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Best Vape Tricks & Tips You Can Do Today

The world is moving really fast, to keep in pace with the modernization, with many old ways of recreation have been replaced by some new and cool ones. These are the things loved by the new generation.

Smoking, however, has been the favorite leisure activities of people for long. Now with the latest technologies taking over, vaping has become extremely popular all over the world. With this trend on the rise, vaping tricks are also followed by vapers to make the vaping experience more interesting and fun.

People who are experts at vape tricks are generally known as cloud chasers or vape trick artists, and you might have seen them showing off their skills at some nice vape shop in the town.

Learning different vape tricks requires a lot of practice and hard work. But eventually, you get there and become a professional in some time.

In this guide, I would share the best vape tricks including the easiest and also the technical ones so anyone who is looking for some tips might benefit from this article.


The ghost hit trick is generally famous as the ‘snap inhale’ and some people call it as ‘mushroom cloud’ because the vapors you exhale look like a ghost or mushroom, hence the name. However, this is the easiest of all vaping methods.

For someone who has just developed a passion to learn vaping techniques, this trick is the best solution to kick start his passion for learning vaping tricks.

The technique

To perform the ghost trick you need to take a drag from any vape device and give it some time in your oral cavity for some seconds, and naturally release the vapor in a ball shape.

To get the perfect ball shape, the trick is to open your mouth in an ‘O’ shape and close it after the vapors are released. It’s extremely simple to do and you will get it right in the first few tries for sure.


If you are looking to learn something that’s fancier, better and looks extra, then the dragon vape trick is for you. It’s a classy trick as it imitates the dragons we see in movies; the difference is that fire is replaced by vapors in this case. You inhale the vapors and it comes out from your nostrils and the sides of your mouth leaving a nice impression on your peers.

How to get it right?

After taking a drag from your vaporizer, just exhale it out of your nose and mouth with all the energy that you have. The right technique is to release the smoke from both parts, i.e.; mouth and nose at a time to get the right effect. Remember to keep your lips tightly pressed in the middle so the vapors only come out from the sides of your mouth just like a dragon does.


Just like the name, this trick gives fine results that are fun, both for the vaper and the audience. The vapor takes the shape of a tornado which is the secret behind the creative name. The tornado trick is best accomplished when you use a vape pen or mod that gives out a thick vapor. This cool trick seems difficult at first, but you will feel amazing once you learn it.

How to do it?

Find a place where you have a flat surface in front of you such as a table or a slab. After that inhale as many vapors as you can and then exhale the vapors on the table very slowly so they remain in place until you proceed with the other steps. Then by using your hands lift the vapors up so they rise up and form a tornado. You can also spin your fingers in the smoke to give it a more dramatic effect.


The most popular vaping tricks, sometimes called the French inhale, is a bit technical. However, if you are keen to learn it, you will understand the trick with just few tries. After that you would love to perform it whenever you have to enjoy vaping with your friends.

The method

Drag a good amount of vapor and hold it in your mouth. Keep it in place by holding your tongue to the back of your mouth. Then open your mouth and push your lower lip upwards so that the vapors travel directly to your nose. Continue with the same sequence until most of the vapors leave your mouth and reach your nose. Meanwhile, take in the vapors from your nose. The continuous cycle of vapors formed between the nose and your mouth gives it the waterfall effect. Thus the unique name gets justified!


This trick brings back some memories associated with the old technique used for smoking and vaping. It is assumed to be an easy trick, but that’s a myth. Blowing the perfect O-shape requires extra hard work and stamina from your side.

How to perform it?

Take a drag from a vape pen. Then make the perfect ‘O’ from your lips and exhale the vapors. Make sure you hold your lips in this position until all the smoke is out of your mouth. This trick needs patience as it takes time to become perfect at it.

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If you simply perform the ‘O’ trick, you won’t amuse a lot of your friends as they might think it is too basic and everyone can easily do it. But you can bring some change to the basic form by being more creative with this technique.

How can you do that?

You can make a difference by adding speed to your stunt or work on the range of vapors. Also, you can try a backspin using your tongue only or try something else by curling your lips. In short, you can do anything you wish with the ‘O’ style and become the center of attention in the gathering.


Experimenting with shapes and vapors is always amazing. What about blowing triangles and impress everyone around? Obviously, you cannot make a triangle only with your mouth or moving your lips. You would require your hands to do the magic.

How to do it?

Firstly, take a long drag from any vape device. Then, blow a thick ‘O’ shape from the vapors (you can take help from the ‘O’ trick) previously discussed. Then using your hand tap the smoke to the side of the rings and bend it a way that it forms a triangle.

To be perfect in blowing triangles you have to take care of the timings. The taps should be performed right in time before the rings disperse. Also, you have to make sure you don’t disturb the ring or destroy it. If this happens you need to repeat the process again.


Just imagine a bow-tie out of vapors. That’s what this lovely trick creates. It’s fun to do it and looks classy as well. Also, it’s an advanced version of the ‘O’ trick so you don’t have to work extremely hard to get a bow-tie from vapors

How to Do it?

All you need to do is to take a good amount of vapors in a drag. After the first step, blow some consecutive O’s. Then push your hand to increase the size of those O’s. Before they vanish, inhale those O’s again. They will get thinner from the sides and look like a bow-tie.


Want to mimic a bull? Try this trick with smoke and see if you really look like a bull or not!

How is it done?

If you have learnt how to blow the ‘O’ perfectly, the bull ring trick would be easy for you. Firstly, you have to blow a ring and then inhale it in a way that the smoke goes back to your nose. This technique will imitate a bull ring. However, it requires a lot of practice but helps to make an amazing impression in front of your friends.


Ah! This one is for those who have mastered all the easier tricks and want to learn something advanced that would make them the coolest person in the club.

The technique

To try this trick, you have to blow two large Orings at a time. When you have completed the first step, use your hands and make a way in the center. Blow another small O and push it in the middle. Then it’s the motion of your hands that will bring the jellyfish shape from smoke. Just force all the rings to get in a place and create a jellyfish shape as soon as they spread out.

Being the hyped one in the list, it is also tough to do. So, don’t try it out in public until you can perfectly perform all the other techniques of blowing rings.


The question that first comes to the mind when you go through this article is that which smoking device is the best for these tricks. To clear the confusion, I would say that all these tricks discussed above can be tried with cigarettes, E-pens, and rolled smoking items and any other thing that you like. People always think that smoking techniques are different from those of vaping but that’s not true.

You can try all of these with cigarettes as well as vape pens and enjoy yourself. However, you will get the best quality when you try these with a hookah or hubble-bubble, whatever you call it, as it releases thicker vapors. Because the thicker the smoke/vapors, the better will be the outcome of the smoke trick.


With all this information, you are now well aware of all the tricks that you can try, it is time to learn some of these and be the that one person of the group who grabs the attention of everyone around him. Reveal your inner magic and be confident with what you bring to the table.

Remember that becoming perfect at any trick requires patience, so you have to put in a lot of effort and believe me, the results will be worth all the efforts. You will be glad in the end with all the appreciation you receive from your friends and other people and that is the real key to happiness for smokers or vapers.

Wait no more, take out your vaporizer from the Mind Vape online, get ready for a party and bring up the vape game!

Happy vaping to you!


Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree "Kratom" and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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