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How to Avoid Terrible Kratom Hangover?

Kratom hangover is a hot topic of discussion these days. The medicinal benefits of Kratom are so many, but so many people want to know what is the reason for Kratom’s hangover.

It is one of the leading concern among regular users. It has become so viral that even the new users are searching it even before buying Kratom itself.

The hangover effects of Kratom are relatively new to the world. There is not much information which is available online on it. The general presumption believes that taking a high amount of Kratom starts a hangover feeling, which is the great Kratom hangover; everyone talks about it.

An actual Kratom hangover is very rare. It is only visible when a user takes an incredibly high amount of Kratom. When in moderate or small amounts, Kratom has no risk of a potential hangover. Some very standard guidelines can save a person from side effects.

Many people believe that hangover is a common thing that you experience from all stimulatory products. The truth is that it’s not editable to have a Kratom hangover every time. By making some changes, the risk of Kratom hangover becomes minimum to zero.

What is a hangover?

A hangover is some definite signs which the body tries to tell you when you overdose something. Usually, this term has links with alcohol, but any stimulant can cause a hangover. These signs are typical which include a headache, dizziness, sleepy head, sick feeling, stress, dehydration, and uncertainty.

What causes a hangover?

When you hear the word “hangover,” the next thing which comes to your mind is alcohol. The most famous hangover across the world is the alcohol hangover which has same symptoms for all.

An excessive amount of the hangover element irritates the stomach lining, creates inflammation, dehydrates the cells, expand the blood vessels and drops blood sugar. The result of all these body functions is a little collection activity.

What is Kratom hangover?

Kratom hangover is just like the regular hangover, only its due to Kratom and not anything else. It can happen at any moment of the day but usually the mist severe symptoms show up in the morning after a midnight of Kratom overdosing.

Following are the common symptoms of Kratom hangover.

  • Faster heartbeat
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Unable to focus
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Trembling
  • Insomnia

Some other uncommon symptoms may also show up in rare conditions. All these circumstances only appear when someone uses an extremely high amount of Kratom. Regardless of the form, it causes an overdosing effect, which is much more adverse in new users.

Is Kratom hangover real?

For many people, Kratom hangover is a myth. They don’t believe it to be true. Many of the people on popular discussion forums like Reddit believe that there is no such thing as Kratom hangover.

The ultimate effects which show up on a high dosage are nothing but the natural Kratom effects. The amount to initiate Kratom hangover is way greater than the regular Kratom dosage. There is no set standard for it. It can be from 8-15 gram for new users and higher for the regular users.

Difference between alcohol and Kratom hangover

As alcohol hangover is much common, Kratom hangover is a very new word for many of the people. By connecting the Kratom to alcohol, the overdosing effects of alcohol are not related to Kratom. Kratom powder is nothing but dry leaves in a fine powder. There is no chemical in this formula.

On the other hand, alcohol is a product of chemical processing, which takes a long time. It has certain chemicals and additives which have a different recipe than Kratom.

  • Kratom doesn’t affect blood sugar like alcohol.
  • It has no inflammatory response.
  • Kratom doesn’t hinder with the internal lining of the stomach like alcohol.
  • It doesn’t hydrate the user as alcohol does.

How to overcome Kratom hangover?

One of the main reasons to experience Kratom hangover is the over usage of the plant. This overusing is rarely a therapeutic dosage.

Most of the time it is for recreational purposes. Kratom abuse is a common reason to get overdosing effects. Some basic tips to avoid this condition are as follows.

Be careful with dosage

The chances of experiencing these effects are higher with an extremely high dose. Usually, smaller doses help to avoid this condition at the most basic level.

Take a break

Sometimes it is better to take a break than to use it to reduce the severity of hangover symptoms continuously. Mostly, a break of a couple of days to one week is enough for the body to rebuild its strength.

Hydrate the body

Hydration is something that eases the process of Kratom hangover withdrawal. Adding lemon juice to water and drinking it works faster to balance the body.

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Spend your time on an activity

Making yourself indulge in something is also a good idea to keep away from Kratom hangover. It includes eating your favorite food, working out at the gym, swimming, any sports, or recreational activity.

Kratom and alcohol as a combination

Kratom and alcohol are a combination that is very famous for their effects. In this mixture, both these ingredients don’t complement each other.

Drinking alcohol before or after the Kratom can intensify the consequences of both and can lead to severe health damages.

The Reddit users explain that nausea and lethargic feeling after 7 grams with two pints of beer is common.

Taking alcohol before Kratom doesn’t make its effects better but it makes it dull. The last sick feeling of nausea, headache, and dizziness can lead to a serious problem with time. For all these reasons, it is not a suitable idea to combine these two.

How to avoid getting Kratom hangover?

There are many ways which you can select to avoid Kratom hangover. These include many factors, but the most important among them are as below.

Start with a small dose

For all new users, it is ideal to start with a small dose. The low dose acts as a stimulatory agent and starts working for the well-being of the body. Also, this small dose for some time gives some time to the body to adjust to Kratom’s alkaloids. In this way, there will be no hangover in the future.

Maintain the moderate dose

The user must set a standard quantity and follow this treatment only. This dose depends on the user requirement and needs for Kratom experience. A light dose of Kratom has a 1-3 grams range.

The moderate dose is up to 5 grams; this depends upon which Kratom strain you are using. For lighter strains, this amount is enough. For higher strain, 3 grams is the ideal dose to try. Anything over 7 grams can have high chances to initiate a hangover feeling.

Some users take over 20-30 grams of Kratom powder. That is highly risky and has damaging health effects. It is not advisable to anyone, regardless of experience with Kratom, as it can start a hangover.

Use premium quality product

The choice of vendor for purchasing Kratom products also matters. The shady Kratom vendors may sell an inferior product that has more intense effects than actual Kratom. One can avoid this situation by buying Kratom from a company of good reputation.

Do not make more than two doses

This situation is also not common when the number of dosages is less than two. If anyone takes it more than one time a day, it makes the chances of overdosing more. In the case of two doses, there should be at least a gap of 8 hours between both doses.

Avoid using Kratom daily

It is not a viable option to use Kratom daily. This frequent use will increase the chances of getting addiction or overdose. On the other hand, using it on alternate days or twice a week increases strength with which no Kratom hangover can make its way.

Use mild strains

The most common Kratom strains, such as Maeng Da KratomBali Kratom, etc. are highly influential for their respective effects. Using a higher strain at the beginner level is not a wise idea. Instead, starting from a mild strain is safer and better.

Try suitable products forms

Kratom is available in many shapes such as powder, capsules, leaves tinctures, and much more. Taking the right dose, that too of the raw leaves and powder is very risky as it doesn’t help to determine a quantity. Kratom capsules have the least risk of Kratom hangover and other harmful effects.

Not just for a hangover, these tips help reduce the risk of tolerance. These simple changes can make anything work better or worse for any user. By all these steps, one can easily decide the fate of Kratom to his body.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to what you are thinking, Kratom hangovers are not the regular thing which people experience in routine.

Many people share their experience with using Kratom capsules as a safe thing to avoid overdosing. The powder form may not be very user-friendly, which can often lead to cause a problem.

Some of the Kratom strains are also famous as help against hangover. You can try them alternatively so that the risk of overdosing is less.

These Kratom strains include Red BaliGreen Malay, and others. These strains are relaxants which add energy activation.

However, all this information is as per personal reviews online. There is no scientific reasoning for all this information.

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Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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