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Cannabis in Bong Pipes or Rolling Joints: Which One is Better?

When you are with a group of friends, and you all want to smoke weed, do you opt for rolling joints or pipes or do you prefer brownies or a smoothie? The kind of pot you prefer says a bit about your preference in terms of the ‘high’ feeling that everyone wants!

Ever since medical and recreational marijuana has become a common commodity for people in the United States, one wonders what the right way to consume cannabis is.

Let’s first understand why people feel the need to consume marijuana or cannabis. The plant has a lot of health benefits along with the THC factor, which is the euphoric high.

So, when the purpose of consumption is to experience the high, the method of use should be one that gives users the right amount of kick in the shortest period.

The various methods of consuming cannabis ensure that you get the ‘high’ feeling without any delay or hindrance.

The heavy hitters are all the methods of consuming weed that will make you feel ‘high.’ These include edibles such as brownies, smoothies, and even capsules and weed desserts that are readily available.

However, even with this option in mind, people still like to use bong pipes or rolled joints.

Between the two of these, which is more effective? Which creates a better ‘high’ feeling for a more extended period?

When you looking for a massive hit – pick up a bong pipe!

A bong pipe or a water pipe is a device that has a base tray, where you can burn weed, and the smoke travels through a tube surrounded by water.

For a new user, the smoke may be harsh, but it gives the high that everyone secretly waits for when they try weed!

The bong pipes, like edible marijuana, hit a high note for users, but the good thing is that unlike edibles, you can control the amount of THC you consume.

A simple and straightforward way of using weed; the pipe allows you to crush a few leaves, burn them in the base tray and voila!

You can take in a puff through the tube and feel exhilarating, euphoric and stress-free.

Several users with medical conditions prefer bong pipes so that they can relieve themselves of pain or discomfort as soon as they smoke.

No waiting period is required for you to feel blissful while you use the pipe!

For recreational purposes, users who want a good feel after consumption turn to bong pipes as the water around the long chamber cools the smoke to give a smoother and better experience.

Some people add ice to the water to reduce the impact while others may use warm water to smoke a more substantial and earthy ‘high.’

The only drawback of the bong pipe may be the cleaning it requires before you are ready for another smoke.

You will have to clean the water pipe properly and the long chamber to get rid of the impurities.

Some users have experienced glass breaks due to sudden changes in temperature, so make sure you maintain a smooth and safe weed intake every time by keeping the water in the bong pipe at a moderate temperature.

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Rolled Joints

This joint is weed leaves crushed and rolled in paper like a cigarette.

The high you get from rolled joints are slightly less than bong pipes, but it isn’t subtle in any way! The buzz or ‘high’ you get from the tube.

It is the most common method of consuming marijuana because it is simple to carry a rolled joint than holding a bong pipe. However, due to the lesser hit of weed, it is not a preferable way to smoke weed if you want a massive hit.

The primary advantage of rolled joints is that socially, it is a more comfortable option to smoke pot than a bong pipe.

Of course, edible marijuana like brownies and smoothies are also easy to consume, but while comparing with bong pipes, rolled joints have a more favorable use.

Secondly, you can spice up the game by using flavored rolling paper. You can easily find the flavored ones at tobacco shops, weed dispensaries, or online stores like Hemper Bongs.

Apart from flavor, you can find hemp paper, transparent paper, and even unbleached paper! You can also find bigger or smaller joint papers.

If you want a higher dose of THC and a better kick, try using the king size thin rolling paper! It will give you a good punch and ensure a longer ‘high’!

The use of cigarettes looks much easier because it is an accepted substance. However, this does not indicate that they are effective in giving you the THC kick.

Bong pipes are more effective while rolled joints can be controlled in terms of quantity of weed.

A significant flaw of the rolled joint is that the burnt paper harms the lungs.

Just like tobacco cigarettes, rolled joints create an adverse impact for the lungs and carbon from the paper gets deposited in the lungs of long-term users.

How is rolled joint different than bong pipe, since both are smoke?

A bong pipe has water around the smoke tube. This hydration method makes the smoke particles cooler than what they feel like in a joint.

Once you light the weed and inhale, the smoke passes through the tube surrounded by water. Therefore, it becomes dense and impacts your senses as soon as you take a puff.

The rolled joint has a warmer smoke and maybe a little harsh. You can increase the amount of weed you take by getting a larger paper, but the same paper is what makes the impact dilute. This dilution is why the effect of rolled joints will always remain less than the bong pipe.

Pros & Cons

Bong Pipes

Pros: Heavy hit. Smoother taste. Easy on the lungs, no carbon intake. No impurities.
Cons: Difficult to carry around. Difficult to clean.

Rolled Joints

Pros: Easy to carry. Flavor options. Can control THC intake amount.
Cons: Inhaling impurities, lesser kick of THC, harmful in the long run.

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