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Best Places To Buy Tongkat Ali Root Extract

Tongkat Ali is a medicinal herb with the scientific name, Eurycomalongifolia Jack. It is available in the form of herbal supplement for many proposed health benefits.

It is instinctive to Southeast Asia, growing naturally in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. In these native areas, it is famous by the name of Malaysian ginseng.

The known effects of Tongkat Ali only work when you buy the authentic Tongkat Ali extracts and supplements.

Fortunately, there are some best suppliers of Tongkat Ali and all that operate online. They ensure to deliver the finest quality of Tongkat all products to the user. Take a look at the following Tongkat all sellers before trusting any random website.

What benefits can a user get from Tongkat Ali?

The popularity of Tongkat all supplements are mainly due to its role in male enhancement and testosterone boost. The ingredients of this plant give distinct benefits, making it a medicinal plant.

“The British Journal of Sports Medicine” explains Tongkat Ali to have eurycomalacton, eurycomanon, and eurycomanol in it.

These components of Tongkat Ali are exposed for various possible benefits, i.e. Tongkat Ali as an aphrodisiac, ergogenic aid and cancer-fighting agent.

Similarly, “Journal of the International Society for Sports Nutrition” (ISSN) callsTongkatt Ali to be libido enhancer, a booster of sports performance and weight loss.

It also acknowledges the role of Tongkat Ali in ageing, immunity and fatigue reduction. Following are the best-elaborated benefits of Tongkat Ali explained.

Tongkat Ali as an ergogenic aid

The Oxford dictionary explains ergogenic aid as following.

“Intended to enhance physical performance, stamina, or recovery”.

It explains that Tongkat Ali helps to enhance the body’s responses towards a rigorous exercise regime. Tongkat Ali produces this effect by raising the testosterone levels of the body.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone, which also has a role in muscle size and performance. A study published in “The British Journal of Sports Medicine,” suggest that Tongkat Ali extract in conjunction with a weight-training program has increased the lean body mass and fat loss relative to placebo.

This study further explains the usage of Tongkat Ali by athletes and sportsmen for the same reason.

Tongkat Ali as a libido enhancer

As everyone already knows, Tongkat Ali is famous for a testosterone boost. It is also characterised as a libido enhancer or sexual health promoter.

According to research published in “The Journal of Phytomedicine,” the extract of Tongkat Ali was studied on middle-aged rats in extract form.

The objective of the study was to investigate their sexual performance, which supposedly increased as compared to the placebo group.

Another significant effect observed was an apparent decrease in the hesitation-time of the rats, a symbol of increased libido.

Tongkat Ali as an anti-Cancer agent

Tongkat Ali has been suggested to have cancer-fighting properties. The chemical constituents of Tongkat Ali have an anti-cancer potency, which is supported by various researchers.

For example, a study from “Anticancer Research,” explains that an extract of Tongkat Ali exhibited anti-proliferative effects against human breast cancer cells.

In another study from “The Journal of Natural Products”, Tongkat Ali in extract form helped to kill the human lungs cancer cells as well as anti-malarial effect. The particular usage for cancer treatment is still under study.

Where to buy Tongkat Ali root extract and supplements?

Tongkat Ali extracts and supplements are available at all leading health stores. The superstores may also have these in its health supplements section. In any case, if you are unable to find it around you, you can always order it online.

Tongkat Ali is available at some leading online suppliers, which ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

Searching the online Tongkat Ali root extract suppliers randomly may not give you the most reliable options. Here are top five places to buy Tongkat Ali root extract online.

1. Buy Tongkat Ali on Herbolab

Herbolab is famous for its best selling Tongkat Ali and Maca supplements online. It claims the Tongkat Ali supplements to be 1:200 standardised 3% Eurycomanone. They are made of 100% pure extract, and there are no fillers added.

The website has been selling Tongkat Ali supplements since 2013, and it has thousands of loyal customers all across the world.

The web page explains several reasons, which make the users, trust Herbolab for buying best quality Tongkat Ali supplements online.

Herbolab sells the genuine Tongkat Ali extract, coming straight from the Indonesian forests. The product quality is 100% transparent, and there is no compromise on it.

It also has a video description of cultivation and harvesting process from the native areas.

The highest potency of standardised Tongkat Ali is the one with 3% Eurycomanone content. It is 200% concentrated, which means it, has used 200 grams of Tongkat root extract to make 1 gram of the final product, i.e. capsule.

As per this calculation, it takes nearly 4.8kg of Tongkat Ali root extract to make a single bottle of Herb lab’s Tongkat Ali supplements. This highly concentrated formula brings the best effects for the user.

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Lastly, the price for Tongkat Ali at Herbolab is very affordable for all users. Currently, one bottle of Tongkat Ali capsules is for 64.99 USD. There are 80 capsules in one container, each of which has 300mg potency.

It makes roughly 0.01 USD per gram, which is the cheapest among all other companies selling the same supplement for a higher price.

If the price is a concern, buying Tongkat Ali supplements from Herbolab is the best option.

2. Shop Tongkat Ali on Peaknootropics

Second option to purchase Tongkat Ali root extract supplements online. It is another supplier, which offers 100:1 concentration of Tongkat Ali supplements.

It means that 100mg of Tongkat Ali root extract was used to make 1 gram of the final product.

The web page has a complete description of the product, even the dosage guide as per concentration of the product under use.

This strength is not very much high which makes it perfectly suitable for the new users.

For those people who are looking for an affordable vendor to buy Tongkat Ali root extract supplements, Peaknootropics is one of the best options. Here you can find one full bottle of Tongkat Ali supplements for only 14.99USD that has 60 capsules in it.

Each of these tablets is 200 mg potency. It is best for a start. The website offers priority shipping within 2.4 working days within the USA. It also promises international shipments.

All the products at Peaknootropics are risk-free and of superior quality. The best thing is that it provides 100% money back guarantee on all purchases including Tongkat Ali capsules.

3. Purchase at The Tongkat Ali Shop

The Tongkat Ali shop is a manufacturer, which sells the Tongkat Ali supplements all over the world. It is among one of the largest Tongkat Ali suppliers in the world.

All the frequently asked questions are answered in detail on the webpage of Tongkat Ali supplement.

The manufacturers use the original root extract of Tongkat Ali, which comes from the best areas of Southeast Asia. It gives 1005 guarantee of the original product.

The webpage explains its partnership with UD Sumatra PasakBumi, which is the leading Tongkat Ali vendor in Indonesia.

The formula is perfectly safe for vegetarians in the form of Tongkat Ali root extract powder. But the capsules are made of bovine gelatin, which is not suitable for vegetarians. However, they can open the capsule and use the powder.

As per price, Thetongkatalishop is one affordable supplier to buy Tongkat Ali supplements online. It gives times to time promotions and discounts.

For every purchase of 10 bottles of Tongkat Ali, there is a huge discount in price. It takes 1-2 business days for delivery of the order through DHL.

For more information about international destinations, check the webpage.

4. Shop Tongkat Ali on Amazon

Amazon is the ultimate shopping hub for all users interested in online shopping.

Tongkat Ali root extract and supplements are 100% legal. They are readily available on Amazon.

The best benefit is that there are so many products made by specific vendors of Tongkat Ali root extract powder and supplements.

A user can check and analyse as many options as possible and end up on the best choice. Amazon provides a wide range of price for Tongkat Ali extract and its products.

Moreover, it delivers worldwide making it easier for international shipments.

5. Tongkat Ali on Vitaminshoppe

Vitaminshoppe is a trusted supplier of Tongkat Ali root extract supplements. It is available in packing of 30 capsules and 60 Capsules.

It is a huge platform, which has some health-related products. It gives an option to analyse two products by comparing them.

The price of Tongkat Ali supplements is reasonable. The cost of 30 Capsule each bottle is 22.49 USD, and for 60 capsules, it is 39.99 USD. It gives three options for delivery.

They include ship to home, pick up from store and auto delivery. It makes the online shopping of Tongkat Ali supplement even easier.

Vitaminshoppe offers free shipping over $25.00 or more worth order in the USA. The rates for international destinations are different.

It takes 2-6 days for delivery of domestic orders and 6-12 days for international delivery.

General tips to use Tongkat Ali supplement

  • There are no adverse side effects reported.
  • Using for as long as 9-10 months regularly is safe.
  • It is suggested to use it with short cycles.
  • It may not be suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Mild side effects are possible to hit after very long-term use of Tongkat Ali supplements. Most common of them is insomnia and sleep disturbance.
  • Start with low dose and increase the dose gradually.
  • Take it earlier in the day so that it doesn’t affect your sleep.
  • People with medical conditions and on medication should only use Tongkat Ali supplements after consulting their doctor.

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Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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