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Beyond Botanicals CBD Oil Vendor Review

It is abuzz in today’s world regarding the use of CBD oil and its main ingredient Cannabidiol which is gaining popularity due to the emerging medical and science legislation.

CBD is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant along with other cannabinoids, but the companies need to make it free from psychoactive agents,i.e., THC to make it legal.

Some sellers in the CBD market do lack transparency to earn fast money using marketing tactics.

It is essential for you to know about the CBD products which are good and reputable, considering this Beyond Botanicals is a name which provides the customers with quality products along with transparency, education, and results of the third party labs tests.

Reviews of beyond botanicals CBD oil vendor

Beyond Botanicals create the CBD rich products with real contents focusing on blending botanicals with importance on helping individuals with the elevation of mind, body along with the spirit, delivering the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

Beyond Botanicals care about the environment keeping the emphasis to maintain things green and care about providing people with healthy products.

The Beyond Botanicals offer the people with:

1. Quality verification

The Beyond Botanicals use the high CO2 extraction methods for CBD oil in all the available products.

2. Mission verified

The Beyond Botanicals care about their customers and the world’s well-being, having their focus on keeping it healthy and green.

3. Innovation verified

The Beyond Botanicals have created the unique botanical blends for serving the people with benefits of using the CBD products.

4. The Science behind the claims

The Beyond Botanicals avoid claiming themselves as the best company for selling CBD products because the market is full of scammers and everyone is trying to earn money by selling the fake products with bogus claims. Beyond Botanicals claim the CBD products by proven science referring the allegations.

5. Non-psychoactive CBD products

CBD is a type of non-psychoactive agent, which is a potent cannabinoid not resulting in making you high as with THC.

The Beyond Botanicals utilize the reliable extraction methods for isolating CBD meaning that the product is without THC.

However, THC increases the efficacy of the product, but the products with high content of THC are illegal.

6. Quality CBD products rather than the cheap CBD products

You need to research about the CBD products as it is very impulsive to buy cheap products but you need to ensure the potent CBD products before investing money in them.

Beyond Botanicals is one of the consistent brand selling the quality CBD products ranging between $19-$35.

7. Extraction method used by beyond botanicals

Beyond botanicals is a brand known for making the CBD products using the American Hemp. The entire crop is cultivated using the organic standards which are set by the USDA.

The Hemp is a naturally hardy plant which requires help to grow. The Beyond Botanicals are famous for not using chemicals or any other pesticides.

The organic style of Beyond guarantees a safe, clean crop to help to work with the product formation.

When the fresh harvest is hand, then the supercritical CO2 or carbon dioxide is used for the extraction process for the concentration of CBD or cannabidiol.

The use of Carbon dioxide is the best way for extracting CBD from the hemp plant because it does not leave any impurities or solvents.

It just provides the company with the pure, potent, stable and safe CBD. The Beyond Botanicals adhere to the GMP and FDA standards as it is considered one of the ways for guaranteeing the clients with the best products.

8. Third party lab testing for the CBD products

Each batch of the CBD is submitted to the third party laboratory for testing the quality and ingredients of the product.

Then accordingly, each label of the CBD product with purchase order, includes the copy of the test results specified for that batch.

The third party testing confirms that the derived CBD meets the critical specifications for the high standards that Beyond Botanicals hold.

There are no inclusions of solvents, pesticides or heavy metals included in the CBD products of Beyond Botanicals.

The crops for hemp plant are well below the THC levels, making it legal by 100% for the hemp CBD to be presented in the desired concentrations. The CBD products contain additional Cannabinoids and terpenes.

The Beyond Botanicals work with every step to develop the unique products for the customers.

The Beyond Botanicals have a wide range of products which can be selected from the catalog or consult with the chemists to formulate new CBD products.

9. Private label CBD products

The Beyond Botanicals also offers the clients with the individual label CBD products, where you can choose the chemicals, container along with the coloring choices.

The available options for private label CBD products include the CBD oil tinctures, CBD lip balms, CBD Edibles, CBD massage balms, CBD vape liquids, CBD Body butter, CBD isolate, CBD Salves, CBD creams, CBD capsules, CBD gels, and many others.

10. Scientific research

The Beyond Botanicals have dedicated themselves to help the people with extensive scientific research regarding the beneficial compounds present in the CBD products and to share the knowledge with the public.

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11. Transparency

The lab tests that the company performs for each product is available for the public to view on the website for establishing the transparency and ensuring that all the products are effective and safe.

12. Shipping

The Beyond Botanicals offer to ship within one business day of the order being placed. Currently, Beyond Botanicals is sending to the United States and planning to expand the shipping of their products to other countries as well.

Free shipping is offered by Beyond Botanicals if you place the order via USPS First Class Mail. Every order is shipped by Beyond botanicals discretely with unmarked packaging.

13. Returns

The vendor offers you with exchange and returns option, so as soon the order is received if it is damaged you can immediately contact them. You can replace the product within 30 days of purchase.

  • Specs about CBD oil from beyond botanicals
  • $34.99 for 250mg in each product
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • American hemp plant
  • CO2 extracted
  • Pure and potent
  • Blend of tropical fruits
  • Light and sweet flavor
  • Ingredients- coconut oil, grape seed oil, hemp oil, cannabidiol, and organic flavoring

Color of the Beyond Botanicals CBD oil

The color ranges from clear to golden or dark brown. The rule of thumb for oils is that the lighter the tincture, the more processing it has been through during manufacturing.

Raw or unprocessed oils are more colored with a green tint indicating the remaining residual plant material.

Light brown or gold color shows the levels of filtering while further lighter shade or clear liquids suggest that the oils have been filtered to a significant amount.

Smell and taste of the CBD oils

The CBD oils from Beyond Botanicals have no scent which is a unique feature. The typical scent is very light with odorless, sweet and light flavor.

It is a massive benefit for those who have sensitive palettes making it simplified for them to consume CBD oils.

Products offered by beyond botanicals

The CBD products include:

1. CBD oil tinctures

These are prepared from the carrier oils such as Coconut, Hemp, jojoba, and others. The purest blends comprise of the CBD extract in the coconut or hemp oil.

The blended oils with CBD offer the consumers with a pleasant taste. Tinctures are available in different flavors with same prices.

2. CBD vape liquid

These come in different flavors, and blends consisting of the vape juice with pre-measured and added concentrations of CBD. It is a perfect way to consume CBD in your daily routine.

3. CBD capsules

These contain the concentrated form of CBD. The capsules are odorless and tasteless as the product is on the tablet.

The pills are convenient and ingestible because they have precisely measured amounts of CBD. The downside for capsules is that you cannot increase the daily consumption of CBD.

4. CBD ingestible

These are available in different forms such as candy bars, gummies, biscuits or cookies. They are portable, easy to dose and non-descript.

5. CBD topicals

The CBD blends in a variety of traditional salves and balms. The CDB topicals are effective and absorb into the skin easing the muscle soreness or arthritis pain. The CBD topicals are ideal for delivery, but you might need a high dosage of CBD to be effective.

6. CBD isolates

These are available in crystalline powders which are generally in the excessive amount of 99% CBD.

The CBD powders are potent and can be mixed with oils for cooking, vaping or ingesting. The CBD isolates are ideal for people who are familiar with CBD and are used to consuming the high CBD doses.

Customer Reviews of CBDfx Products

Great product. Good taste. Helped alleviate the pain. I am sold on these products. Jerry Plotnick. Purchased: CBD Gummies 10ct 10mg each $16.99.

Fantastic product! Works great and tastes wonderful! As someone suffering from a chronic illness, this CBD is extremely helpful. ashyxpaige. purchased: CBD Oil Tincture Mint 250mg $34.99.

This is one of the tastiest cbd oils I’ve tried. Tastes just fine without adding flavors and very effective. Ron. purchased: CBD Oil Tincture Natural 250mg $34.99.

Works great mixing in my favorite Ejuice ! Darrell. purchased: CBD Isolate Powder 1 gram $33.99.

its got a light fruit taste and the cbd is already mixed in so you dont need to shake. good stuff! joe. purchased: CBD Vape Ambrosia 100mg $21.99.

Final thoughts about Beyond Botanicals CBD products

The Beyond Botanicals perform the perfect lab tests for all of their products along with posting the lab results online.

This vendor tests for the purity and potency of the products by the independent labs. The Beyond Botanicals utilize the gold standard extraction method which is CO2 for deriving CBD from hemp.

It utilizes the pressure and temperature for processing the plant material which preserves the additional cannabinoids effectively than the methods which use solvents.

So, in my opinion, it is the perfect place to shop for CBD products as it is affordable and highly customer-friendly.

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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