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Blue Lotus Extracts Vs. Kratom Extracts

Are you confused between blue lotus and Kratom extracts? Which one is more potent, and which one should you buy? Worry no more because we have discussed all that you need to know about both these herbs to make the right choice. Many of you are already familiar with Kratom. This tropical plant grows in countries of Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. People have been using its extracts, powder, and tinctures for hundreds of years.

Due to its inconspicuous legal status, it has been highlighted many times. These days it is popularly taken as an alternative to other herbs.

Blue Lotus, on the other hand, is a flower that is grown in Egypt. It has been in their culture, and its use in their various religious practices is also known. It is an integral part of Buddhist art. Blue Lotus is the common name for Nymphaea nouchali var. Due to its connection with rituals and religious practices, people also refer to it as the sacred lily of the blue water lily. They are water plants that rise over the water surface for several days and bloom when they are ready.

What Is The Difference Between Blue lotus And Kratom Extracts?

Kratom and Blue Lotus are two different herbs that people use for their beneficial effects on the body. Both of these species have their own advantages, disadvantages. They share a lot of similarities as well as differences that one needs to know before purchasing them. In this article, we have compared their naturally occurring and processed forms, preparation of their extracts, and their separate and combined effect on our body. 

Kratom vs. Blue Lotus

Kratom is a common name for the tree Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is used as a stimulant and sedative both. Though you will not find any authentic proof of its efficacy as a medicinal herb, many of its consumers loved its effectiveness. Kratom is available in various processed forms with different concentrations and potentials, such as tablets, powder, extracts, paste, and capsules. Where many of us often confuse kratom powder and extracts and consider them similar, they are actually different.

Blue lotus is popularly known as a sacred, psychoactive herb that is said to have mind-expanding properties.

The flower is very popular for its myriad effects. Today people consume blue Lotus in various ways, such as tea, tincture, smoking, or blue lotus wine, to name a few.

The Alkaloid Content Of Kratom And Blue Lotus

Both kratom and Blue Lotus contain alkaloids responsible for their chemical properties and effects on the body. Kratom contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, with many others. The two abundantly found alkaloids are responsible for the elevating effects kratom has on our body. The leaves contain the highest concentration of these chemically active alkaloids; therefore, leaves are often used for making extracts.

On the other hand, blue Lotus contains Aporphine & Nuciferine. These alkaloids also account for the hypnotic and sedative properties that people attribute to blue Lotus. Many people call it an entheogenic treasure because of the presence of these two alkaloids. Aporphine is an understudied alkaloid that is said to be psychoactive. Aporphine converts into apomorphine which then acts like dopamine in the body. Blue lotus flowers and roots contain the highest concentration of this alkaloid. Hence, these two parts are primarily used for making extracts.

What Are The Concentrated Forms Of Blue Lotus And Kratom?

The extracts of both kratom and blue Lotus contain more alkaloids than the standard powdered forms. So all those who wish to take less yet more concentrated forms prefer extracts and tinctures over the raw forms.

How To Prepare Kratom And Blue Lotus Extracts From Powder?

To prepare kratom extracts from its powder, the matured dried plant is first crushed to a fine powder. This powder contains the whole plant, and nothing is removed while grinding.

To make extracts, the kratom powder is first concentrated. The powder is boiled for a long time, and after that, it is strained. Do you know how to brew tea? Making kratom extracts from its powder is pretty similar to that.

 The long processing results in a paste-like extract. The paste is then finished into a semi-solid end product. All the alkaloids are extracted, and the resulting extracts are more potent than the parent powdered kratom. These extracts contain more alkaloids than the powder.

Similarly, to prepare blue Lotus extracts, the flowers and roots preferably are crushed to a fine powder and are then boiled to make a paste to which other ingredients can be added. A 200:1 ratio of blue lotus extracts essentially means that 200 ounces of the powder have been condensed to 1. In the same way, a 50:1 ratio means 50 units of the powder have been condensed to 1.

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The Alkaloid Content

In general, these extracts have more alkaloids than many varieties of standard powders. This means, to have a sufficient dosage, you will need to take fewer amounts as compared to raw forms.

How To Prepare Blue Lotus And Kratom Tinctures?

Both blue lotus and kratom powdered extracts are fairly insoluble in water, and therefore making their tinctures is also a common practice. Blue lotus and kratom tinctures are essentially made in alcohol. Making tinctures is an excellent way of extracting all the beneficial compounds present in these herbs.

To make a kratom tincture, you can use leaves as well as their powder. Add the powder or the leaves to a chemical-resistant container and fill it with 40% alcohol or 95% ethanol. Shake the container continually for three hours and let the contents rest for a week in a cool, dry place. Strain the mixture in a bowl and cover it with aluminum foil or wax paper. Allow the alcohol to evaporate until it remains half of its initial volume. Store the tincture in an air-tight container.

For preparing blue lotus tincture, the dried flowers are stored in a mason jar with alcohol and are left for a week. It would be best if you placed the jar in sunlight for better extraction. After that, the mixture is then separated out using a muslin cloth. After separating the juice, you can squeeze the flowers in a muslin cloth so that all the alcohol that may be left in the flowers can be extracted. The tincture should be stored in a cool, dry place afterward to increase its shelf life.

What Are The Effects Of Kratom And blue lotus Extracts On Our Bodies?

If taken in low doses, kratom acts as a stimulant leaving its consumer feeling more energetic. In higher doses, it reduces pain and can bring euphoria. At larger doses, it induces sedation and causes, and the consumer feels sleepy. It causes an opioid-like high.

Blue lotus is well known for causing a gentle euphoria and makes you feel high. According to its consumers, they also felt a mild uplift of energy after its intake. In a nutshell, both kratom and blue lotus exhibit similar properties and effects on our bodies, yet they are very different plants.

Can We Take Blue Lotus And Kratom Together?

Nowadays, people are taking blue Lotus and kratom together for their combined benefits. A little research has been done on the efficacy of combined effects. All the data available is based on narratives of its consumers worldwide. According to a Reddit user, u/JoeyJoJoShabadoo-jr  taking kratom and blue Lotus is like eating ice cream sundaes. According to another user, u/SecretHollows, the lotus extracts brightens the mind, and kratom help in reducing pain, and the infusion was also largely involved in increasing the sex drive.

According to users on the drugs forum, a kratom dose taken along 50:1 blue lotus extracts tasted better than the herb taken separately. At first, it has simulative effects on the body, and delayed effects include mild euphoria, sedation, and relaxation. After an hour, you can feel opioid-like effects (which may differ from person to person) such as itching, warmth, and relaxation a lot more than a similar dose of kratom would cause. On the bottom line, blue Lotus tends to cause more relaxation when used along with kratom. 

What Should Be The Dosage For The Combined Shot Of Kratom And Blue Lotus?

There is no researched or fixed dosage for taking kratom and blue Lotus together. Therefore it is essential to devise your own suitable dosage by try and effect method. This involves starting from low dosages and testing the results. Try this method 3 or 4 times to find a dosage suitable for you.

The Final Word!

The article brings us to the verdict that we can actually experience additive effects when taking both herbs together. One important thing is to buy these herbs or their mixtures from an authentic buyer to ensure they are pure and produce results as expected.

Important Note:

It is to be noted that all the information mentioned above is not backed by any research by the FDA, nor is it medically prescribed. It is the data collected from the consumers of the herb inside the United States and outside. Due to lack of research and sufficient information, it is recommended to take a dosage that suits you. In case of any disease or side effects, consult your physician immediately.

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