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Where To Buy Hemp Oil Online? Top Hemp CBD Oil Vendors List

In many countries, hemp is legalized, and many people have started using hemp products due to the beneficial effects and uses of hemp oil.

There is a growing market in today’s world regarding the hemp products due to the rise in demand for such products.

The people are using Hemp oil all over the world, and its gaining popularity but many producers are misleading the customers with medical claims along with the deceptive advertising and marketing criteria to enhance their profit margin.

Before attempting to buy hemp oil online or from dispensaries and stores, you need to search the product and complete your homework regarding the Hemp-related products.

Hemp Oil

The hemp oil is derived from the plant termed as “Hemp.” The hemp extract is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant.

This type of oil can be easily obtained from all the plants which fall under the Cannabis genus, but industrial hemp is advised as the best plant for extracting the hemp oil.

The hemp oil is produced by an industrial method which provides the product with minimal content of psychoactive substances.

Uses of Hemp Oil

The hemp oil is used in the following everyday situations:

  • Serves as a natural moisturizer.
  • The hemp oil serves as a base for the variety of plastics.
  • The hemp oil works great for cooking purposes and is enriched in nutrients. The oil provides the food with nutty and crispy taste and serves as a perfect alternative to olive oils.
  • The hemp oil can be utilized as a bio-diesel fuel.
  • It can be used in the preparation of soaps, lotions or foods.
  • The oil is also used for paint-production which are eco-friendly in nature.

Where to Buy Hemp Oil Online?

There are various ways to buy hemp oil. You can purchase it from online stores, dispensaries, mortar, and brick store. However, we will mention the multiple websites offering you with hemp products.

You can order your hemp oil easily from the award-winning online outlets such as Dixie Botanicals and Real Scientific hemp oil.

Hemp oil is legally available and can be easily purchased online. The selling and buying of hemp products are not affected by the laws imposed by the federal government regarding the use of marijuana.

The hemp oils are quickly shipped to international countries regardless of whether you live in the United States or not.

Hemp oil can be readily purchased from online stores, dispensaries, and in natural or wellness product stores.

Be sure to do complete research before buying the hemp oil from online stores:

  • Search for quality products rather than the low prices because the market is full of affordable products, but you need to find the ones which are high-quality products. It is because the products with high quality are more safe and efficient than the cheap ones.
  • Beware of the Hemp products which claim that they can cure everything as no product can do so. However, hemp oil and other hemp products provide you with broad-spectrum medical benefits. Do your research regarding the hemp products available in online stores to avoid any scams.
  • Bear in mind to buy the Hemp oil which is free from non-psychoactive content. Thoroughly check the label of the hemp products and only opt for the ones which are free from psychoactive effects.

Best Ranked Vendors to Buy Hemp Oil Online

The following are the best-ranked vendors which you can choose to buy hemp oil online from:

1) Bluebird Botanicals

This vendor has a solid reputation regarding the highest quality hemp products in the market. They have highly improved extraction methods for Hemp oil. The vendor offers the customers with nationwide shipping.

Their hemp is grown and processed in Colorado. They analyze the products with 3rd party lab testing and provide the customers with high-quality hemp oil.

2) Beyond Botanicals

The Beyond Botanicals offers the customers with hemp products which are affordable and high-quality products. They utilize the superficial CO2 extraction method for achieving the best quality of hemp oil.

They have hemp products available in various forms such as edibles, isolate, and massage oils, capsules, topical, oil tinctures and vape liquids.

3) Tasty Hemp Oil

Tasty hemp oil is newly found in the Hemp industry. The company has become popular due to its fantastic Hemp tinctures which have the best taste.

The hemp oil products from this vendor are available in a variety of flavours, and they are prepared in a way that you can consume the hemp oil alone or have it with drinks according to your choice.

4) CW Botanicals or Charlotte’s Web

They sell high-quality hemp oil with low levels of the psychoactive substance,i.e., THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

The company was developed in 2011 by Stanley Brothers, who prepared hemp oil with the use of industrial hemp.

5) Endoca

Endoca has customer service offices present in Copenhagen and San Diego. This company uses the non-GMO, organic hemp crops which are harvested with the help of specialized tools.

Endoca claims that they offer their customers with products which are independently lab-tested. However, they do not provide a certificate of analysis posted with their products online on their website.

If you want to pay this vendor by credit card, then you need to call them at customer service representative 1-619-831-0156.

Endoca provides the customers with hemp oil which is of high-quality and free from residues of the volatile solvent.

Their products are organically certified, offers the guarantee about the accuracy of concentration regarding the hemp content along with the quality of the products.

The products from Endoca are 100% certified with high-quality hemp products which are 100% organic.

Endoca offers the customers with complete dedication regarding the purchase. They have shipping facilities worldwide.

6) Nutiva

This company provides the customers with certified, non-GMO, and organic hemp products. Nutiva prepares the hemp oil from the raw hemp seeds.

The hemp oil is unrefined, extracted from the cold-pressed method. They offer the customers with chemical-free products.

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7) Healthy hemp oil

This vendor has various products present in the catalogue. Healthy hemp oil provides the customers with a variety of products such as tinctures, sprays, slaves and many others.

However, this vendor offers the customers with limited information regarding their quality control. Healthy hemp oil is the vendor which resells the hemp products from other Hemp brands.

The website provides the customers with written information along with scientific details about the hemp products.

8) Mary’s Nutritionals

There was not much information regarding this website. However, this vendor has customers who swear about their products over Reddit or other forums.

The site does not provide the customers with analysis certificate mentioned on their website regarding the products.

9) 4 Corners Cannabis

This website offers the customers with pricey stuff. However, you can buy the products by using a coupon code during the checkout. These coupon codes provide you with a 50% discount during the checkout.

10) Elixinol

This vendor provides the customers with a link related to the certificate of analysis associated with their hemp products.

The company produces the wholesome extract from the plant rather than an isolate or a synthetic product. The vendor offers the customers with high-quality, pure hemp products rather than cheap ones.

11) Dutch Natural Healing

The website provides customers with lab-tested products. They have a reputation in the market regarding reliable and honest working methods along with highly efficient product service to their customers.

12) CBD Store

It is one of the promising vendors, but their payment processing is currently down as mentioned on Reddit. The CBD store offers the delivery in more than 50 states of the US.

It has hemp products from a variety of brands. It provides the customers with a range of products such as tinctures, salves, sprays, balms, capsules, creams, lotions, dabs, oral applicators and many others.

13) Green Wellness

This vendor offers lab-tested and pure hemp products. They focus on achieving the customer’s satisfaction.

They provide the customers with education regarding hemp products and make them feel comfortable regarding the use of hemp-related products.

What should you search for while buying the hemp oil?

Do your complete research regarding the vendor from which you are planning to buy the hemp oil. Keep these few things in mind, before you plan to opt a vendor for hemp oil:

  • Reliable Track Record

The hemp oil industry is new in the market, and it is difficult to find a company which reliably sells hemp products.

Choose the vendors who have been serving thousands of customers from 2012 in a very safe manner such as Medical Marijuana, HempMeds, and Inc.

These Hemp brands are highly professional about their services to customers, their standards regarding the third-party lab testing.

  • Third-Party Lab Testing

Look for websites, who sell hemp products with certificates regarding the quality and safety of the product. These certifications offer you to verify the hemp products and rely on such brands.

The vendors mentioned above provide you with the 3rd party lab testing and claim safety along with quality regarding their products.

Medical Marijuana, INC and HempMeds offer you with products which are free from contaminants and provide with the appropriate ratio of cannabinoids.

  • Clear Labelling

Adequately mentioned labels allow the customer to have trust in the brands from which they are purchasing the hemp oil.

The accurate labelling will enable you to identify the ingredients included in the product, along with storage details, serving size and shelf life.

  • Source of Hemp

It should be mentioned in the product that the hemp oil is sourced from which type of hemp plant.

  • Customer Service

The online store should offer the customers with 24 hours customer service representative or can contact the website with an email regarding the queries of the product.

  • Avoid Healthy Claims

Choose hemp oil which is offered by the brands without any strong claims; it is because according to the FDA guidelines the hemp products cannot be endorsed for medical benefits.

  • Wide Range Of Products

Choose the vendors who offer you with a broad range of hemp products such as hemp oils, tinctures, salves, hemp capsules, hemp vaporizers, local hemp products or hemp isolates.

How to Choose the Best Vendor While Buying Hemp Oil Online?

You need to look into several factors before you choose the best hemp oil. Look for practices regarding the:

  1. Quality control
  2. Reviews
  3. Customer service
  4. Packaging
  5. Payment methods
  6. Cost and shipping

Final Verdict

Various scammers in the market are selling fake products in the name of a medical cure for all ailments in everyday life, and people are buying such products.

Avoid purchasing bogus hemp products and perform your complete research regarding the hemp products and their benefits.

Choose the websites mentioned above for enjoying your shopping experience regarding the hemp products.


Do we need a doctor’s prescription before buying the hemp oil?

No, there is no need to have a doctor’s prescription before doing so.

Is hemp oil legal?

Yes, hemp oil is entirely legal in theUnited States and many other countries of the world.

Does hemp oil contain psychoactive elements?

No, it lacks the psychoactive elements which might make you high.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding ladies consume hemp oil?

There needs to be further research regarding the use of hemp oil in pregnant ladies or breastfeeding mothers.

How many types of hemp products are available other than hemp oil?

You can consume hemp in the form of edibles, tinctures, hemp e-liquids or hemp topical.

What is the recommended serving size of hemp oil?

Start your first dosage with 10-15 drops of hemp oil, but you need to experiment with it and choose the dosage according to your results.

Is hemp oil safe to use? are there any side effects with the use of hemp oil?

It is suggested to consult your physician or doctor before the consumption of hemp oil.

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