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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Seed Banks

Seed banks have come up after the turn of the century as a haven for those who seek vital seeds to grow their plants. Cannabis or marijuana seed bank provides various species and specified types of weed that possess the tailored properties you seek.

The purpose of introducing seed banks is simple; it is like a library of various seed types that you may not find elsewhere. Seed banks came into being when people faced difficulty finding various seeds from local nurseries and plant growers. Various kinds of seed banks and marijuana seed banks are catching up fast to beat them all! You can find modified and customized seeds for cannabis and marijuana plants from reliable seed banks near you.

Numerous online seedbanks deliver all over the country, and some supply seeds in a specific city or county. Whichever seed bank you decide to choose can be your permanent fix for various kinds of cannabis plant growing adventures! However, are these seed banks a good place for your needs? There is no black and white to this question so let’s try to weigh the pros and cons of a seed bank and then decide whether it is a good place for your garden or not!

Advantages of Seed Banks

Wide array of popular strains

There are many variations of the cannabis plant. If you are looking to grow cannabis, you would know that the Indica and Sativa are more popular than Ruderalis or White Widow. The other famous strains are Quebec Gold and NYC Diesel. Whichever strain suits you the most is available at a seed bank near you. Now you don’t have to plant a seed and pray it is the one you want-it can be a guaranteed outcome forever!

Seeds can be customized according to legal status

Some states in the United States still have strict laws regarding marijuana and cannabis use. The misuse of weed has left many authorities cautious, and resultantly some jurisdictions do not allow the consumption of THC while some do not allow Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Seed banks can modify seeds according to the legal status of marijuana in various localities. Your state does not allow GMOs, no problem! You can find organic and natural seeds and see them become a thriving plant!

Enhanced properties are easy now

You want to grow marijuana so you can use it as an anti-inflammatory? Or do you require a natural analgesic? Whichever quality you seek is now available in a customized seed type at the seed bank near you! You can find cannabis seeds that focus on inflammation, pain, and energy-boosting properties. Dig deeper, and you will find many variations that you didn’t even know existed!

Control of male and female plants

Has it ever happened that you got a flowering plant, and it turned out to be male? Or did you ever want a male and female plant but ended up with both of the same genders? This mistake is common when you purchase seeds from local gardeners. Seed banks have a thorough check on the plants and have classified the various marijuana strains in further classes depending on the gender of the plant!

Curbing unwanted side effects

Just like you can enhance some properties of marijuana, you can curb some side effects by choosing specifically tailored seeds from a marijuana seed bank near you! Many of us want to dodge headaches, while some of us may feel nauseous after using marijuana. The solution is to find a seed that will grow into your supply of marijuana without the headaches or nausea! Seed banks offer numerous varieties that have controlled side effects, and you can select the one you want.

Famous strains can be produced in abundance

Seed banks can regulate the supply by breeding plants and producing more seeds for the ones that are high in demand. Are you looking for Cannabis Indica? No problem! There is no need to surf the internet anymore to see ‘out of stock’ written on various websites. Marijuana seed banks might have the strains that are scarcely found elsewhere!

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Beginner, regular user-level strains are modified 

Here’s the best part about getting seeds from the seed bank, the available seeds may be tailored according to the ‘density’ of cannabinoids. If you want a mild plant, you got it! Every plant seed at the seed bank is not of the same intensity. Users can choose according to their usage and potency required. You don’t have to worry about dividing dosage as the plant will provide just as much as you need.

Disadvantages of Seed Banks

Genetically modified seeds not legal in most states

In the United States, many states do not allow genetically modified foods and plants. This legal status restricts many variations, and the seed banks’ variety reduces to only a few basic seeds for users to buy! Imagine a whole shelf of seeds that promise various effects in the plants grown from them, but you can only buy the most basic ones because others are illegal in your locality!

Psychoactive effect controlled 

Medicinal use of marijuana is to fight depression as the psychoactive effect of this herb makes it a natural alternative for people seeking relief from anxiety and depression. Since most seed banks have modified seeds, the psychoactive effect is reduced to meet the majority demand. If you are in the minority of users who want to avail of the psychoactive effect, finding the right seeds at a seed bank can be a struggle for you!

Unique users may find it hard to search for the impact they desire

The marijuana plant is famous for CBD as it is the cannabinoid that possesses many qualities. However, if you want a cannabis plant that gives you a high amount of CBN, CBG, or THC, which are less popular, finding seeds for it may be difficult. The laboratory testing reveals that the most common seeds at seed banks are with enhanced CBD. If you seek a unique property, the chances of finding the right seeds become less.

Users can only find trending seed strains

Again, Indica and Sativa are more common but if you are looking to grow a Ruderalis plant, you might need to go through various banks. The basic supply and demand rule puts you off the count for all these seed banks! The common seed strains are a regular item at all the seed banks, but the seeds’ unique or rare breeds can be a challenge to find. While there are numerous forums on social media where you can connect with marijuana growers and find the strain you need, seed banks remain silent about some strains’ scarcity.

Are you looking for higher THC?

Medicinal marijuana for acute pain and mental patients contains THC higher than your regular marijuana products. Seed banks do not offer seeds that grow into high THC level plants. If you require a higher THC amount, you will have to buy medicinal cannabis from an authorized vendor as seed banks do not encourage high THC consumption. Make sure you get your physician involved before buying but trust me, seed bank browsing will be futile for you!


Nowadays, there are hundreds of best seed banks for all kinds of plants. Cannabis and marijuana seed banks are a popular new entry in the market for all users. Now you can grow your supply of cannabis right outside your window or in your garden!

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of seed banks discussed above so that you can decide whether you want to get your seed supply from a bank or not. While we believe seed banks are a safe and tested place for plant venturers, the few disadvantages will help you choose the best seed bank for marijuana near you!

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