonging to the Sativa category, Harlequin is a CBD-dominant strain that is a product of several landrace strains. It has 3-6% lesser THC and 7-10% less CBD than average weed strain.

Despite that, it possesses a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. Other than that, this vividly coloured, medium-sized, dense, and sticky bud contains a Herbal terpene named Mycerene, which possesses an earthy smell.

It also contains Pinene and spicy, peppery Caryophyllene, which provides anti-inflammatory properties.

Positive Effects

  • It washes away the blues, clears your mind, and gives a more focused approach to the depressed patient.
  • The strain provides a boost of energy and eradicates the lethargy that accompanies depression.
  • Due to low THC content, it does not induce a high. Instead, it relaxes the stressed mind.
  • Harlequin also relieves chronic pain and musculoskeletal pain.

Side Effects

  • Possessing wake-promoting properties, it is not suitable for consumption close to bedtime.

2) Cannatonic

Dominant Cannabinoid: CBD dominant

About: Cannatonic comprises of high CBD content (6-10%) than an average strain, and low THC amount (3-7%). The pot strain is a child plant to G13 haze and MK Ultra, thus belongs to the Hybrid category.

It is a relatively long and dense strain. The Cannatonic offers various terpenes, such as Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene.

Positive Effects

  • It helps people feel more relaxed and happy.
  • It allows people to relieve pain, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Side Effects

  • Consumers may experience dry mouth and dry eyes.

3) Laughing Buddha

Dominant Cannabinoid: THC

About: Just as the name suggests, the Laughing Budhha will bring a happy, humorous vibe. The depression-helping Sativa strain comes from Jamaican and Thai parents.

Even more, it possesses a fruity, tangy, pineapple-like flavour and a spicy, peppery aroma that will keep you wanting for more. It contains up to 18% of THC and 0.2-0.4% of CBD. The award-winning strain gets considered as an instant cure for depression.

Positive Effects

  • It brings a rush of energy and makes the user light-head almost immediately.
  • Along with re-energizing and refreshing the mind, it soothes headaches and backaches.
  • The strain helps you depressed patients step out of their black, drowning world and have a good laugh.
  • It also battles fatigue that depression may bring.
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Side- Effects

  • High or frequent intake can lead to headaches.

4) Jack Herrer

Dominant Cannabinoid: THC Dominant

About: This particular strain, belonging to Sativa, has a THC dominant (15-19% than average marijuana strain) composition. It has a compact, vividly-colored, and bushy appearance.

Jack Herer comprises Terpinolene, which offers herbal benefits and is present in apples too. The Caroyphellene in Jack Herer provides anti-inflammatory effects.

Consumers have reported to feel more happy, energetic, and uplifted after Jack Herer intake. Hence, reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.

Positive Effects

  • It helps people feel more joyful and energetic.
  • Reduces depression, anxiety, and stress much.

Side Effects

  • People are likely to experience a high state of mind.
  • May make the mouth and eyes dry.

5) Northern Lights

Dominant Cannabinoid: THC predominant

About: With a peculiar name, the Northern Lights has a 14-19% THC content, which is slightly lesser than an average cannabis strain. The dense and medium-sized weed strain has a citrusy, peppery, as well as an earthy scent.

It comprises of three terpenes, including Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. Limonene is the agent in the Northern Lights that provide consumers relieve from anxiety and stress.

Positive Effects

  • Consumers feel relaxed, calm, and happier upon intake.
  • Eases stress, depression, anxiety, pain, and insomnia.

Side Effects

  • It is not suitable for people willing to experience energetic feelings.
  • The presence of dominant THC content can make the person feel high.

6) MediHaze

Dominant Cannabinoid: CBD dominant

About: MediHaze is a relatively new weed for depression, which belongs to the Sativa category. It has a 6-15% CBD content and a comparatively lesser THC content.

MediHaze appears to be a denser, moderately-sized, and aromatic strain. Consumers report it to smell lemony and taste sweet with a tint of mint.

The cannabis strain allows consumers to remain fully functional throughout the day and experience calm feelings.

Positive Effects

  • Medihaze reduces depression by elevating a soothing sensation.
  • Consumers feel happier, calmer, and stable.
  • It has a much pleasant taste and smell than other strains.

Side Effects

  • It is suitable for people willing to experience high associated with THC.

Choosing Your Strain For Depression

The cannabis plant is a mystery in itself, but one where a passerby can find answers to all other questions.

While studying this complex plant and its link with depression, researchers have attained positive outcomes. But, no one has up till now concluded a specific strain to treat depression generally. While every individual is different, each cannabis strain is different too.

Then, how can one select the most suitable marijuana strain? Well, don’t stress out! Read on these comprehendible steps to reach your best cannabis strain.

Step 1: Consultation

Perhaps, the best way to choose the most suitable cannabis strain is to consult a medical expert. A specialist can help you find the pot strain that suits your body condition.

Also, the expert will guide you about the potential side effects of certain strains on your body. So, before you begin your cannabis strain hunt, consult a medic!

Step 2: Understanding Strains

As mentioned earlier, each cannabis strain is different than others. Indeed, a specific marijuana strain will have a particular set of genes.

Thus, they will exhibit similar appearance and behaviour. Please note that the term similar and identical have slightly differing meanings.

However, each strain produced gets affected by some environmental and developmental factors too.

For example, we have Strain X and Strain Z, which come from two different countries. Despite being the same type of strain, they will have a few differences inflicted by the varying environmental conditions.

Therefore, while choosing a strain, it is better to select a laboratory-tested one. Acquiring knowledge about reading laboratory tests can further help you in determining.

Step 3: Trial & Error

The effect of a particular strain depends on the individual’s depression level and type too. Just like Cannabis strain, depression of every person is different, and while one may find a particular strain best, the others may not.

There are around 9-different types of depression, including major, persistent, and maniac. Hence, while choosing the best cannabis strain, you will have to experiment a bit. Do not hesitant from doing trial and error, but do consult your medical expert beforehand.

Step 4: CBD and THC Ratio

The amount of CBD and THC in the cannabis strain matters a lot, considering the biological properties of each compound. THC often gets associated with biphasic effects.

While a moderate dosage can manage depression, an inappropriate dosage can bring side-effects.

Hence, one should find out about the CBD and THC ratio in a cannabis strain before choosing it.

Step 5: The Right Dosage

If you want to augment your cannabis relief experience, then you will have to consume the cannabis strain in an appropriate amount.

Every individual has a slightly different body composition, and it can take time to find the proper dosage.

So, consult your medical specialist and inquire about the right dosage of the strain you have chosen.

Try to maintain a diary and record the effects of a particular dosage. Soon, you will be able to handle your depression with the right strain.


Now that you have acquired knowledge about types of the cannabis strain, how to choose the best one, and the best strains of the present time, make sure that you administer only the idealistic one.

Remember that cannabis strains will have varying effects, and up till now, there is no specified best strain for depression. Thus, consult your medical expert and take time to discover one that suits you the best.

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