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Where To Buy Kratom In Europe?

Buying Kratom online in Europe is the best option if you have a busy everyday schedule. Besides, most of the reputed Kratom vendors operate online which gives you relief from buying the original product.

The hub of Kratom is Southeast Asia. Most of the online vendors manage to get Kratom products and ship them to the international destinations.

For people living in regions other than the USA, finding the international suppliers of Kratom is a tricky job. There are only a few American vendors, which deliver to Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.

If you are living in Europe and want to know your option of buying Kratom online, this article is very informative.

The article will tell you about the best European Kratom vendors, which ship genuine Kratom products in entire Europe.

A Brief Introduction Of Kratom

Kratom is the miraculous tree of the Southeast Asian region, which is a part of traditional medicine for centuries.

The scientific name of Kratom is Mitragyna speciosa, and it grows naturally to the tropical forests of Asia.

The best areas of growth are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Borneo and the adjacent regions.

Initially, it was a natural plantation, but as the world has accepted Kratom to be alternative medicine, it is now shipped to almost all parts of the world.

The Journal of Medical Toxicology” shares a detailed review of Kratom. It narrates Kratom to be a product that has opioid-like effects naturally. It is best for the treatment of chronic pain and amelioration of opioid withdrawal symptoms.

The Journal of Dietary Supplements” in one of its published reviews says that Kratom is potential herbal medicine.

The evidence-based systemic review of Kratom investigated by Natural Standard Research Collaboration ensures the safety level of Kratom.

The study contains results from clinical trials, expert opinions, folk talks, history, dynamics, pharmacology, possible interactions, adverse health effects, toxicology and dosing guidelines. It is available online for the readers.

At low doses, Kratom works as the stimulant. It is due to the alkaloids called Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in it.

The evidence also suggests its role in analgesia (pain relieving), anti-inflammatory, or muscle relaxant effects.

For all these causes, Kratom is often used to ease symptoms of painful diseases such as fibromyalgia.

The leaves of Kratom are washed, dried and crushed to make a fine powder. This powder is available for purchase. The supplement, tincture, extract and dry leaves of Kratom are also available online.

Why Don’t International Vendors Ship To Europe?

It is not necessary for all the Kratom vendors to ship to all international destinations. Most of the vendors have specified their shipment areas.

The status of Kratom is controversial in many parts of the world. There are specific areas which put regulations on international Kratom handling and trade.

The residents of such areas need to find alternative options such as the native Kratom suppliers that are already working in that area.

In case of Kratom, there are many international vendors that ships to some parts of Europe.

Unfortunately, these suppliers don’t cover all areas, which may cause many Kratom users to deprive of their favorite Kratom products.

In that case, selecting those suppliers, which are delivering to all parts of the European region, is a better option.

Can You Trust Online Vendors?

Buying Kratom online is a reliable option. It saves time and effort. Almost all reputed Kratom vendors are working online.

Locating Kratom selling points around you can be a problem especially when you are living in a region, which has no specific regulations for Kratom.

Some of the European vendors have a high endorsement by the users due to their on-time services and quality product. Try to find a supplier, which delivers the genuine Kratom product to your area.

Best Online European Kratom Vendors

Following are the six best websites, which you can trust to buy Kratom in Europe. They will ship your complete order to your doorstep and save your time.

  1. Mitra Genie Kratom
  2. Kratomgardens.com
  3. Dekratomshop.nl
  4. Kratom.eu
  5. Herbees.eu
  6. Kraatje.eu

Let’s analyze the best about each of these vendors so that you will be able to shortlist the most suitable European Kratom supplier for you.

1. Mitra Genie Kratom (mitrageniekratom.com)

Mitra Genie is the first and only company distributing Kratom from the UK. The company right now owns the whole UK market, and offer next day deliveries guaranteed by the morning. The seller import varieties of strains from the major regions of Indonesia and West Kalimantan is a top province. The best thing about this brand is that they are selling Kratom at both wholesale and retail prices.

Green, white, red wizard house blend in powder and capsules are their top strains. The price of the Mitragyna pills ranges from £15.49 for 50g to £83.49 for a kg.

Packed in matte black box packaging, the Bentuagie, Bali, Borneo, Sumatra, and Kapuas are the most prominent and freshly available strains. The price varies and depends on the colour and effectiveness of the Kratom.

What Makes Mitra Genie Stand Out

  • The company has the lowest prices per KG from any kratom vendor in Europe (price per KG of any strain is £83.00).
  • The brand offer deliveries for UK customers via Royal Mail.
  • Orders placed before 16:00 GMT +0 excluding weekends will be shipped the following day and arrive within 2 – 4 days guaranteed.
  • The vendor has a mix and matched bundles starting from 2.5KG TO 20KG. These mixed and match bundles will give customers a further 25% off.
  • They sell from weights of as low as 50g and guarantee to be the cheapest on the European market including shipping, for all weights variants.
  • They also specialize in international wholesale distribution and welcome all reseller vendors to contact them, they promise extremely attractive and unbeatable wholesale pricing comparative with their retail pricing!
  • They are the ONLY western Kratom vendor that works first hand with their farmers in Indonesia with a base in both Europe and Indonesia.
  • They guarantee the most exceptional quality food grade Kratom products on the market that’s produced both ethically and hygienically.
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2. Kratomgardens.com

Kratomgardens is a supplier of most fresh, pure and superior quality Kratom and one of the best European Kratom vendors.

It is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and all orders are dispatched from here. There is a wide range of Kratom products available on the supplier’s website.

The fantastic variety of Kratom extracts enables viewers to purchase almost all leading strains.

These include Pontianak Maeng Da, Pontianak Red Horn, Pontianak White Horn, Pontianak Green Horn, Red Thai, Bali Kratom, Red Sumatra, Malay green, Borneo red, white green and stem, vein extract.

The price set for these extracts is very reasonable and affordable for most of the Kratom users.

For the new users, Kratomgardens supplies Kratom sample size packs and combo packs. It is the best way to try the new strains before purchasing them in bulk.

All the Kratom users from Europe can order best quality Kratom through Kratomgardens online.

Best About Kratomgardens

  • It follows an online tracking system.
  • It delivers within 24 hours after the payment.
  • The shipments inside the Netherlands take only 24 hours to reach.
  • All orders follow a discreet packaging.
  • It also supplies in wholesale.
  • Delivery regions and shipping charges mentioned on the website.

For more details, you can write to Kratomgardens at info@kratomgardens.com or call at +31(0) 612408812. Here is the direct link to the website.

3. Dekratomshop.nl

A leading Kratom supplier, operating from the Netherlands is Dekratomshop.nl.

The visitor can check the website in English or Deutsch.

Dekratomshop ensures to deliver fresh and high-quality Kratom powder in entire Europe. The Kratom powder is made from the premium quality Kratom trees of Central Kalimantan (Palangkaraya area), Kapuas Hulu or Kabupaten (West Kalimantan) and Sumatra (Riau).

It means that you don’t have to worry about the originality of Kratom powder as it is coming right from the hands of its harvesters in Kalimantan and Sumatra.

There are lots of options in Kratom powder at Dekratomshop. The best thing is that price policy from the manufacturers is very cost friendly.

It enables most of the Kratom users to enjoy the benefits of top Kratom strains. For more cost-effective options, Dekratomshop offers all its users to try the Kratom sample packs. In this way, Dekratomshop facilitates its European customers.

Best about Dekratomshop

  • Supplies Kratom powder and capsule form.
  • One-day delivery time.
  • Shipment with Postal in an airtight vacuum seal bag.
  • Wholesale purchase available.
  • Kratom strain descriptions along with pictures.
  • Online blog.
  • Online user reviews.
  • Product restocks alerts.
  • Accepts payments via all major European banks.

For more details and price check, contact the customer support at info@webdesigndiensten.nl and +06 4085 0000. Here is a direct link to check the available products.

4. Kratom.eu

On this site, all European customers can directly purchase top Kratom strains. It is based in Germany, and the orders are dispatched from here.

All the products come from natural Kratom growth regions, i.e., Central Borneo (Kalimantan), Sumatra, and Riau in Indonesia, Patani in southern Thailand, and the Malaysian peninsula.

The manufacturer purchases the Kratom from the native harvesters of these areas in timely batches so that the customers can enjoy only the fresh Kratom products.

Some of the best selling strains at Kratom.eu are Borneo, Thai, Malay, Sumatra, Bali, Philippines Kratom extracts and other herbs. To facilitate new users, sample size packs are also available.

Best about Kratom.eu

  • Fair and affordable price.
  • It delivers via DHL.
  • Online shipment tracking system.
  • Shipment within 24 hours after payment.
  • For orders worth 300 € or more, delivery is free. (Outside of Germany)
  • For orders worth 60 € or more, delivery is free. (Within Germany)
  • Same day order dispatched.
  • Option to buy Kratom near me in bulk.
  • Special discount offers from time to time.

If you are interested to know about the available products at the moment, visit the page for available products at Kratom.eu.

5. Herbees.eu

Herbees is one of the largest wholesale Kratom suppliers in Europe. It has premium quality Kratom in stock, which is available at the very affordable price.

It is directly purchased from Asian regions. It only deals with Bikhuk Kratom for now.

Herbees delivers to all main areas of Europe. The shipments are made on every weekday and only the weekends are off.

Best about Herbees.eu

  • Information on Kratom and its effects.
  • Shipment via FedEx with online tracking.
  • It delivers within 24 hours.
  • There is detailed information on delivery charges on the website.

The website accepts payments through credit cards only.

6. Kraatje.eu

An authentic Kratom supplier based in the Netherlands, Europe is Kraatje. It ships daily from the warehouse to all over Europe.

The reason behind the popularity of Kraatje is the affordable price for best Kratom powders. It only contains the best-selling Kratom strains.

You can buy some strains in Kratom powders, capsules, enhances strains, extracts and samples as well. The Kratom users from European region can buy best quality Kratom from this supplier online.

Best About Kraatje.eu

  • Facilitates wholesale orders.
  • Online product information was available.
  • Wholesale orders in Europe and USA both.
  • Online guestbook.
  • 14- day return policy for unopened sealed bags.
  • Online and manual payment options.

For more information, you can call at +31-(0) 30-8200914 on workdays from 9:00 to 17:00 or write to the customer support at info@kraatje.eu.

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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