When you hear about Barcelona, you can think of the unfinished Sagrada Familia and other aesthetic architectural buildings. The famous Paella, the breathtaking sceneries, and Cannabis clubs are getting popular.

Barcelona is also renowned for its Spanish marijuana much better compared to those that you can get in California or Amsterdam.

The tourists can enjoy smoking while in the private place, even if you are a regular smoker or an occasional smoker, you will enjoy this stuff when you visit Barcelona.

Now, when you heard Barcelona, it is not only the beautiful sceneries, and food that you will remember, but the right weed strains that you can get when you visit Barcelona because they have these large varieties of good stuff to give to you.

Barcelona is not only a place where you can see beautiful landscapes but this place where you can smoke in private properties and clubs but are not allowed to buy, sell and carry in public areas.

The marijuana in Barcelona is much different compared to what you can get in the US and Canada, but still, the membership fee in getting into the club is not that expensive. Barcelona is an excellent place to visit whether you are a cannabis smoker or not; this place is amazing.

Here we have list down the 10 key things you as a tourist need to know about Barcelona Cannabis and clubs.

Sale and Distribution of Cannabis is Illegal in Barcelona

Barcelona in Spain is a known place for having a different kind of weeds. 10% of the Spain population is using marijuana every day since the private consumption of marijuana is legal. In the year 2015, the law changed and decriminalized the cultivation of weed in secret places. With that, people can smoke weed even outside your property if you are not smoking in public, and law opens opportunities to cannabis clubs.

Sale and distribution of cannabis is illegal in Barcelona. It is legal to use marijuana, but purchasing it is illegal. It is confusing, but that is why there are cannabis clubs. People in Barcelona are allowed to grow cannabis in their backyards for personal purposes, but purchasing and selling marijuana is illegal, especially for tourist.

Smoking Cannabis Not Allowed In a Public Place

Despite of legalization of smoking weed in private properties because of the “Right to Privacy” protection, smoking weed in public is illegal in Barcelona. You are only allowed to smoke in your property in private, and that means that you should let the smoke out of your home where your neighbor might smell it.

If you’ve been caught smoking in the public areas of Barcelona, you are not going to jail, but instead, you have to pay fine. Each person is only allowed to carry 2 ounces of marijuana, and you must keep it safe and hidden all the times.

Smoking Is Legal in Private Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

Cannabis club is a place where you can smoke with your fellow smokers legally outside your property, but the deal is you must pay for a membership fee and of 21 years of age to join.

Catalonia legalized marijuana for medical purposes and to obtain and use it one must go to a cannabis club. The legalization of marijuana as medical purposes in Catalonia allows Barcelona to become the center of cannabis clubs with over 400 in the whole region.

Since private consumption of marijuana is legal, therefore smoking in cannabis clubs are also legal. If you have no place to smoke, since it is illegal to smoke in public areas, you can join clubs to get some weed and smoke them inside.

In the club, you are not actually “buying” the stuff, but you are acquiring it. You pay for the membership for running the club and growing the weed that you are using.

It is not that easy to join the club especially if you are a tourist. There are certain rules and regulation that you need to obey, and not all clubs are created equal. You need to have a friend inside the club before you can avail the membership. An annual membership fee is about 20-30 euro, and even if you are not staying for a long time, you still have to pay the annual fee.

Once you are in the club, you can get and smoke inside the facility that will cost about 1-20 euro per gram. Tourist can join the club, but getting a membership is not easy because they might ask you for validities like passport and some identification cards.

Cannabis Clubs Can’t Advertise Publicly

It sounds fun to know that there is a lot of social cannabis club in Barcelona. But even though they have large numbers of cannabis association, you will have a hard time looking for the clubs because these are not advertising publicly.

Yes, clubs are legal, but it is not a reason to advertise marijuana publicly. The locals have ideas of the whereabouts and procedure of clubs in Barcelona, but if you are a tourist and no local companion in Barcelona, it will be hard for you to get access in clubs.

There are only a few cannabis clubs that have signage that indicates that the establishment is cannabis friendly. The best way for tourists to get in the clubs is by connecting with the locals, and the good thing is they are runners that are looking for foreigners who want to get an access in the nearest clubs. Please be careful because there are legit runners, and some of them are not.

Tourists Can Join These Cannabis Clubs

If you as a tourist want a taste of Spanish marijuana, you are free to join clubs if meet the requirements. Some clubs need identifications, and of course, pay for the annual fee.

Whether you are staying for an extended period or even for a week or less, you must pay for the entire yearly contract.

Once you are in you can enjoy smoking freely inside the establishment, and always follow their rules.

Some clubs require being friends with a member of the club before getting in, and it is more likely to wait much longer compared to the locals. The easy way to get into the club if you have a friend. But if you don’t have some local friends and you are just a new, look for the legit runners, and they will lead you to the clubs.

You have another option if you want to look for clubs before your visit. You can get the list of the top clubs in Barcelona and fill out the contact form on their website, and many of them have now Facebook pages. It is far more accessible for tourists to get information on how to be a member of the club.

Quality of Marijuana Varies from Club to Club

Since there are a large variety of clubs all over Barcelona, expect that they are not offering the same marijuana in every club.

There are clubs for recreational and clubs for medicinal purposes, and there are small clubs and best cannabis clubs out there, all of them offers different types and quality of weeds.

It is obvious that you can get the best quality of weeds in high-quality clubs that require an enormous amount of money for a membership fee, and you can rarely get the best quality of weed in a small type of club.

The quality of marijuana changes in every club and it is hard to know where the tourist can get the best. But still, if it is served in Barcelona, the weed is better compared to Amsterdam.

Popular Marijuana Strains Available in Barcelona

The Mediterranean climate in Spain is the reason why different types of marijuana grow in Spain. It is legal to grow marijuana for personal use, but you are only allowed to have two plants of it and ensure that it is not visible to the public. Police can bust large marijuana growing operation because it is illegal especially when indoors. Here is a list of the Spanish strains that you can grow and get when you are in Barcelona.

Respect: It is very popular in Spain; it is from reggae seeds. It can grow both indoor and outdoor, and it gives the classic Sativa high. It can have a longer flowering time or a shorter one

Krystalica: It sometimes spelled differently, but this strain is a Sativa-dominant like an Indica. Krystalica is from Mandala seeds that are easier to grow compared to other Sativas.

Monster: It is from the Eva seeds and is the best marijuana seed bank in the year 2012 at Spannabis. The Eva seed is a well-known Spanish seed, and the monster strain highly produces marijuana. It usually blooms within 1- weeks and very fun to inhale.

Hashberry: It is from the same seed as Krystalica, the Mandala Seeds, but it is not a Sativa-dominant, it is an Indica-dominant. It also high yielding and the flowering time take 60-65 days.

Dinachem: This strain is from Dinafem Seeds, and this one is becoming popular because of the auto-flowering line. This strain started because of Guava Chem, and this weed retains as ChemDog.

Super Cali Haze: This strain is from Short Stuff Seeds and an example of the breeding innovation this 21st century. Like the Dinachem it is an auto-flowering strain, and a Sativa dominant. Before, if the auto-flowering strain has Sativa, it also has a sizable Indica, but this one is exceptional. The typical growing period of an auto-flowering strain is 55 days from the seed sprout, but this one takes 100-125 days to finish from seed sprout.

Cotton Candy: This is from the delicious seeds, and this strain has a long blooming time, and when I say long, it is very long.  It also grows big, and you will get a large yield.

Sugar Loaf: This one is from CannaBioGen, the flowering time takes 8-9 weeks it has a combination of Indica and Sativa.

These are only some of the popular marijuana strains in Barcelona, but if you want to dig more strains, you can look for more.

Membership in Cannabis Club Isn’t Expensive

Tourist thinks that getting a membership in the cannabis clubs in Barcelona are too expensive, but the truth is it is not.

It may be too good to be true, but you can join the club with just 20-30 euros per year.

Even though you are not staying for a year, you have to pay for the annual fee, but it is worth it because you have a place to hang out when you need to get high, or also for medical purposes.

The advantage of having a friend or a relative living in Barcelona is they can easily know the clubs, and they can easily get access, but if you are a tourist, and only wants to enjoy your stay in Barcelona they are also open for foreigners, but you have to provide your identification.

Do not worry about your personal information because they are keeping it confidential. The thing is it will be hard for non-local and completely stranger to look for the cannabis clubs since they are low keys, but once you get in, it is totally worth it.

Tourists Cannot Move Freely with Marijuana In Public

Tourists cannot move freely with marijuana in public in Barcelona

It is confusing, smoking is legal, but carrying is illegal, but that is how they roll in Barcelona. You can get Marijuana in clubs, and smoke it inside of the club, but carrying, smoking, buying, and selling Marijuana in public areas of Barcelona is illegal.

If you get caught, you will pay for a fine or maybe go to jail. In addition, they will confiscate your marijuana because you violated article 368 Penal code of Barcelona. They allow people to smoke in private properties and clubs because of their privacy right, but that does not mean that they are advertising the using of marijuana, and in that case showing it to the public makes it illegal.

The safest way to carry marijuana is through your private part and removes it in the private place because the police cannot search your private parts without a warrant. For safety, just avoid carrying marijuana in public areas when in Barcelona.

Cannabis Clubs Have a Bright Future in Barcelona

The future of Cannabis clubs in Barcelona is bright. It can be perfect for their tourism if people all over the world are going to Barcelona to smoke their Spanish weeds. Now that they are very open for tourists to join the clubs, soon tourists will attract their fellows, and in many years, the cannabis clubs in Barcelona will grow and will be known around the world.

The freedom of the individual to smoke in private and build a club for people who wants to smoke, and you can only do that when you are in Barcelona.

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