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What Is Cannabis Kief? Explained With Uses

The most noticeable part of the puzzle while studying the construction and uses of the Cannabis plant is the total wastage of the kief during the grinding phase of the buds or sprouts.

Have you ever wondered about the residue left in your two-piece grinder after making your stash material?

Yes, absolutely a big yes, it is the kief of the plant that you have been wasting for so many years. But no regrets mate, we here to let you make the maximum use of your potent floret.

If a layperson would try to explain this botanical substance kief, they can be referred to as, sticky crystals, orange yellowish like hair follicles or even plant hair. They are like a sticky fur entangled between the leaves of the female flower.

All these terminologies explain the most neglected part by the cannabis users, and we are referring to the “kief” the beautiful pearl used in the fraternity.

They appeared as a smooth carpet of jelly. If you are talking to a more erudite person, then you can always term your kief as “Trichomes,” “Resins” or “Stigma.”

The Cannabis plant is a nature’s miracle,” you must be thinking that this only applies for the acquired euphoria and psychoactive qualities that the plant hold.

Now we will take you to a dimensional introspection. We have given the “Miracle” adjective to the green herb not only because of its ecstatic gifts, you always relish, but due to the very fact that this plant has an extremely complicated construction, and it has gained the attention of botanists from all over the world.

Think of your Cannabis plant as a Mercedes-Benz A-Class, 2019 Model. When you drive it, you are relishing the thrill of the driving experience.

But after a few months, you start noticing that your state-of-the-art vehicle has so many other functions that you never even knew before like Music enhancement functions underneath the cup holders or automated headlight control.

Same Theory applies for your dearest mate; Marijuana plant. You were consuming the orthodox parts of the plant, the dried-out flowers and leaves.

If you take a little deeper and precise look at the cannabis plant you will notice small jelly-like nodules/substances scattered at the top, all over the female flower and buds.

Kief Is A Defense Mechanism For The Pant

The Trichomes and kief are just like a protection mechanism for the cannabis plant. They act as a smooth carpet of hairs spread all over the surface encapsulated by the leaves.

The evolutionary stages of the cannabis plant have made this easy for you by developing the Kief between the top of the plant. It guards the plant against any unwanted attacks from other species.

Why Kief So Potent?

It is mainly because of two factors:

A) The Green Plant Terpenes

So, what is so special about the kief? The answer is straightforward yet very intriguing. Kief has the most potent form of Smelling chemicals known as the terpenes.

If you are a regular Cannabis or Marijuana user, asking questions regarding your strains must be part and parcel of your cannabis ride over the years.

Have you ever brainstormed that why the moment you heat your strain, an overpowering and pleasant burning smell of oils enrich your nostrils and then starts giving you that deepened relaxation response?

The answer lies in the word “Terpenes,” and Kief of the cannabis plant has the most potent form it.

Now you must be getting familiar why the “kief subject” is in so much limelight in the fashionable marijuana frat. Different types of Kief terpenes have different psychological and physiological responses.

Some evoke focus, attentiveness, and concentration while other kief strains have the boasting quality of kicking in a more significant and stronger relaxation response.

B) Cannabinoids

Consuming Kief for the very first time might prove as a game-changer for your Cannabis journey. It is mainly because of the presence of Cannabis chemicals known as the Cannabinoids.

These chemicals have the unique properties of giving the user relief from many undesirable symptoms relating to chronic illnesses. Respite from fatigue, restlessness, and anxiety along with breathers from everyday nuisances and irritants.

Why Our Body Needs Endocannabinoids?

The kief has powerful Cannabinoids components. When you consume kief in any shape or form the materials such as THC or CBD get into your physiological system and mimic the production of some natural chemicals.

These naturally occurring chemicals within the human body are known as endocannabinoids.

Relationship Between Kief And Endocannabinoids

CB-1 and CB-2 Receptors

  • CB-1

If our body is lacking these endocannabinoids, the kief endo’s will get attach with two main types of receptors within the human body.

The brain receptors are known as the CB-1 and the human bodily receptors known as the CB-2. Within the brain, these receptors work for anxiety and depression.

Producing a much-relaxed state than before. Researchers have found that the CB-1 receptors have a direct relationship with the motor functions thus proving to be a magical drug for the Parkinson patients.

  • CB-2

The CB-2 receptors act as a messaging hallway for different types of cells. The user will have relief from any unwanted, undesirable effects like inflammation and nausea.

So all in all kief of the Cannabis plant is more potent in organic oils and chemicals and let you feel the responses, you have been longing, forever. In simple terminology, it is the “Concentrated” form of the plant.

Cannabinoids And The Libido Response

The sexual effects of kief have been so much in the limelight. The double-blind controlled studies have revealed that some people are more prone to positive sexual effects of cannabis than the others. But with a passage of time, these effects start to mellow down and subside.

So if you have been consuming the identical cannabis dried out forms and have not yet decided to try kief for the first time then relishing a higher libido and long lasting stamina is a great motivation. Let the Dopamine run its course!

How To Make Kief Out Of Your Regular Cannabis Stash

It is the most delicate part of the ride. We all know that most of the people are not high on budget.

Although it is possible to separate the stigmas or kief crystal with professionally designed equipment, they are often costly and usually not marketed widely.

So now we are left with a Cannabis top part with lots of kief hair attached but picking out the kiefs with bare hands is not sounding very doable. Don’t worry there is a straightforward solution to this problem.

The Grater Tricks

You all have a two-piece grinder for making your stash. Now that will work fine if you want to grind the dried form effectively, but for making full use of the kief, they will not work fine.

Because the kief will get stuck to the sides of the hand grinder and then it will become a mess to collect it from there. The simple solution is to buy a three-portion hand grinder for sifting purpose.

When you apply rotational compress, the kief will quickly drop in the third compartment, and then you can collect it from there.

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Different types of semi-commercial scale sifters are also an option. They come in various kinds of shape and sizes depending upon the strain and variety of its kief.

They have a unit for their sifting capabilities. The average size of the kief is around a hundred micrometre.

So, you have to buy your sifter accordingly. If you buy a large-scale sifter, there will be a smaller number of Lines per inch for filtering.

So, decide to render to your needs. A little trial and error will give you the ideal match.

The Funky Ways Of Incorporating Kief Into Your Cannabis Regime

Old Fashioned Smoking-The Easy Sleaze

Most of the smokers do not want to indulge in tiresome intricacies before enjoying the kick. This trend is widely practiced across all the 4-20 fanatics.

So why put yourself in so much hassle of buying new equipment or adapting to other demanding methods of putting your kief to the best of use.

Just roll a joint with kief and smoke. Before smoking kief you should follow precautionary measures, the primary one is vigilance, and a systematic approach IS REQUIRED.

If you have never consumed raw kief before, keep in mind that it is very potent, and you don’t want to fall a case study for overdosing.

Adopt a mild to moderate approach, even half of the quantity as compared to regular weed would do the magic for you. Smoke and have a soothing trip!

Sprinkling The Spices

The next method of adopting kief for your advantage is as simple as it gets. Even easier than making a joint. Just immerse or sprinkle your kief over your weed stash while in the pot.

You will get a full baptized experience with lots of euphoria and happiness than before. The kief Cannabinoids and terpenes will amalgamate with the regular stash and yields a lifetime experience.

The Crunchy Caramel Twax

We have seen lots of videos on YouTube of users rolling stylish yet potent joints.

Although the veracity depends on several factors and ingredients yet one of the DIY methods is to put some binding agent or a sticky substance on the joint.

Then gently roll your joint over finely grounded kief. Your Caramel Crunchy Twax joint is ready to be lit up!

Hooking With Hash

If you have been consuming Marijuana for a considerable amount of time, then there a good chance of tolerance builds up.

No matter how much potent your stash gets, you are just running after the first-time effects of consuming weed.

If that is the precise scenario you are up against then making Hashish out of your acquired kief will be a great idea.


Hash is derived out of kief with the help of a simple yet very delicate process. You have to apply a combination of Pressure and heat on your kief. Roll your kief in a specially designed paper you must have been familiar with as the parched paper.

Put Electric Iron over this kief-containing paper and apply appropriate pressure to break the resins or stigma of kief thus producing a concentrated form.

The trick here is to apply just enough heat and pressure to burst out the resins inside but not damage the paper.

Don’t get discouraged by a few failures, practicing a few times would be sufficient to master the art.

The hash will look darker and different than you’re first-hand kief both in color and texture because it is a more rigorous form of Cannabinoids.

Moon Rocks Momentousness

You love your cars, and you love to experiment a little bit here and there. So why not experiment with your best friend?

Let’s make a groom out of your ordinary looking weed stash and put them to some greater use. For making moon rocks, you need three items

  • A lower boiling point OIL
  • Weed stash
  • Kief or resins

Heat the oil and make it warmer. Then stifle your weed stash with this pre-heated oil. If you have a little bit of interest in cooking, the next step would be your favorite.

Now imagine making fried crispy fish when you roll your fish pieces onto the bread crumbs.

Just like that, roll your oiled weed (Ideally coconut oil) stash over the kief, and your desirable Moon rocks are ready to use. You can use them according to your likings.

Adding small pieces of your freshly made moon rocks in your weed bowl is also a good idea. It’s just like creating a cocktail with two identical, yet different potency strains at the same time.

The Culinary Cooking’s

If you are a fan of making edibles or canna oils with your cannabis stash. Then there is a piece of good news. The kief acts very light on your pocket.

Because it is more potent than the standard form of leaves, you would need only half of the amount as previously required for making cannabis butter or cannabis oil.

If you are a fan of making versatile recipes to impress your peers then there is a simple trick; follow your most popular recipe and then add kief in place of standard buds, but half the amount.

Kief has a very subtle and elusive flavor, and you would relish the taste you might have never even thought off before. Whoopies!

The Espresso Elegance

There is a high probability that my reader is a coffee junky. Have you ever thought that kief would make you a great hug-with-mug type Espresso?

You have to add half a gram of Kief to your preferred coffee type and relish the great high associated with it. The heat in the liquid will unleash the Cannabinoids within the kief, and you will have a great evening.

Please be mindful that there has been not much of research carried out on the subject of mixing kief with caffeine.

So if it’s your first time, be a little careful and consume only a tester dose before going wholeheartedly at this drink.

Caffeine is known to increase the high as both THC and caffeine have the quality of increasing Dopamine production. But do remember a little cautionary use is always endorsed.

The Final Epilogue

During this blog post, we have tried to familiarize you with the botanical views on the presence of kief.

You have now a deep understanding of what you were wasting in your grinder and now what you have to do to make the best use of this golden gate in the Sativa family.

We have described the ways of extracting kief from your usual stash. You have been informed why Kief is so popular, potent and a significant component of the Green plant. It is there for some purpose. As a potent extract just like an action-filled premier of a blockbuster.

Finally, we have tried to make you understand how you can make the best use of your kief with some DIY techniques and other easy to adapt recipes as well.

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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