Buying your first vaporizer can be confusing as hell because there are like a hundred different options. If you are not aware of the type of vape that will suit you the most, you can end up purchasing an expensive but a useless vape.

We feel that we should save you from the misery of ever encountering such a thing so we will arm you with the right information that will help you in buying your first vaporizer. Let this article help you through the daunting process of buying your first vaporizer.

What Is A Vaporizer?

VaporizerA vaporizer is a device that is used in the extraction of compounds out of concentrates, dry herbs as well as e-liquids without burning the substance itself.

It exposes the substance to a limited and the right amount of heat to vaporize the compounds before its combustion.

If using Cannabis for vaping purposes, the main compounds that are vaped include THC and CBD. As compared to smoking it is healthier, and this is why vaping is becoming the new trend in Marijuana world. Vaping marijuana and edibles have been considered a safe option in German.

How Does A Vaporizer Work?

The liquid (oil or wax) or dry herb is stored in the tank of the vaporizer. On activation of your device, the tank/clearomizer is heated up, evaporating the juice and allowing you to inhale the vapor. Different devices work differently.

Identifying Your Preferences

Before we get into the details of the type of vaporizers that you will love, you need to identify your preferences. Do you want a portable vape or a desktop one?

The portable ones can be used during travelling while the desktop one is placed at home where you can comfortably use it. The desktop one is usually expensive, so we recommend to go for a portable one the first time.

Next, what do you want to vape? The dry herb or the concentrates? The dry herb is composed of Marijuana tree while the concentrates have high levels of THC in the form of oils and waxes. Usually, the concentrates are more potent and being a beginner; it is recommended that you take the dry one first.

Once your preferences are set, this article will guide you about the available technological types of the vaporizer, the pros and cons of smoking marijuana using a vaporizer, the importance of switching to the vaporizer, the type of vaporizer that will be perfect for you and the budget allocation for the vaporizer.

The Conduction Or Convection Vaporizer?

Convection VaporizerIn the Conduction type of vaporizers, the dry herb or the concentrates I heated up by making it contact with something that is already hot. This can affect the taste of the vape.

However, the quality vaporizers have a ceramic bowl that does not alter the quality of the herb or concentrate. At the same time, the conduction vaporizers have the benefit that this use very less power, so it can be easily carried. Conduction vaporizers are usually smaller in size.

In Convection vaporizers, hot air is blown over concentrate or dry herb, allowing the product to heated more consistently. It allows you to save a lot of buds and the taste is generally a lot better. However, convection vaporizers use too much power.

What Do Vaporizer Experts Say?

According to one vaporizer expert for concentrates (GuidancePA), vape pen is the best option, and it’s economical. For dry herbs, you can go for convection vaporizer because the use of conduction vaporizer is very tricky.

Another expert told that the desktop units are way stronger than the portable ones and they are more reliable. They don’t need batteries that slowly degrade over time. The buyer should know the usage of the vape.

Units which thrive well in both individual and group situations shall be considered. If you get a vape with a battery powered unit, see if the batteries are replaceable or not.

One expert is of the view to get oneself educated about vaping, and the type of material that will be vaped because it is vaping is related to the extraction process of CBD as well as THC.

Budget Allocation For A Vaporizer

This section belongs to you. How much do you want to pay for buying your first vaporizer depends on you! We do not have an exact answer to this question. Sometimes the more you pay, the better you get. We’ll recommend that any vaporizer less than $80 can be a disappointment.

The desktop ones usually start at $300, and if that’s not your budget, you can go for the portable ones. The portable ones cost around $100 usually and before you purchase any of them, do check their reviews.

The pens that are pre-filled with concentrates are the cheapest ones and the easiest ones when it comes to vaping. These sell for around $20.

They are very convenient and easy to use. The batteries usually last for three days. Vape pens do not need pre-heating, which is a major advantage but the vapour produced has a funky flavour.

Instructions For Buying Your First Vaporizer

  • Identify your preferences.
  • Educate yourself about the various type of vaporizers.
  • Allocate a budget.
  • Check for reviews of the product.
  • Check for warranty of the product.
  • Compare it to other products.
  • Do not buy very cheap vaporizers.
  • Go for the vaporizers that have replaceable batteries.
  • If you are a regular user, you should get a portable to vaporize with high battery life or switch to a desktop unit.
  • Do not get your vapour tank filled by unverified cannabis vendors.
  • Avoid conduction vaporizers if you don’t know the trick of using them.

Pros of Smoking Marijuana Using A Vaporizer

  • Using a vaporizer to smoke Marijuana is considered healthier as no carcinogens or tar is produced.
  • Vaping is way cleaner and you do not feel anxious after smoking it using a vaporizer.
  • Vaporizers tend to be more discreet so you can use them in public too.
  • You tend to taste the flavors of Marijuana better while using a vaporizer.
  • It is more cost effective but it requires initial investment.
  • It gets you high very quickly and you feel the effects quicker.

Cons of Smoking Marijuana Using A Vaporizer

  • There’s a bit of learning curve that is required to use a vaporizer. If you don’t know how to use it, you can combust your product and ruin it.
  • The components of the cartridge may not be entirely Cannabis as these substances are usually not well regulated.
  • Low quality vaporizers can explode.
  • Some vaporizers are highly expensive.

Importance of Switching To A Vaporizer

When you switch to a vaporizer you basically are taking more Marijuana or Cannabis into your system with as low toxic smoke products as possible. You are moving towards a more cost-effective method and you are trying to stay healthier. Vaping is way better than smoking.


The best vaporizer for you is the one that is cheap but provides you the best product without any side effects. It is recommended that you do not get any vaporizer blindly without considering any reviews.

Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.