Losing weight is more challenging than just dieting and exercise. During the weight loss regime, a time comes when the weight seems stuck.

The needle on your weighing scale doesn’t take any low reading, and it frustrates the weight watcher. There are many ways, which aid a stuck weight.

A popular way is to use weight loss supplements which promise results in given time. There are some pills, drugs and herbal supplements, all of which undertake to work.

Such a variety in weight loss pills is confusing for many people. Here is our guideline on best weight loss supplements that you can try to improve your fat to fit the plan.

How do weight loss pills work?

They help to lose weight or make the process of weight loss more comfortable for you. Almost all weight loss pills use the following approaches to help you.

  • Suppress appetite

They make you feel fuller so that you don’t end up eating so many calories. In this way, the calorie intake is less than routine, and it is easier to burn more calories.

  • Decreases fat absorption

The weight loss pills lessen the fat absorption, which results in reduced calories intake.

  • Increase metabolic rate

They increase your metabolism, which makes sure that more calories are burning.

Best weight loss pills that you should try

Selecting the most suitable weight loss product is a tricky thing. It is better to do a personal search on the best products and available options. You can also shortlist the supplements and order them after checking their availability.

The best approach is to a short list, check availability and compare the supplements considering desired weight loss.

You may like to read the subsequent weight loss supplements for shortlisting your options. Take a look at the following.

  • Hydroxycut for weight loss

Hydroxycut for weight lossThe name Hydroxycut has made a decade to supplement market with the status of best weight loss pill. It is one of the most familiar choices among weight loss supplements.

The company Muscletech manufactures it. It has so several further types with minor changes in formula.

The ingredients inside Hydroxycut are caffeine, coffee bean extracts, elderberry fruit extract, salvia root extract and other plant-based elements. It has a high user rating online.

Research even proves the results. “The Open Complementary Medicine Journal” published a study on medicinal plants including the ingredients of Hydroxycut.

The results showed that the subjects lost 9.5kg of weight in three months by using the same ingredients.

There may be plenty of research studies to tell you about possible hepatotoxicity caused by Hydroxycut. “Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology” published a case report on asystole due to Hydroxycut Hardcore usage.

However, discontinuing the use of Hydroxycut made the symptoms wholly vanished.

World Journal of Gastroenterology” published a similar research explaining liver toxicity from herbal weight loss pills.

Surprisingly overdosing the supplement causes all of these said side effects. It explains that you should only use a recommended dosage of any diet pill.

The suggested dosage is one capsule twice a day before two big meals. It tells not to exceed the recommended dosage.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, do not use this product as it has a high amount of caffeine in it. Check the label to know about the ingredients in detail.

  • Lipo-6 Black for weight loss

Lipo-6 Black for weight lossLipo 6 Black is a famous fat burner, which is manufactured by a company named Nutrex.

It is a powerful formula, which supports weight loss. It works by increasing the metabolic rate with an enormous energetic boost.

The only reason Lipo 6 Black works is because of its unusual ingredients. It has theobromine, caffeine, and citrus Aurantium in it.

Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine published a study in “Sage Journals”, explaining citrus Aurantium to be a famous weight loss agent.

Commonly called Seville orange is used in extract form as a safe alternative to ephedra. It promotes weight loss without any side effects.

Journal of Medicine” printed a similar research on citrus Aurantium, declaring it as a thermogenic weight loss replacement for Ephedra.

Caffeine is a part of many fat-burning pills, which helps to increase the heart and metabolic rate. It also elevates the energy levels, and all of this makes your workout better.

Theobromine is famous for promoting cognitive clarity. A combination of all three ingredients seems to be promising for weight loss.

The recommended dosage is two capsules per day, 30 minutes before breakfast and workout. Using more than four tablets is strictly not recommended for 24 hours.

  • Caffeine Pills for weight loss

Caffeine Pills for weight lossCaffeine is one of the natural stimulants, which is a part of many beverages.

A study by a Swedish Medical Journal “Läkartidningen” studies caffeine to be the most widely used psychoactive substance of the world.

It is naturally a part of tea, coffee, and dark chocolate. It is separately added to other processed food items and beverages. Caffeine is one of the best natural metabolic boosters.

It increases the metabolism to such high level that fat break down increases rapidly. For this reason, caffeine is a part of almost all fat burners that you may explore.

Caffeine pills are separately available which one can safely use. The scientific evidence of caffeine for weight loss is also evident.

American Journal of Physiology” issued a case report on effects of caffeine intake on metabolism, heart rate and methylxanthine in obese and thin women as subjects. The results showed that lipid oxidation increased by 29% in subjects.

“The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” published a human trials report on 100mh caffeine dosage. The metabolic boost observed in the participants was 8-11%.

It was a single dose oral administration study, which proved the positive impact of caffeine on energy balance and thermogenesis.

Department of Human Biology, Maastricht University studied the weight loss and weight maintenance struggle to be supported by habitually using caffeine and green tea.

The trial included 76 overweight subjects given green tea and caffeine mixture for three months. It helped to reduce weight, mass, and waist more than non-caffeine users.

Caffeine pills are not suitable for sensitive people. It may cause stress, anxiety, irritability, nausea, and insomnia in some users. You can either use caffeine pills of any reputed brand or try green tea/coffee for it.

  • Orlistat for weight loss

Orlistat for weight lossOrlistat is the name of a pharmaceutical medicine designed to treat obesity.

It is available under various trade names, most common of which are Alli and Xenical.

Orlistat helps to lose weight by inhibiting the fat breakdown in the gut. The user eats fewer calories as a result.

“Cochrane Database Systematic Reviews” published a review study on Long-term pharmacotherapy for obesity. It studied Orlistat as a part of obesity medicines.

The results confirmed a maximum of 2.7 kg weight loss with Orlistat in comparison with a dummy pill. It also lowers down the blood pressure and reduces the risk of diabetes type 2 in some people.

The research available in a peer review journal “Diabetes Care” studied the effect of Xenical (the prescription based form of Orlistat) being helpful to prevent diabetes in obese patients. It was a 4-year long, double-blind study, which reviewed 3,305 patients.

They were given Orlistat 120 mg thrice a day. After four years, the weight loss was significantly higher, and the glucose level was also close to normal.

In comparison with only the lifestyle changes, using Orlistat was better to reduce the incidence of diabetes type 2 and promoted weight loss.

Orlistat may show undesirable effects including oily stools, diarrhea, loose motion, bowel problems.

It is recommended to use a low-fat diet to control these uncomfortable effects. Using the low-fat diet is an extra benefit, which results in losing weight.

  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) for weight loss

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) for weight lossConjugated Linoleic acid is commonly available at all big health stores. It is a trans fat which is said to be healthy.

CLA is naturally a part of fatty foods, i.e., cheese and butter. But for weight loss, CLA pills are available in the market.

CLA helps the user to lose weight by suppressing the appetite and boosting the metabolism. In this way, fat burning is accelerated. The work efficiency of CLA is proven b research.

A study from “European Journal of Nutrition” explains the ability of CLA supplements on weight loss. The results showed that CLA could make you lose 2.5 to 3 pounds as compared to a dummy pill.

CLA has no side effects for the one who uses it with care. It may cause digestive problems in the long term in highly obese patients. It is good to use if your target weight loss is 10 kg or less.

  • Glucomannan for weight loss

Glucomannan for weight lossGlucomannan is one of the herbal choices for weight loss. It is a type of fiber that is abundant in elephant yam root. You may also know this product as konjac.

Using Glucomannan is helpful to make you lose weight. This fiber is added with water, and it forms a gel-like substance after a few minutes.

When the user takes this water-dissolved fiber, it attaches to the gut. The result is a feeling of fullness, which doesn’t allow you to eat more.

The research findings published in “Medical Science Monitor” explains the effect of dietary fiber including Glucomannan, guar gum, and alginate on weight loss. One hundred and seventy-six men and women participated in this study.

The daily diet was set at 1200 calories. It showed a huge reduction in weight loss only in five weeks. The average weight loss was 0.8 kg per week.

Other than weight loss, Glucomannan promotes a healthy microbiota. It regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. It has absolutely no side effects.

But if you take it along with any medication, it may form an interaction. It is recommended to use Glucomannan 30 minute’s prior eating any meal for a minimum of four weeks.

Broad-spectrum herbal choices for weight loss

If you are not a fan of chemically treated weight loss supplements, there are so many choices, which use herbal ingredients.

These are general health supplements with various benefits that also include weight loss. Some of these supplements are as follows.

Raspberry Ketones pills; extracted from real raspberries, it causes the fat breakdown. These ketones also release a hormone adiponectin, which significantly helps for weight loss.

  • Green coffee bean pills for weight loss

These supplements are like ordinary caffeine supplements. Only it uses un-roasted coffee beans. It helps to lose weight by burning fat.

It is a highly effective product to lose weight, but it only works for people that are not allergic to green coffee beans.

  • Green tea pills for weight loss

Green tea is said to be helpful for weight loss. It is now available in supplement form, which is famous for the same reasons.

Green tea increases the efficiency of norepinephrine, which helps to lose weight. Green tea pills are said to be effective against the stubborn belly fat, which is otherwise impossible to lose.

  • Garcinia cambogia pills for weight loss

Garcinia weight loss pills are made by fruit, which resembles pumpkin by appearance. The main ingredient in garcinia pill is Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is useful for weight loss.

Garcinia cambogia pills for weight loss

  • Forskolin pills for weight loss

These capsules are made from a plant from the mint family. It helps to increase the levels of cAMP, which makes the user shed weight. There is no known side effect.

Forskolin pills for weight loss

Prescription based weight loss medication

Additionally, there are many options, which help the user to lose weight. But the only problem is that they are not available over the counter.

All of the above-listed weight loss supplements are available at all leading health stores and online without a prescription.

There are FDA approved and are only available on prescription. They include Contrave, Qsymia, Belviq, Phentermine, and others.

Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.