In the world of today, it has become very common for the people to experience depression, anxiety and mood problems.

This is because life has become extremely fast paced and people do not have time to spend with each other.

According to the 2015 research estimates of WHO (World health organization), 4.4% of the global population suffer from depression and anxiety.

The 2016 report of WHO estimated that nearly 10% of the global population is affected by the depressive and anxiety disorders which accounts for almost 30% of the world’s non-fatal diseases load, not including those who suffer from some seasonal or temporary changes in mood such as seasonal mood disorders or those who suffer from very mild symptoms of anxiety.

These estimations are evidence that people the rate of depression, anxiety, and mood problems are increasing in the global population.

Taking pills or some supplements may not be a solution to this problem for everyone but if you are suffering from mild to moderate symptoms, you can take benefit from the use of nootropics.

The addition of nootropics for mood improving and alleviating anxiety in your daily routine can have positive effects on your condition.

But for this, you should know what the best nootropics supplements to improve the condition.

Do they have any side effects? What dosage should you take? This particular piece will help to address your concerns regarding the use of nootropics for treating mood problems and anxiety.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are the smart medication that is also referred to as the cognitive enhancers due to their ability to enhance cognitive brain functions which results in placing positive effects on mental performance.

Some of the known advantages of nootropic supplements include improvement in memory and recall speed, enhancement in learning capacity and span of attention, increase in mental energy, concentration, and focus and thought clarity.

The best Nootropics for mood problems and anxiety

As there is a large number of nootropics available in the market with the different mechanism of action, it may become difficult for you to choose the best one.

These nootropics can be broadly classified into seven classes based on their action mechanism which includes the following:

  • Cholinergic: Improve acetylcholine levels in the brain.
  • Racetams: Improves the acetylcholine receptors sensitivity.
  • Dopaminergic: Raise the dopamine levels in the brain.
  • Serotonergic: Increase serotonin levels in the brain.
  • Adaptogens: Decreases sensitivity to the environmental stressors and supports on-going body maintenance function.
  • Metabolics: Optimizes the supply of energy to your body or brain.
  • Stimulants: Brain enhancers that promote increased levels of energy and alertness.

The best supplements of nootropics for mood and anxiety

  • Noopept

    NOOPEPTThis is one of the most known nootropics that produces various effective results that are relevant to synaptic plasticity.

    It is known for enhancing memory consolidation as well as brings about significant enhancements in working memory.

    It works by activating AMPA receptors and increasing uptake of Glutamate. It places positive effects in improving mood and reducing the levels of anxiety.

What are the Noopept effects?
  • It provides support to the memory, improves focus and mood.
  • It boosts the state of mental alertness and raises energy levels.
  • It enhances BDNF and promotes the health of your brain.

Dosage: Between 10-40 mg/ day, taken as 1-2 doses daily.

Side effects: This drug has been shown to have the very low profile of side effects when it is used in accordance with the recommended doses.

However, some people may experience headaches, agitation, nausea, state of over-excitedness, dizziness and palpitations of the heart, appetite lack, asthenia or insomnia.

What are the Pramiracetam effects?
  • It helps in enhancing the memory.
  • It expands your learning capacity.
  • It improves the overall energy of brain.
  • It improves attention span, ability to focus, visual perception and concentration.

Dosage: Between 1.2- 9.6 mg / day

Side effects: In few cases, it has been reported to cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, agitation, insomnia, rash, drowsiness, diarrhea, nervousness, vertigo, depression, and hyperkinesia.

  • Aniracetam

    AnirectumThis belongs to the family of the rectum as well as Ampakine.

    This means that it not just provides cognitive enhancements but much more than that.

    It is known as a mood booster. If you suffer from anxiety, stress, depression or any other relevant mood problems you can consider this supplement.

What are the Aniracetam effects?
  • It helps in heightening focus as well as motivation.
  • It provides support to memory functions and recalls.
  • It has been shown to enhance mood and decrease anxiety.

Dosage: Between 500-1500 gms/ day, taken daily 2-3 times with some fat source.

Side effects: In few cases, it may cause a headache, anxiety, insomnia, pain, diarrhea, vertigo, or nausea.

  • Sulbutiamine

    SulbutiamineTechnically speaking, it belongs to the B vitamins family although its action mechanism is similar in many ways to that of nootropic supplements.

    It is a modified form of thiamine which is known for its anti-anxiety and anti-depressive characteristics.

    It effectively passes the blood-brain barrier which increases the thiamine and other related substances level in the blood.

    Due to this, it is believed to place positive influence on dopamine, choline, and glutamate that play a vital role in mood elevation.

How it affects?
  • It increases focus, state of alertness and energy manifolds.
  • It provides support to memory and mental functions.
  • The dopaminergic activity of this nootropic supplement promotes mood improvements.

Dosage: Between 250-750 mg/ day, taken daily 1-2 times.

Side effects: There can be some side effects in few cases which include insomnia, drowsiness, tremors or a headache.

  • Adrafinil

    AdrafinilA word of caution for this nootropic supplement that it is not for any casual users.

    However, if other nootropics are not helping then it may be considered but with the only recommendation.

    It is slightly toxic in nature and may have the negative effect on the liver health and functioning.

    It directly affects the systems of dopamine and serotonin within the brain which leads to a state of wakefulness. This causes tremendous enhancement in productivity levels.

What are its effects?
  • The liver converts it into Modafinil.
  • It tremendously enhances the wakefulness state, energy levels, and motivation.
  • It gives a boost to mental performance and focus.

Dosage: Between 300-1200 gms/day, that can be taken 1-2 times daily during the morning and in afternoon.

  • Inositol

    InositolThis is a natural supplement which is called Vitamin B8. It was first found as a chemical present in cerebrospinal fluid.

    It can also pass the blood-brain barrier which increases the release of GABA neurotransmitters.

    It is highly effective for treating anxiety and many people reported improvements in their mood in just 1-2 hours.

What are its effects?
  • It helps in supporting brain and liver health.
  • It helps in regulation of mood and improves nerve signaling.
  • It improves PCOS insulin sensitivity, fertility and in weight loss.

Dosage: Between 500 mg-18g/day which depends on the intention of use.

Side effects: It is generally safe when taken orally in the appropriate dosage. However, in some cases, it may cause tiredness, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and headache.

  • Phenibut

    PhenibutIt is known as one of the best nootropics for the relief of anxiety but its use is not recommended on daily basis.

    It is a GABA derivative which can penetrate through the blood-brain barrier.

    It stimulates GABA-b receptors which cause mild sedation which helps in relaxing the users.

    Its effect is often considered similar to that the effect of taking little quantity of alcohol.

    It is a good choice for treating small and short-term anxiety bouts but its prolonged usage can cause some serious side effects.

What are the Phenibut effects?
  • It is a powerful anxiolytic that reduces stress.
  • It stimulates the GABA receptors while supporting sleep.
  • It is a neuroprotective nootropic supplement that also supports cognitive functions.

Dosage: 250-1000 gms/day

Side effects: There is insufficient supportive evidence for its safety. However, the low dosage may cause feelings of drowsiness, headache, lightheadedness or stomach problems.

High dosage and prolonged usage may cause serious side effects which include loss of memory, unconsciousness, and symptoms of withdrawal.

Bottom line

These are some of the best-known nootropic supplements that can help you in improving your mood and alleviating anxiety.

When taken in recommended doses they can have positive effects on your overall mood and give a boost to your energy levels.

Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.