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Where Can I Buy CBD Oil In The UK?

This is a common question; you will find everyone asking around you. Let’s dig the truth and know more about the purchasing CBD oil in the UK.

CBD or Cannabidiol is not considered a controlled substance in the UK, which makes it 100% legal. Whereas, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical responsible for creating psychoactive high, due to marijuana and is no doubt illegal in the UK.

CBD oil doesn’t create a high, that is because it has less than 0.2% of the THC, and is derived from hemp. Any other hemp oil having a higher THC is considered illegal in the UK.

Why UK People Consume CBD Oil?

It is used to ease the symptoms of various medical conditions like joint pain, sclerosis, depression, anxiety, etc. It can also:

• Reduce pain
• Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients
• Provide relief from muscle spasm
• Reduce ocular pressure in glaucoma patients
• Controls your blood pressure
• Relief various symptoms of constipation, asthma, insomnia, epilepsy, etc.

Several studies have shown the benefits of using the CBD oil, that is why the state has legalized it and consider it as medical marijuana.

Several athletes and medical patients, as well as other consumers, are discovering its benefits and often ask where to buy CBD oil in the UK.

Here we are going to discuss the places where you can buy UK CBD oil in your locality.

UK Local Tobacconist Shops

You can find CBD oil in local smoke shops in the UK. Vaping is the easiest way to consume it, the new generation and millennials are quite into it.

They are more interested in CBD oil vape rather than smoking cigarettes or any other tobacco products. The only reason is it has several advantages and has no risks attached to it.

For the young generation, vaping CBD oil is the best option to get relief from stress rather than smoking cigarettes.

UK Health Supplements/Food Chains

In your locality, you can find various health food stores that are selling your favorite CBD oil. Imagine how convenient it is to buy food items, health supplements and high-quality CBD oil from one place. If you are wondering which health stores in the UK are selling CBD oils, then here is your answer.

Holland & Barrett is the first British Chain in the UK which started selling CBD oil not only online but offline as well. You can buy the CBD oil products from their stores in your locality. It has more than 750 stores in the UK and Ireland.

Sunshine Health & Bodycare is another place where you can buy CBD cannabis oil or cannabidiol oil. It is one of the oldest health food stores in the UK which provides a wide range of healthy food as well as natural remedies. They are selling CBD oil in Stroud for more than a year now. How to reach there? know the answer on yelp or google maps.

GNC offers a wide range of sports powders and other health supplements and the best place to buy CBD hemp oil too. Locate a store near you in the UK to buy CBD oil. They even provide free delivery in the UK.

UK Gas/Filling Locations

Since the selling of CBD oil is illegalized in the state, the more you will research, the more places you will find to buy it. That is all because of its high demand. You can even buy CBD oil while you are traveling from a gas station along with food items or any other medicine you need.

The owners of the gas stations are providing various items for travelers. They are now supplying CBD oil products due to the increase in need and requirement within a year.

UK CBD Local Companies – Use Google Map Searches

We all know that maps are the easiest way of finding any place in the region. Using Google map services is more convenient, easy and simple to locate what you are looking for. With it, you can quickly find the Cannabidiol oil companies near you.

The map will help you in finding the most reliable sources or stores where you easily buy CBD oil without wasting much of your time. It will showcase the whole route to the shop by providing detailed directions so that you won’t have to struggle to locate the store near you which is selling the CBD oil products.

Use Top Online Directories (YP or Yelp) To Locate CBD Brands in UK

Those who do not want to invest a lot of time in finding a store can merely look in the yellow pages or yelp to locate the nearest CBD oil store.

It’s easier for Yelp to search and provide you with information about the local stores near you selling CBD oil. One can efficiently use its app or can open it in an internet browser to begin the search.

Buy CBD Oil Products Online In The UK – Where Available?

Everyone wants to buy stuff online and get it delivered at their doorstep, the same is with CBD oil. It is readily available online from where you can buy the best CBD oil products with just a click.

Start your search on Google or to make it even simpler, we are providing the top 6 sites from where you can easily buy UK CBD oil.

1. Dank Vapes

You can easily avail the best quality organic CBD products as well as premium vaporizers here. Their prices are quite competitive. It is the number one CBD E-Liquid UK shop to buy portable, high-quality vaporizers and CBD vape oil.

These oils are crafted, brewed and packed in the UK only. They go through rigorous testing to provide you with the reliable and top-notch quality of vaporizers.

2. CBDPure – www.cbdpure.com

CBDPure offers premium quality of 100% pure CBD oil which is safe to use as well as fully legal. The company provides the hemp in liquid form only and make sure to provide top-notch quality products. Some might think that the price of CBDPure hemp oil is a bit high as compared to others. But quality comes with a price.

3. DE-Finest – Strongest CBD Oil In The UK

De-finest is a one-stop-shop for all CBD-related products in the UK. They are currently offering whole plant CBD hemp and full-spectrum CBD in different potencies and product forms.

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The extraction of CBD is done via the freezing (CO2) process, followed by decarboxylation. The oil is made using several hybrids, including Sativa and Indica, under the supervision of a homeopathic healer.

The CBD oil sample pack comes with 2 options. They can be of any product type available in the shop. You can select your desired products and test their 1 ml pack by only paying for the postage cost.

The current potencies offered by the site are 1 ml samples of 1500 mg and 3000 mg CBD oils. Each bottle, other than Full-spectrum cannabinoid oil, additionally contains hemp seed oil.

The compounds in all their products are rich in CBN, aromatic terpenes (e.g., limonene and pinene), CBDA, THCA, CBDV, CBDVA, THCV, THCVA, CBG, CBGA, and CBCVA.

This CBD oil UK brand also provides the concentration of THC in its CBD products, i.e., 0.20%.

The sublingual (holding a drop of oil under your tongue) is the most common method for De-finest CBD intake. You can quickly figure out your daily CBD dosage here once you are satisfied with the sample.

In case you are not satisfied with oil intake, you can opt for De-finest gel CBD capsules. Each pill contains approx 18.5mg of pure full-spectrum CBD, and you can easily take it without any fear of over-dosage or going beyond your serving size.

If you want to feel the CBD effects with different flavors, then De-finest snake gummies are definitely your first choice. These gummies can help you get relaxed and enhance your mood. The sweet CBD edibles offer the same benefits as with oil or capsules, but the absorbability inside the blood takes time. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and available in packs of 5 up to 20.

De-finest vape liquid is for experienced users having vaping experience. CBD with inhalation method can get absorbed fast in your bloodstream and offer you quick relief from pain, depression, and other ailments.

The refill bottles contain different flavored CBD, and you need a vaporizer to convert e-liquid into the vapor.

Definest vape additives are available in Heisenberg red and green. Each bottle contains 50/50 VG/PG in a 50 or 100ml CBD vape oil bottle.

CBD in topical creams is the best pain reliever. The Definest balm is made from CBD hemp plant extraction, and it contains additional ingredients: Beeswax, EMU oil, Shea Butter and pure Olive oil. Each pot contains 30 to 50g of CBD along with other relieving ingredients.


  • There is an international shipping option on the site (legal states)
  • Delivery within the UK is free on orders over £50.
  • CBD comes from a reputable supplier and is thoroughly lab-tested.
  • Their blog section is very educative about CBD.
  • The site keeps on offering an amazing sale on their products.
  • Their FAQ section is very informative.
  • They provide samples for customer ease and satisfaction


  • They do not have other types of CBD e.g. Isolate and Broad-spectrum

4. Holland & Barrett

They are the first health food store in the UK who have started selling CBD oil which has increased the sale of CBD oil to quite an extent.

They provide a wide range of products to their consumers to enhance their well-being. The products include high-quality CBD products used for various purposes.

Holland & Barrett is one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers as well as the largest in Europe. They have more than 145 years of experience and now providing their services to various major cities of the UK.

5. Hemp Botanics

They are the leading wholesaler in the UK CBD market who are dedicatedly working to provide the best and finest quality of 100% hemp-based, terpenes, full-spectrum essential oil extracts, and other products in the UK, Europe as well as other parts of the world.

They have earned credibility as the trusted and most reliable wholesaler of all naturally grown hemp products.

6. UK Amazon CBD Oil

Who doesn’t know about Amazon, and you will be glad to know that they are also selling CBD oil products. They have a wide range of products from which you can select what you are looking for. It’s easier for you to buy the CBD hemp oil online from Amazon online store.

Consider These Tips Before Making Mind of Purchasing CBD Oil in UK

You might find several other online stores to buy CBD hemp oil products, but there are few tips that you need to consider before relying on any online store.

Know your source – research about the place, personal recommendations will work great.
Purchase within your region – it is suggested to choose a local supplier since they will be working as per the laws of the locality.
Don’t trust sellers on social media – you might find several offering CBD oil for sale on social media but have no identification. They are not at all trustworthy, therefore, stay away from them.
Ask for a phone call or Skype call – It will help you in identifying where the seller is and whether or not it’s a scammer.
Ask for full test results of that particular batch of oil – If they are legit, they will provide you with the complete HPLC test results for your surety. Only reputable suppliers perform proper tests, since its expensive.
Price discussion – Discuss the price only once you are satisfied whether the supplier is genuine or not. You can see what is the rate of a particular amount of oil in your region and then move ahead.
• Ask for a sample, never pay in advance or send cash by mail or any other service.

Final Thoughts About Purchasing CBD Oil in UK

We have discussed the easiest way to find the Hemp-derived CBD oil in your locality as well as have discussed top places to buy it online. But it’s important to double-check the rules and regulations in your region first before you make a purchase.

Along with that, before you start consuming it, it’s important to verify your condition and get a certification from a registered physician.

Ruth Hadfield
Ruth has been a freelance medical writer for the past five years, ranging from academic papers to blog posts to magazine articles. Her speciality is writing product reviews and medical instruments. Besides writing she is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree, living in New York with her mother.

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