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BlueBird Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil Review


Are you using the right CBD oil product of your choice? Is it free from all sorts of chemicals? Well, don’t say later that we didn’t ask because there is a chance you are not using the best CBD, which is free from chemicals and artificial components.

The BlueBird Botanical CBD oil is a real fusion of multiple hemp extracts. The addition of hemp incorporates both the decarboxylated and raw nature of cannabinoids. The extraction of CBD hemp oil is by following a series of processes, which include farming, extraction, and manufacturing.

The cultivated hemp is a combination of the best hemp strains and plants, cross-bred for terpenes, and cannabinoid contents. The purity of the product is because of the Colorado farmers who grow the cannabis plants in pristine soils within a sustainable greenhouse. The best CBD products in the United States come from the green and natural fields of Colorado.

Why are terpenes taken into considerations?

Terpenes are paired with cannabinoids to achieve an entourage effect, which means modulating the entire psychoactive impacts of the plant. Moreover, Hemp incorporates nearly 26 aromatic compounds, followed by multiple types of aldehydes and ketones.

How to efficiently intake the BlueBird Botanicals CBD Hemp oil?

The best route of administration for any pharmaceutical drug is via oral means. You might feel the taste slightly bitter and earthy, but it is worth it as long as you care for yourself. Nevertheless, due to the decarboxylation, these products are easy to ingest as compared to the raw form.


The classical Hemp’s taste appears to be “woodier” as compared to the complete hemp blend. For your ease, the bottles are 1oz and 2oz along with a syringe, which allows easy dosage and dispensing.

The color of the oils appears golden to brown. The smell is similar to most of the CBD products.

Color and texture

Unlike other CBD products, BluBird Botanicals are runny and fast as water. They are light on the skin. The reason why the Hemp Complete Blend is light is because of the presence of distilled water. You might be wondering if CBD oils are extracted from plants then why they aren’t green in color.

Well, the answer to that is, the Classical Hemp blend is yielded from the CO2 process which imparts chlorophyll and eventually removes off all the green color.

Flavor and fragrance

How does the odor feel like?

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Hemp oil has a leafy smell in case of Hemp complete blend, whereas, the Classic Hemp Blend smells like wood.

How does it feel on taste buds?

It is slightly bitter and is not pleasant on the taste buds. The raw form is easier to ingest than the CBD oil generally.


Features: Concentrated CBD oils available in 1,500+ mg cannabinoids per ounce
Key Products: CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum, Vape Oil
Price:$$; $$$
Retail Locations: Online and Louisville Warehouse
Shipping: USPS, UPS (1-2 days)
Payment Method: Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin)

Type of CBD

Bluebird uses a full-spectrum CO2 extract. Before you use any product, it is always advisable to keep a check on the nature of it. Not just that, but also you should have sound knowledge as to how the product is processed.

Bluebird’s products use a purely full spectrum CO2 extraction method. It involves an initial subcritical extraction followed by filtering the oil and then re-extracting the same plant content by giving a higher pressure. The second step consists of the homogenization of both oil extracts giving rise to one. This entire process is named as CO2 TOTAL in the essential oil industry.

The mystery behind the color of CBD Oil unrevealed

You must be wondering as to why the CBD oil appears as indifferent!

Well, BlueBird Botanicals explains that CBD oils are mostly available in three forms: raw, decarboxylated and filtered.


This type of CBD oil is not processed under original extraction and has no other compounds filtered. Therefore, substances like chlorophyll, terpenes, and microscopic plant materials are present. The incorporation of these substances contributes to a green color to the oil.


This is slightly complex and will take you back to your chemistry days!

The breakdown of a carbon atom from the chain when the oil is given heat refers to as decarboxylation. The end product is retrieved CBD from CBDA.

The bottom line is that decarboxylation is bio-compatible for one’s body and easily absorbed within the body. The existence of endocannabinoid system within the body makes the oil “active.” The decarboxylation promotes a dark green to black color at room temperature.


The “golden” color you often notice in CBD oils is because of the decarboxylation plus the filtration process.

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It is said to be the most expensive CBD oil because it undergoes the filtration process and has an excessive concentration of CBD.

How to differentiate between isolate and full-spectrum?

Isolate CBD, as the name indicates, refers to the complete absence of added compounds. It is the purest form of CBD.

On the contrary, the full-spectrum CBD oil filled with active plant mixtures. Other cannabinoids such as CBL, CBN, and less than 0.3% THC is also infused.

Selecting the Right Type of CBD Oil

By far Full-spectrum CBD oil is the best. It is highly productive against skin diseases, body aches, and hair problems. However, researchers have stated that, the lesser the content is taken, the higher is the result achieved. This is the only case for isolate CBD oils.

While on the other hand, Full-spectrum CBD does not reciprocate the threshold limits. Some people have argued regarding the presence of THC, know that the amount of THC present in Full-spectrum is legally accepted and had shown no psychoactive effects on the users.

If you are still confused or uncertain to choose between isolate and Full-spectrum CBD because of the presence of THC, then you can surely opt for Isolate CBD oil by BlueBird Botanicals.

Our Experience…

We have seen people being very selective when it comes to shopping for products. Especially in terms of skin users become over-protective and extra precautions. For those have a super sensitive which is quite vulnerable to acne and breakouts we saw them adopting BlueBird Botanical’s products which are chemical free and of course is light on the pocket.

BlueBird Botanicals has provided many with a series of such pure products that users can’t ever think of going anywhere without them.

We noticed people feeling so fresh and relaxed after using them. Surprisingly all our co-workers and friends have also started introducing CBD infused BlueBird Botanicals to their skin, and we can say that their skin has become much better. It appears clearer and blemish-free from before, all the credit goes to BlueBird Botanics.

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Product Line

The Most Adaptable BlueBird Botanicals Vape Oil

$19.95 – $49.95

You must be relieved to learn that BlueBird Botanicals have been selling the finest CBD vape oils. It is incredibly pure and efficient. It is flavorless and is versatile enough to be added in any vape flavor you would like. Unlike other vape oils, it won’t have an unpleasant smell and fumes. Regular cannabis inhalers report that inhaling cannabis releases a burning rope kind of smell. The BlueBirds Botanicals assures that their Vape oil is free of any of these distracting and pungent smells. You can now add any pleasant flavor to your vape oil be it mint, strawberry or peach. This vaping is a more mesmerizing one like never before!

BlueBird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Oil

$49.95 – $649.95

Available in classic, complete, and signature 6x pack. 1,500+ mg cannabinoids/fluid oz. Blended with frankincense & black seed oil.

BlueBird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Capsules

$39.95 – $74.95

Full-spectrum CBD softgel capsule (15+ mg of CBD). 30 capsules (+450 mg) & 60 capsules (+900 mg).

BlueBird Botanicals CBD for Pet Lovers

$24.95 – $139.95

If Tommy the dog and kitty the cat are like your family members then Hemp CBD companion by BlueBird Botanicals is a ‘’ must have’’ for you. The oil can be rubbed on the wound surfaces of the limbs or paws. It can evade off the pain within the fraction of seconds. Another most potent CBD product for your furry lovers is the “companion capsules by BlueBird Botanicals.” It is light on pocket and is very portable. If you ever feel your pet is in anxiety or is facing sleep disorders, you can surely add these capsules to their meals.

Why to choose BlueBird Botanicals over others?

The award-winning answer to that is, every bottle of BlueBird Botanicals dispatched has a label of certificate posted on them, which ensures their third-party testing. The list of ingredients added is a sense of relief for those who are concerned about chemicals such as pesticides, heavy metals, and parabens.

Video: Review of BlueBird Botanicals

The essence of BlueBird Botanicals

The product always extracted under the supervision of the quality controllers. Commercially available hemp is very cheap and does have a toxic role, but BlueBird Botanicals made sure to use the most exceptional quality of hemp free of all heavy metals.

If you haven’t ever used CBD products, then do give a try to the BlueBird Botanicals range of CBD products. They are highly recommended and are suitable for all.

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